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"So, how is my replacement doing with Hurricane Mary?" Marshall jokingly asked Eleanor as she was driving him to a hotel.

"Which replacement?" Eleanor asked Marshall.

"Which one?" Marshall questioned. "I thought Tony was my replacement."

"He is now," Eleanor affirmed. "There was also Clint and George."

"She has had three partners in the span of four months?" Marshall asked, just to make sure she had this straight.

"No," Eleanor said. "Three replacements in the past four months. Mary tears into Stan or I if we call them her partner."

Marshall nodded. "Oh yeah, Stan told me that. What drove away the other candidates before this Tony?"

Eleanor smiled. "Mary. Clint only stayed for a month because Mary insisted on calling him Clint Eastwood."

"Oh, no!" Marshall exclaimed.

"Oh yes," Eleanor said. "He didn't handle her picking well at all! He could have just ignored her, but he didn't do that, he repeatedly told her to stop, which just egged her on.

"George stayed for two months. She called him George Clooney, but he dealt well with that. When she realized he was dealing with that, she moved on to the pushing. That's what got him."

"So, is she calling the latest guy Antonio Bandaras?" Marshall asked.

Eleanor laughed. "She did, but Tony laughed. When he thought it was funny and actually answered to it, she went on to pushing him. Tony just thinks that if he just does what she wants he'll be fine."

"That's not what she wants," Marshall stated.

"I know," Eleanor agreed. "She wants him to push back. I told Tony he should, but he thinks she will kill him."

Marshall chuckled in response. He remembered those days…in fact, he wasn't sure they ever were rid of those days.

Eleanor shook her head. "I don't know how she's ever going to get someone to partner with her. She's making it impossible. Mary's never going to accept that you aren't working there anymore."

"I think she knows she's going to have to get a replacement," Marshall countered. "I mean, everything she's doing to these guys, she did to me. She gave me a nickname; it wasn't a famous person's name, she much preferred to call me Doofus and Marshal Marshall, but it was still a nickname. Mary also always tried to get me to do things for her, and although I did usually do most of them, if she was being too ridiculous, I stopped her and refused to do something. In the beginning, I didn't do anything for her, I made her do her own paperwork and I made her get her own lunch. I don't really remember how I started doing her paperwork for her, but we always went to eat lunch together, so that wasn't a problem.

"When she called, she made it perfectly clear that she knew why I had left and she knew that I wasn't coming back. She knows she has to get a replacement; she just needs one that will challenge her, one that is as similar to me as possible," Marshall told Eleanor.

"Stan said something huge happened between you two," Eleanor said.

"How did Stan know that it was something between us?" Marshall asked. Maybe Eleanor would tell him what Stan wouldn't.

Eleanor shrugged. "Only you would make Mary react that way."

"What way?" Marshall questioned, trying not to sound too interested. He didn't want to sound too eager and make Eleanor stop talking.

Eleanor frowned. "I shouldn't be telling you this. Mary would probably kill me if she knew I told you."

"She doesn't have to know," Marshall coaxed Eleanor.

Eleanor sighed. "If she finds out where this information came from..." Eleanor didn't have to finish her sentence.

Marshall nodded. "Got it."

"After bugging me for half a day, Mary found out about your resignation, and after figuring out you didn't even tell Stan you didn't tell her, she just lost it and walked out. She was gone for two weeks."

"Two weeks!" Marshall repeated, shocked. "She abandoned work for two weeks! And Stan allowed that?"

Eleanor shrugged. "Yes."

Marshall shook his head. He wasn't buying it. "There's more to it than that. What's the rest of the story?"

"Stan, of course, went to check on her as she was ignoring calls. Brandi told him Mary didn't want to see anyone; wasn't going to let him. Well, Stan worked around that, and when he got back to Mary's room he heard…crying."

"Crying!" Marshall interrupted. "Mary doesn't cry."

"Stan didn't believe it either, so he asked the sister," Eleanor said. "She wouldn't tell him for sure, but Stan said the sister didn't ever fully deny it."

Marshall shook his head. "There is no way Mary cried for two weeks."

"Apparently, the second week was better," Eleanor confirmed. "She still wouldn't come to work or answer her cell though. Stan went back to her house at the end of the second week, burst into her room and dragged her back to work. He tried really hard to be understanding and give her time, but there were witnesses that needed her. I think this is why he's being so easy on the replacement situation. I mean, he'll tell her to stop torturing the replacement, but that's about it."

Marshall had nothing to say. He really shouldn't be in Albuquerque right now, or ever again. If it had been that rough for Mary the first time he left, he couldn't very well do it again. But he didn't think he could stay either. He was debating on whether or not to even see Mary when Eleanor's voice broke into his thoughts.

"You should really go visit that Tony kid and give him some pointers. Teach him how to get Mary to occasionally back down."

"What, you don't want me to come back?" Marshall teased.

"Oh, no," Eleanor corrected. "I would tell you to come back in a second. Mary may think she doesn't need you, but she does. I just know you won't come back, though, unless Mary asks you. I know she won't do that either. So please help Tony. I don't think I can handle watching Mary torture them all forever."

Marshall nodded as he got out of Eleanor's car. They were at the hotel now and he agreed. "If I decide to leave, I'll pay a visit to Tony before I go."

"Thank goodness," Eleanor said. After that, Marshall shut the door and she drove off. Marshall went into the hotel to check in and to try to decide what he could do. It wasn't that he didn't want to see Mary, because he really did want to; that was basically the only reason he came back to Albuquerque. On the other hand though, he never wanted to intentionally cause her pain. Since he wasn't sure if he was even going to stay he really couldn't go visit Mary and then up and leave when he saw nothing was going to change. He wouldn't and couldn't put her through that much pain again. Then again, he couldn't stay and put himself through that again, no matter how much he might love her. He suddenly found himself wishing he hadn't pushed Eleanor into telling him about Mary's reaction after he left and he almost wished Mary hadn't even called him in the first place.

So about Mary's reaction to Marshall leaving, I really do think it's plausible. After all, we've never really experienced Mary dealing with Marshall truly leaving her. There was the time she though he was…but he didn't actually go. I hope you guys liked this chapter and if you read I would really appreciate it if you leave me a review. Thanks for reading!