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Breakfast was just as awkward as it always has been, which is to say that Davy stood around in the corner waitin' for me to pick a spot, and then he'd sit across from me, and we'd eat in silence. I don't know if this is the hangover talkin', but when I go to sit near Viola for the first time in months it seems like (she's still shooting me apologetic glances that I still don't like) Davy goes all tense. An' when he goes to sit across from me he finds that Lee's beaten him to it. He scowls and sits on my right, 'cuz Viola's on the left.

His shoulders are hunched, he shoots Lee angry glares, and Lee just shakes his head a bit every time.

Viola's eyes are glued to her plate, and my brain says 'Good, she should be sad.' But my Noise is sayin' that I forgive her, and that it's okay, and that I get it. And I think that maybe my brain is makin' up little lies where the truth should be, because that's how I think I should feel, but I don't.

All this thought is turning my Noise a nasty shade of confused green, so I tell my brain to shut up, and go back to my mash and sausage.

We finish in the awkward silence we started in.

So we've started on a new bit of housing, and it's gonna take up all the empty space next to this big old house that no one lives in anymore, and it's gonna take up all the space in the house, too. I've been put in charge, more or less, of the construction worker welfare and stuff, and Davy's stuck with helpin' me, because way back when I don't wanna remember, when I was with the Mayor, helpin' him build his big old office thing, I was more interested in the Spackle than the damn construction. They still don't trust Davy as much as they should. He helps me read everything, but I'm getting good at soundin' things out now.

For the first time in I think forever, Davy Prentiss is a name I look forward to hearing.

Last night, it was Davy's turn on the bed again. I should have remembered, but I didn't, I forgot. I forgot. I just collapsed on the bed, and fell asleep. And when I woke up, I was on the bed, which was a surprise, and Davy wasn't on the floor, which was another surprise. It was too early to be thinkin', so I decided to curl back up into the heavy blanket and fall asleep again.

'Till I remembered that the blanket wasn't s'posed to be nearly that heavy. I twist under the weight, and wait for my eyes to adjust, and then my vision is full of Davy, just sleeping there like no one's business. His arm is tucked around me, and I decide to just leave him there, 'cuz he ain't gay, he said so himself. His dreamin' Noise though, that's a different thing.

That's a different thing indeed.

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