Epilogue: No Time for Goodbye

Elphaba sat inside the wagon, blankets covering her body. She stared out at the rain as the sun set. She shivered and wondered if they were out of Oz yet.

Fiyero clambered back into the small shelter, shaking the water from his body and drying himself with a ratty towel. "I did my hunting for the day."

It was everyone's job to contribute something. Fiyero used his hunting skills and Elphaba used her magic. But Elphaba couldn't always help when it rained, so Fiyero had to do extra work occasionally. "That's good."

"We're nearing the border. I heard them talking about it. We're almost safe."

Elphaba didn't believe the word "safe" quite fit. "Safe from what? We don't even know what's out there."

"There's a community of exiles just past the border. That's all we need to know."

"What if those exiles are just as bad as the Wizard?" Elphaba didn't trust society, any form of it.

"Then we'll find something else." Fiyero took her hands; his were so cold. "Fae, we're going to be okay, together."

"I never got to say goodbye to Glinda… or Nessa," she whispered.

"And I never got to say goodbye to any of my family."

"Do you wish you'd stayed?"

He looked her in the eyes and squeezed her hands. "Not at all."

And for that moment, that was enough.

AN: I wanted a slightly less happy-go-lucky ending, but I wanted them to stay together. And this is what I decided on. It's a little musical-esque, but what other options did they have?