Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at a multi-chapter FMA fic, so bear with me. This idea really wouldn't leave me alone, therefore I will write. I apologize if the characters seem a little OOC, but I'll do my best.

This story takes place after the Promised Day, including all the cannon up to a few days after the battle with Father except for one AU change—Ed still has his alchemy. Because otherwise, this story wouldn't really work that well, and because Ed without alchemy is a little sad. Thank you for reading!

Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

The Lost Fullmetal Heart


Major Riza Hawkeye had a measured pace as she walked down the halls of Central Command. A pile of documents in arms with an afternoon deadline on them made her quicken her steps more than usual, but it would not do for her to be seen charging through Headquarters. It would probably induce a panic; Hawkeye never ran unless it was something extremely important and, often, life-threatening.

The team of officers under the command of Brigadier General Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, had spent two years on the dusty outskirts of Amestris, helping the Ishbalan refugees return to and rebuild their homeland. The territory had now been under the control of Major Miles and his associate, the man once known as Scar, for nearly two years following that. The place was truly beginning to thrive, and Riza counted it as one of the many reasons their team had received so many promotions.

Thinking with satisfaction upon the loyalty and efficiency of her co-workers, she reached the door to the Brigadier General's inner office and managed to open it with her paper laden arms to find them—doing absolutely nothing, as per usual.

"—but gee, I can't actually believe he—" 2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc was saying as he leaned back his special desk chair. The man had been deemed fit to serve only three years ago and was ready for a promotion soon; but not if this was how he spent his workday.

"Uhh- hey Major!" 1st Lieutenant Heymans Breda greeted her, no doubt trying to give his friend a warning as he currently faced a window. Breda did have some files on his desk, but she doubted he had been reading them before she came in.

2nd Lieutenant Vato Falman looked up from his report and gave a polite nod, though she thought he looked a little red from having been caught slacking.

Warrant Officer Kain Feury gave a squeak from where he had been crouched on the floor, petting Black Hayate.

From the inner office, she could hear papers rustling as her superior tried in vain to make it seem as though he was working. She gave a well-practiced sigh, and began distributing the files among the men.

"Sorry, Hawkeye," Havoc did seem genuinely apologetic, "the General just got an interesting piece of mail that he shared with us, and we sort of got distracted."

"The General's gossip is none of my concern, Lieutenant," she took most of the harshness out of her voice to show that he was forgiven, then strode forward with her remaining documents into the office of Roy Mustang.

"Major," he greeted with one of his charming smiles, which slowly wilted under her blank stare. "Thank you for retrieving those documents for me."

"You're welcome, sir."

In an attempt to delay her placing the paperwork on his desk, he spoke again. "Havoc was right about my news being interesting."

"Yes, sir," She simply said, clearing a spot on the cluttered desk for the new clutter.

"I—the whole team, actually—was invited to a wedding."

"A lot of people are invited to weddings, especially Generals, sir."

"A wedding in Resembool."

That stopped her short. "In Resembool?" She repeated. Why on earth…? "Who?'

"Well, that should be fairly obvious, Major. I wouldn't even have to open that letter to know Fullmetal's finally come out of his self-denial. We're too busy to attend, so should we send a gift instead?"

"I'm surprised you would be welcome at any wedding of Edward's…but, he's so young. They both are." Sure, the elder of the two Elric Brother's could be hasty about things, but usually important decisions such as this were carefully weighed in his mind. Of course, it was rather obvious that Edward had feelings for his friend Winry Rockbell, and it was mostly accepted truth that these feelings were reciprocated. To have taken such a leap so suddenly, though…

She stood a little too long, looking at Mustang. Finally, she let out a breath and set the paperwork down, much to the chagrin of her superior officer. "Please finish these before you start thinking about sending gifts, sir."

"Yes, Major," he sighed, defeated. And though the news circulated Headquarters a few times, the intervening years buried it amongst the other gossip.

But Edward Elric would always manage to resurface.