Love Confession

Amu was excited for the sleepover she had planned with Yaya and Rima. She said goodbye to her parents and her younger sister Ami. As she was walking over to Rima's house, she felt like someone was following her. She turned around and saw Ikuto and Yoru behind her at a distance very close. She saw him turn around quickly, like he was avoiding her.

"Hey! What are you doing following me?" She yelled before he could get away.

"I wanted to know where you were going." He responded, still with his back to her. "You don't need to know where I'm going all the time! You better not follow me either!" She turned swiftly and went back on the route to Rima's house. By the time she got there, she hat completely forgotten about the incident with Ikuto. "Hey Rima!" Amu said when Rima answered the door.

"Hi Amu! Yaya's already here, but that's because she came here way too early." Rima looked mad. She obviously didn't like that Yaya had come early. "But come on in!" The blond haired girl gestured to come in. "So where's your room?" Amu asked, looking around. Yaya came out and said "Amu-chi!" and ran up to Amu, squeezing her when she tried to give her a hug. "Come see her room!" Yaya held back a laugh. While Yaya and Rima sat on her bed, Amu stared around in disbelief. Her walls were filled with Bala-Balance posters, so much you couldn't see her wall. Her dressers and desks were toppled with Bala-Balance figurines and finally, her bed, sheets, pillows and blankets were all Bala-Balance themed. "Wow" was all Amu could utter. "Let's get this sleepover started!" Always perky Yaya yelled out "Pillow fight!" she hollered as she threw the Bala-Balance pillows at them. They picked them up and them back. Yaya and Amu started laughing wile Rima gave them the evil eye. "Sorry Rima!" Yaya said, and her and Amu frantically made Rima's bed again. Then, Rima started rolling on the floor, laughing.

"What are they laughing at?" Yoru asked Ikuto, as they looked through the window, spying on Amu and her friends.

"I don't know, you know girls." He replied. "Let's crash this party!" Yoru suggested. "No." Ikuto responded, and grabbed Yoru before he could do anything. He started walking away from Rima's house. Suddenly, he saw Yoru climb in through the mail slot. "Hey!" Ikuto yelled before he could stop Yoru. Then Ikuto just waited near the front door. "Yoru!" He yelled, with no response. Why is he always getting in trouble? Ikuto thought as he snuck in. He saw Yoru headed toward one of the rooms, and watched him disappear into it.

"What are you doing in my house?" Rima came out and saw Ikuto standing in the middle of her living room. "Who are you? Why are you in my house?" He couldn't think of anything to say.

"Hey Rima—Ikuto?" I told you not follow me! Amu said when she came out of Rima's room. Now it was even more awkward.

"Hey what's going on…AHHH! ROBBER!" Yaya screamed "Oh wait, it's just Ikuto." Ikuto rolled his eyes at Yaya's stupidity. "Yeah, we've already established I'm Ikuto in Rima's house. I came here to spy on Amu. Got it?" Both he and Amu then started to blush. "Now I'm going to get Yoru and leave. See you, Amu." Ikuto left and Amu was still blushing. "Amu, so cute!" Rima said. "That's no cute, YAYA'S cute!" Yaya added. "What? It's not cute!" Amu said to Rima as they walked back to her room. "Then why were you embarrassed, and why were you blushing earlier?" Amu tried to answer, but could only deny it. "I wasn't!" She yelled at Rima. Then Yaya kicked in "Why are you yelling then?" Amu looked frustrated and didn't answer. Rima and Amu tried to forget about it. But all Yaya did was say over and over again "Amu's got a boyfriend, Amu's got a BOYFRIEND!" Then Amu, in all her frustration, yelled in Yaya's face "SHUT UP ALREADY!" They didn't talk about it after that. The next day, they went to school, and Yaya and Rima found it hard not to tell any of the other guardians about the sleepover. Yaya was walking in the hallway when she saw Tadase.

"Hey wait up!" Tadase turned around and smiled. "Hi Yaya!" Then the two walked together to the Garden. "You'll never guess what happened at Rima's house yesterday." Yaya forgot who she was talking to and told him the whole story. Tadase's dark aura came around him. Yaya sweat-dropped and said "Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that." Tadase acted calm when he asked Amu if she wanted to walk home together. When they walked home, Tadase started the conversation. "So, anything interesting happen at the sleepover?" Amu didn't know what he was talking about, so she said "Oh, you knew about that? Well no, just your average sleepover." She said. "Oh. Are you sure? No unexpected guests…or boyfriends?" Yaya told him! Amu thought to herself. "Yes, there was an unexpected guest…Ikuto followed me to the party. But he's NOT my boyfriend!" Tadase looked skeptically. "Okay. I believe you." Suddenly, out of a tree, Ikuto hopped in front of Amu, a little too close. "Hey Amu." Ikuto said. "I'm right her know! What are you doing? You thieving cat!" Ikuto looked at Tadase and responded: "Are saying Amu's yours?" Tadase started to blush. "N-no." Tadase stammered. "Good." he said and grabbed Amu's hand and took her off. Tadase stood there embarrassed and confused.

"W-where are you taking me?" Amu yelled to Ikuto. "You'll find out when we get there!" he told her. When they got there, she found that he had taken her to an ice cream shop. "But this place isn't open." Amu said to him. "Does it need to be?" Ikuto said to her. He jumped over the counter and helped her over. "Want some?" He asked Amu as he turned on the machine. "Sure." She answered. Then he made them both some ice cream and they started to walk. "Why are you doing these things for me?" Amu asked as she ate her ice cream. Ikuto didn't respond at first, his midnight blue eyes looked the usual, sad and wondering. He didn't know how to tell Amu, but he loved her. He loved her more than anything in the world. "Hello, anyone there?" She waved a hand in front of his face. He didn't want to be a coward, and he didn't want Tadase to beat him to it.

"Amu, I love you." He spat it out and Amu looked at him, waiting for him to start laughing. He's not kidding. She thought and dropped her ice cream onto the ground. When he stood there waiting for her to respond, she realized he really wasn't kidding. For a while, they just stood there while Amu was getting her feelings together. She then announced "I love you too." Ikuto then leaned in and kissed her. It was long and passionate, and suddenly from the bushes came a loud "NO!" It was Tadase, he had been spying on them. Ikuto and Amu suddenly broke away, surprised by his outburst. "Tadase!" Amu yelled when she turned around and saw him, with a tear in his eye. "Amu…" He trailed off and ran away. Amu reached out a hand and almost ran after him, but Ikuto stopped her. "Let him go." She listened, and Ikuto took her home. As they walked hand in hand, Tadase watched them from afar, planning his revenge.