"I can't do it," Bonnie cried out painfully, as she fell to the ground in ragged sobs.

Klaus groaned out in frustration. "Yes you can, and I know you can do it without those silly dead witches' help," he knelt to her level.

She lifted her head up to stare at him.

"Why can't you have some better witch do it!" she demanded fiercely, suddenly standing up and gaining back her strength.

"Because you were the one almost able to take me down, and I respect you for that," he admitted, standing up and looking down at her.

"You have respect for a 18 year old witch?" Bonnie questioned, clearly caught off guard.

"I guess so," Klaus shrugged nonchalantly.

"What if I don't do it?" Bonnie questioned suspiciously.

"Well. Your friend will die, and you'd have to pay the price for that," he said, sounding somewhat cryptic.

Bonnie stared at him horrified.

"What would that price be?" Bonnie asked unevenly.

"You come with me, and be my witch," he smirked. She stared at him incredulous.

"Hell would have to freeze over, before I ever work for you," she said, with a new spark erupting within her.

"If you tried hard enough, you could even do that," Klaus fired back slyly.

"Why do you insist on saying I'm better at this than I am!" she demanded irritably. "Because I know you are," he insisted.

"HOW!" Bonnie roared in pure confusion and irritation.

"Obviously you don't want to do this. So I guess I'll handle your friend, since he's waking up now. And then, you and I shall be living. Little witch," with that, he walked off, leaving her alone in the gym.


Tyler was going to die now, because of her stupidity and weakness. She was horrible for doing it. Caroline would hate her forever.

Bonnie realized: She made a deal with Klaus, and now she has to work for him and be his wish. Her knees wobbled and gave out from under her.

Sobs racked through her body. She buried her face into her hands, in pure shame and denial.

She felt her emotions change drastically. She felt mad; mad at Klaus, mad at herself, and mad at the whole world. "Ughhh," she screamed in frustration.

Suddenly everything in the gym was illuminated.

Streaks of crimson, orange, and gold passed through her now blurry vision.

She realized it was fire. She couldn't stop it now. Her emotions have already taken control.

She head loud zaps echo off the walls of the school, as the light flickered violently and started to fall all around. She assumed.

She let her screams be heard.

Klaus had already given Tyler the blood, when he heard a scream echo through the empty corridors, and the lights flickered violently. Everyone looked around in confusion.

"My witch," he remarked proudly to himself.

Klaus knew eventually, if he had pushed her hard enough. She would channel her power finally, and see how much she was more powerful than all of her friends and family. She could do so many things with it.

Many things for him at least.

Bonnie had continued her breakdown, and saw a good quarter of the gym was aflame, and it seemed to be traveling. Slowly.

Her eyes opened and she saw Klaus had come back into the gym.

As he came closer, he applauded her. "Well done. Have to say, I was worried, you didn't have it in you," he said, smirking.

She glared at him.

He stopped in front of her, and grasped her forearms violently. "Now stop," he growled out commandingly.

Her head bowed, and suddenly everything that was happening around her stopped instantly.

Her eyes opened wide as she stared at him incredulous.

"I did all that?" she asked shakily. He nodded excitedly, "oh yes."

"Now we can go," he grabbed her by the wrist and lead her out of the school.

She slowly realized that she wanted to go with him.

Yeah buddy. Friday night and nothing to do, so Klonnie came out of the deal. :D

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