Astroboy the next generation

This story is based off of the English movie, Astroboy, with Freddie Highmore in it. I think it is an interesting idea.

"Astro, lets get going!" Kora called, beckoning for him to follow. He turned around slowly and sighed.

The surface is going to take a long time to clean. He saw the mountains of metal and his heart started to break. All of these robots had been functional at some point. If he could, Astro would bring back life to all of them but it was impossible without his self dying.

So this is really what I am useful for. All of th evils of Earth have all been destroyed or put in jail. That can't be possible. Surely there is more, and not all of them are gone. I can't be Astroboy with out villains to make me a hero.

Astro had thought about retiring early, to be Toby again, just regular Toby. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Lets go!" Kora pulled on his arm. She had grown really fond of him. I mean really fond…

But she knew Astro didn't think of her more than a friend, and that is the way it always was going to be.

"Fine." He grunted, and followed her to his dad. Dr. Tenma was a strapping tall man, who normally wore a lab coat. Today he was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans. Astro wore something similar, a white shirt and jeans but he was wearing a red racing jacket.

Kora was wearing a white dress (I know right) and a pair of silver ballad flats.

Her parents both wearing sweats, they had taken up jogging in the mornings, they both had been overjoyed when they got Kora back.

"Anyone hungry?" Kora dad, Steven Heartman, asked.

"I guess, I haven't eaten since breakfast." Astro laughed, and sat with his back to a tree.

As they started to eat, Bill's (Dr. Tenma) cellphone rang. He excused himself and walked about 20 feet away to speak.

Everyone didn't mind it until, Bill came back looking upset.

"What's wrong, Dad?" Astro asked, standing up, cueing the other too.

"Toby, your grandfather, Antone, passed away." Bill looked down at Astro.

"Dad, oh no." Astro felt dizzy. Grandpa Antone was always one of his friends when no one else was.

"Oh, Toby." Luiza, Kora's mother, pronounced his real name, because she always liked it better.

No one spoke for a few minuets until Bill gasped.

"What dad?" Astro asked finally pulling out of his trance.

"I have a brother." Bill whispered, sinking down to the ground.

"Dad stop joking, we all know that you are an only child." Astro exclaimed, though he knew that his dad wasn't joking.

"And my brother is… Steven Heartman." Bill whispered again. Astro froze. They all had all heard the story of how Steven had been an orphan and had been rescued and sent to Metro City. But now he wasn't an orphan, and even worse his father had just died.

"So does that mean Astro and I are cousins?" Kora practically screamed, she is in love with her cousin.

Astro looked at her and swallowed with difficulty, and Luiza fainted.

"I am sure there is a misunderstanding…" Steven started but then Bill showed him the phone and then Steven fainted.

"No, no, no, this can not be happening." Astro gasped, and he started to back up.

Kora looked at him with wild, panic stricken eyes, and that made something in him snap. He finally understood why they had looked so alike, and all of the times people had said they had looked like brother and sister…

All of a sudden Astro wanted to run. He never wanted to stop and so he took off to the woods.

He could hear Kora, start to come after him but stopped. Good it would be best if she didn't follow and he was left alone….

3 months later

Astro still hadn't stopped. He didn't want to go back until it clicked inside of his head. Until he understood what this meant, what this twist in fate meant.

And he wasn't worried about Metro City, they will be fine without him.

He had only stopped to eat and sleep, but other than that he hadn't stopped.

The forest was the only one left and a ton of past clearings had been over run by trees that we just babies. He had admired them as he ran past but hadn't thought much more about them until he came to the next clearing.

This one clearing looked untouched since the Victorian age. It was a log cabin in the middle and it was surrounded by a meadow that was circled by trees.

But this isn't what made Astro stop, oh no, the thing that made him stop was her…