****Dedicated to my best friend Ezakii for his 18th birthday!*****

He spoke too late. Roy had already punched him in the jaw before he had a second chance to talk.

"Do you want to answer some of our questions now?" Cole asked, "It's quite feasible my partner here isn't done with you yet."

"Go ahead, deride me all you want. Your threats done scare me." The man answered as he rubbed his jaw.

"Well I guess we'll put a quell to the threats and just start getting more physical." Roy answered with a grin. His fist came sallying down onto the suspect. Roy laughed again and said, "You know Cole, this may sound perverse, but I love hitting this guy."

"That's already discernable to me Roy. You've been enjoying yourself all day haven't you?" Cole asked. Roy nodded and cracked his knuckles. "So are you going to be voluble now? Or do you want us to in your little confidant? All it takes is a little money, and all your secrets will be spilled." Cole threatened.

"Ok! Ok! I'll talk!" the suspect yelled, "Just tell me what you want to know!" he moved his jaw like you would if you were MASTICATING (lmao best vocab word ever) a steak.

"We want to know all about the murder of Celine Henry. Tell us, how did you know her?" Cole asked.

"Well, one of my more affluent friends, who lived in Upper Hollywood, knew her and introduced her and introduced us one day." The suspect answered, "Turns out they were more than friends and he told me to eschew from her, and that I should go away." He said as he was filled with chagrin at the thought of them. "When I went to his house for a party, it turned into a huge fiasco when he saw me talking to her."

"Wait a second," Roy said, "Is this the Celine Henry? The precocious little girl who started acting at age 5?"

"Roy, shut up. He's giving us a confession here." Cole said, "Don't be so perfunctory. You know better than that. Alright, if you would please go on?" Cole asked the suspect.

The suspect continued, "Well, their relationship was hitting its obsolescent stage, and she liked me more than him now. And as you would know the problems that causes aren't good."

"Yeah, yeah, we know. One broad and two men are never a good mix." Roy interrupted.

**To be continued**