"Ran-neechan! Ran-neechan! Let me see, let me see~!"

Conan was bouncing up and down, Shinichi doing his best impression of an excited kid in the hope that it would get him somewhere. Ran had the invitation out of its envelope, and from what he could see it came from an important person with wealth who wasn't from Japan... but who could that be? He had to see the invitation itself.

"Ah, sorry, Conan-kun. Here, have a look! Isn't it cool? I think this person is really famous over in America!"

He took the letter of invitation, and let out a soft 'Ah!' of surprise. She wasn't wrong. He recognised this name; Bruce Wayne, head of Wayne Industries, whose hometown of Gotham was full of violent, supposedly super-powered criminals, and masked vigilantes. His parents tended to avoid the area, even if they claimed that the people themselves were perfectly nice.

But still. Wayne Industries were coming to Beika? Why? Why not go to Tokyo, or one of the other major cities?

"See, Conan-kun? Sonoko said that her family were going to be hosting Wayne-san while he stays here, so there's going to be a party for him a couple of days after he arrives! It's going to be fun, ne?"

"Ah, yeah! Ah... why would they invite us, though?"

Ran sighed slightly at that.

"Sleeping Kogoro - what else? I'm sure someone mentioned Dad to this guy, and he must have got interested... I think that's what Sonoko said, anyway."

"Right!" He laughed a little, putting on the childish act even further. But inside, the cogs in his mind were turning - this couldn't just be because of the old man's fame; just because the CEO of Wayne Industries was a billionaire playboy didn't mean that he didn't have a brain. And Shinichi had his own suspicions about him. No one could last that long in a place like Gotham and not have a good set of wits. But - he couldn't afford to make assumptions. "I look forward to going with you, Ran-neechan! I think it's going to be really fun!"

After all, the only way to get truly accurate information was to go there himself and see in person.


AN: Really short drabble thing that may or may not get more drabbles added on to it. Came from how there can sometimes be confusion between the DC (DC Comics/Batman) and DC (Detective Conan) fandom initials. So there should, of course, be at least one DC/DC crossover.

I don't have a lot of current knowledge of the DC/Batman universe. So forgive me if anything is wrong about it. I'll probably choose to go with a really EARLY Batman anyway.