John couldn't get away fast enough, he was frightened and in pain. The lights were flickering and he could hear Karkat's weapon screeching against the corner of the walls.

"Egbert! Get back here fuckass!"

John tripped and landed on his hands and knees, his belly aching even more. He tried to stifle a loud groan as another tremor ran though his body. He knew Karkat would be there in an instant and as he looked behind him there he was in the dark. It seemed that the lights began to flicker faster, John felt his consciousness fading quickly black as Karkat held his weapon tighter and began to move towards him.



John woke up in a heavy sweat, his head hurt and his stomach was in a tight knot. He quickly rolled out of bed and ran to the nearest bathroom to puke. Dave watched as his friend shot from his respite block to the bathroom. His eye brows raised in question but he followed quickly to make sure his best bud would be okay.

"Soo...I'm guessing that the food isn't sitting well with you either?".Dave said as he leaned against the doorway by the bathroom listening to the other dry heave.

"Ughhh" was the others only response. It'd been a 2 months already in the veil with all of the trolls and even still John would still get a little sick. Dave would get stomachaches but John would end up puking more often than not. This time however it was just the dream that did this to him. He wanted to trust all of the trolls (even though two had already got him killed and the others could be a bit creepy). This dream however frightened him. He remembered the walls being a little...wet..he couldn't remember with what however.

"Do you want me to get anything for you?"
Dave questioned once John was done and sat still next to the toilet, what the trolls called the " ".

"I think I'll be fine. Thanks Dave"

Dave just nodded a tiny bit in acknowledgment and lent a hand to help John up.

"It was just a bad dream this time"

"What's worse than suffering piles and piles of smuppet ass?" Dave responded.

"You really don't want to know"

"Tell me anyway"

John filled him in as much as he could remember about his dream after they had gone back to his room and sat on his bed.

"That's sick bro..."

They sat in silence for a little bit before Jade burst into the room.

"John! Are you alright?" She called out with concern as she quickly went to her brothers side. "Are you feeling better now?"

"Jade?" John asked in a tone of confusion, "how did you know I wasn't feeling well?"

"Silly, I've seen a lot of things happen before they do, you know that!" She responded with a smile and hugged her brother tightly. " I'm glad that you aren't feeling all that sick still."

John sighed a little and hugged his sister tightly. Comfort was something he wanted and he sure was getting it what with Dave, his best bro, and Jade, his ecto-slime sister, being there.

Dave shifted a little on the bed as it got quiet in the room soon after Jade detached herself from John.

"Common guys, let's get up and go to the cafeteria" John broke the silence.

"You aren't going to shove it down and bring it back up are you?"

"Common Dave !" John laughed as he gave Dave a soft punch to the shoulder and got up from his bed