'He has the prettiest brown eyes.' I thought, as he sat up straight in his bed.

'You're a… a… robot?" He almost yelled, and I threw my hand over his mouth. I sat for a second listening for the telltale signs of footsteps.

"Shhh, I am not allowed to be here." I quieted him, and my hand trembled as he grabbed it and held onto it.

"But you are a robot?" He whispered. Suddenly I saw it. The shirt he had been wearing had been torn open when my dad operated on him. I saw a little blue box imbedded into his skin, an identical one to mine. But something else caught my attention. Even though he hadn't been awake for three years his body had toned itself. My eyes widened… how was that even possible?

"Um Dakota…" I nodded down and he looked down at his own body.

"Aw yes!" This is sweet!" He howled and started to yell. I heard heavy footsteps approach the door and that was my cue to leave.

I ran to the window and turned back to him. "Keep quiet and I was never here." I whispered and I jumped out of the window onto the front lawn. I had just enough time to situate myself underneath the window before my dad stormed in.

Dirt squished in-between my toes and my ears pricked as Dakota's door opened.

"What is all the ruckus?" The man answered and I cringed. 'Father.' I thought and I positioned myself so that I could jump into Dakota's room if father lost his temper.

"Um excuse me sir?..."

Father cut him off with a snappy reply. He sounded drunk so my guard flew up. He must have been sleeping when Dakota had yelled. "Where you trying to escape? Well you can't do that. This house is lined with Magnesium so you can't. Stupid Tenma… didn't even realize that all of his robots all have one weakness."

"Don't you dare talk about my father that way." Dakota yelled, and I could almost my father's temper fly out the window.

"Why you insolent child don't you dare ever talk to me in such a way. I will make you wish you were never made." The volume that my father was speaking had risen and this was my cue.

I jumped back into the room and saw that my father had grabbed his bag of magnesium.

"Stop." I yelled and he stood looking at me, as if he couldn't process that I was there.

"Annalynn, move out of the way so I can teach this boy a lesson." He brought back his hand but I stood still. I knew that if he hit me it would hurt but I can handle pain. He brought his hand through and slapped me. It stung violently and I cupped my hand to my cheek but again I stood in front of Dakota. Dakota tried to stand but he couldn't gain his balance.

"You just don't hit a lady." He yelled but I gestured for him to stop without me turning away from my father.

Suddenly my father looked at me and seemed to have no idea what was going on. I lead him out of the room to his bedroom and I locked his door so he couldn't get out.

"What is going on Annalynn?" Dakota asked as he staggered from his room.

"Here sit, it's a long story." I pointed at the couch and he sat down willingly. "My father worked in Metro City as a boy. He was bright and full of life. He was in the room when you had died as a human, and it killed him a little inside when he saw your father grieve for you. But one day when father tried to help, your father fired him. My father stole away to the surface where he found my mom. They got married and had me. My mother died 4 years ago from a sickness and I contracted it. When I did, dad was able to cure me for a few years but needed a permanent solution. When he saw you he knew I needed to become a robot. He caught you and made me from you. I use the same blue core as you do… But he still wanted revenge on Tenma so that is why he is keeping you here." I looked down and twiddled my thumbs.

"So this is just because my father fired some guy is why I am still here? That is so stupid." Astro ranted throwing his arms in the air.

"I agree but you can't leave. It's impossible." I said pulling him back down to sit.

"Impossible is simply I'm possible…"

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