Fandom: The Neverending Story

Character: Atreyu

Genre: Angst/Friendship

Disclaimer: I own nothing except, my imagination! :)

The Afterglow:


That's all I am seeing. I struggle to open my eyes, but no prevail.

I suddenly remember the Moonchild's words to me.

"He has suffered with you. He went through everything, you went through. And now, he has come here. He is very close. He is listening to every word, we say"

A dark cloud rumbles above

I grow very frustrated.

"But if he is so close, where is he!"

"He doesn't realize…"

Another shake. This time, it begins to crack and destroy, the palace.

"..That he is part, of The Neverending Story."

A blast is heard from, miles away, but yet sounds so close.

"But what happens if he doesn't appear!"

The Childlike Empress 's face saddens. "Then we will disappear…and so will I".

My eyes suddenly jolt awake. The sun is back out. I look around at my surroundings. I'm back in the meadow. I suddenly feel a nudge, behind me. It's my horse.

"Artex!" I throw my arms, around his neck, and bury my face in his warm fur.

I coax him to stand back up, and we quietly ride out of the meadow, up to the Great plains, where I am home….and free