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"Hey, we're here!"

Miyako excited at the news that she had to tell Sora burst into the older girl's apartment without even bothering to knock first or see if anyone was home first; as she strolled inside she was followed cautiously by Hikari, and also another random girl named Kokoro. Said girl being the subject of the news, seeing as Miyako had finally picked a singer for them. Despite her excitement though, it died down a bit when they walked into Sora's living room and saw the girl doing what looked to be comforting Mimi as Mimi lay motionless and face down on her a couch.

"Is something wrong?"

The girl frowned seeing as Mimi, one of the people whom she admired most in the world, looked like she was utterly depressed. Not good.

"She's been like this all day."

She nodded at what Sora said, and bit the inside of her cheek as she thought of what had possibly happened. Maybe on the way over to Sora's Mimi had run into trouble with some local gangs and was tired because she had fought them and beat them up? Unlikely. Maybe Mimi had been exercising all day as a means to keep her amazing figure and this was the result of her weariness? Probable, but boring. Maybe something with aliens? Miyako inwardly grinned at the thought; yeah aliens totally had something to do with this.

"Did something happen?"

She quickly glanced over at Hikari when the girl spoke, and Miyako couldn't help but feel her frown grow just the tiniest bit more. Her young friend was going to ruin the mystery; the romance.

"Her family went broke. They can't even afford a plane ticket for her to get back home for another month."

On the surface it was something that seemed unfortunate, but after a moment of thought Miyako puffed out her chest proudly having already come up with a ridiculous solution to the very real problem. Her suggestion was well-meaning but misplaced, and when Miyako was later asked about why she suggested it in the first place, she said because she didn't think that something as trivial as money would have had an effect on Mimi. Clearly, as book smart as she was, Miyako lived in her own little fantasy world. Like a child with a little too much sugar in its system.

"How bout she join the band then? It'll help take her mind off things, and who knows what else might happen."

Sora blinked not knowing at first if Miyako was being serious, but after a moment and after she realized that the girl was being completely sincere, Sora looked over at Hikari and the stranger girl to see if they thought anything. Hikari simply shrugged and the other girl who she didn't know simply looked away, and not finding either reaction helpful Sora looked back at the motionless blob known as Mimi. Seeing her old friend doing little more than breathe, Sora sighed and decided to just humor Miyako since she didn't really have any other option.

"What would she play?"

"She can be our singer."

It sounded more like Miyako was being boastful and declaring a reality rather than making a suggestion for a friend, but Sora just ignored that fact and glanced other at Mimi who for the first time that night move slightly in her spot. Sure, it didn't really make any sense other than if they were fictional characters and the current situation was being used for the sake of plot convenience to hurry along the story, but she decided to just roll with it since it seemed to actually be working.

"I'm not sure, but I think that's a yes."

With that Miyako beamed glad that she had rescued Mimi and saved the day, but the brief celebration ended shortly thereafter as the scrappy plot ornament character named Kokoro decided to butt her way into the situation and ruin a 'happy' moment.

"Wait, I thought I was going to be the singer?"

"You're fired."

Miyako's smile just kept shining due to the fact that her band had a new lead singer in the form of Mimi, and that they were able to do this all with preserving the status quo! The tension in the air, or the awkward looks being given to her didn't seem to faze Miyako. It was as if she didn't even notice.

"Sorry, what?"

"We appreciate your continued service and loyalty. We wish you all the best in your endeavors."

The room went silent for a moment. No one other than Miyako actually believing what was going on.

"Are you serious?"

"Get out."

Kokoro was speechless, and as she tried to think of something to say she simply shut her mouth angrily and stormed out of Sora's apartment slamming the door on the way out. It would be about a minute before Hikari decided to speak up.

"That was kind of mean."

"It's show business darling."


Hikari never got the chance to finish her statement as Miyako immediately interrupted her.

"We showed Kokoro," pausing Miyako rummaged through her purse wildly searching for something, and when she found her sunglasses she put them on as slowly and dramatically as she could, "that we mean business."

Sora and Hikari blinked with mouths wide open unable to come up with something to say. Instead, Mimi raised her head up for the first time in the conversation.