xxamutolovexx: This is the sequel! Uh…yeah

Tadase: Is it Tadamu?

Xxamutolovexx: No, sorry

Tadase: Awww…

Amu: But it IS amuto…right?

Xxamutolovexx: What does it look like?

Ikuto: Yaay!

Tadase's POV

Today's Tuesday. It probably would be a normal Tuesday of I were talking to Hinamori-Amu. But, she went off and confessed her love for Ikuto right in front of me. Well…I guess I was spying on her, but how could she love that thieving cat? How could Ikuto-niisan love her? He knew that I loved her, loved her ever since I met her. But he went ahead and did it anyway.

(At School…Normal POV)

During class, Tadase and Amu got paired up to work together. But the work was hard; since all Tadase was doing to communicate was nodding his head, or mumbling words that Amu couldn't understand. Eventually though, they finished and together they walked down to the Royal Gardens. Once everyone was there, everyone was staring at Tadase, giving the Amu the evil eye. He normally wouldn't do that, would he? Nagihiko and Rima decided to talk to them.

Tadase's POV

"Tadase, let's go." Nagihiko said to me. Was everyone staring at me? I told him okay and we both walked away from the table everyone was sitting at. Once we got far enough that no one could hear, Nagihiko started to talk. "Tadase why are mad at Amu? He asked me. Could I trust him? Of course! What was I saying? Nagihiko was my best friend; I could trust him with anything.

"Hinamori-Amu…she loves Ikuto-niisan." Nagihiko looked at me weird at first, and then he smiled softly. "You love her don't you Hotori-kun?" I nodded, not saying a word. "Well, if you do, you should tell her. If she still loves Ikuto, then you can't be mad at her. Not if you really love her." Nagihiko was always very good at advice. I smiled back. "Thank you." I told him.

Amu's POV

After I was done talking to Rima, (she didn't seem shocked that I loved the boy who came into her house to see me) we went back to the table, where Yaya was left alone. We all sweat-dropped.

"Maybe not the best idea." Rima noted. As soon as we got back, Tadase and Nagihiko came back as well.

"Amu-Chan, Tadase needs to talk to you." Nagihiko was saying as they came back. I checked the time and got worried. "Well, I have to go meet…" I didn't finish the sentence because I just realized why Tadase had not talked to me all day. Does he love me? I ran off to go meet Ikuto when Tadase yelled out

"Hinamori-Amu I love you!" That made me turn around, I kept walking backwards until suddenly, I ran into Ikuto.

"Ikuto!" I was happy to see him. I was going to give him a hug, but he stopped me. "Amu, do you love that 'prince'?" He asked me, not meeting my eyes. "No, I told you yesterday, I love you." I replied simply to him, being as honest as I'd ever been in my life. "Okay." He said bluntly and hugged me. We walked some more when suddenly, we were tripped over a string held by two people…I'm not sure who though. It caused me to land on top of Ikuto. "Why am I always saving you?" He asked me, with a smirk on his face. "Because you love me." I told him. "Oh, yeah." He teased. Then we kissed another romantic kiss. But this time, it was perfect, without anybody interrupting.

Tadase's POV

As I walked home, I looked back on the past few minutes, seeing how much my plan had backfired on me. Amu ended up on top of Ikuto, and they kissed, right in front of me! Well…I guess it was my fault…and they didn't know I was there. I have to stop being mad at Amu. I love her, and that's all that matters, even if she doesn't love me back.