So I am reading a book about Helen of Troy and I have always been in love with the movie Troy and in both of those things it doesn't seem to me like Andromache plays a big enough role. She is, personally, one of my favorite characters out of any movie or book and I wanted to shed a little more light on her. This follows more of the legend of the Trojan War and what we know of Andromache than the movie Troy or any books concerning Helen and Paris. So here it is! It's a very short prologue. I also have two other works in progress, but I will try to update this soon. I just couldn't resist putting up the prologue. Enjoy!

Never Forgotten


Many years ago when the world was a less complicated place there was a great battle of men. Men from all over Greece came to Troy to fight. They did not fight for land or money or treasure. No, those things would be only too worthy to fight for. Instead these men fought over one woman. Nothing more than a single woman brought most of Greece's men to the sands of Troy. Never before have such vast numbers fought over something as inconsequential as a measly woman and never again will it happen.

Her name was Helen, originally of Sparta, but later of Troy. She came to Troy as Paris' "wife" though there was no formal ceremony to prove such a thing. To protect Troy it had been said that Helen had wished to leave the thrice cursed house of her husband Menalaus and his brother Agamemnon, wishing to be protected in Troy. Unfortunately the Greeks did not see it that way, instead thinking that Paris had abducted and raped Helen. Therefore, men came by the thousands and landed on Troy's shores prepared to give one of the bloodiest showings in all of history, all for Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world.

However, I did not see Helen as such as a worthy cause for the war as the Greeks did. The destruction of lives and kingdoms that was caused by Helen was magnificent and could never be replaced. Many of Troy's finest sons were lost for Helen, not to mention the Greek losses and the overall destruction of my beloved Troy.

I lost many dear things to me because of Helen. I lost my husband and my infant son and the homeland that had become mine through marriage. I did not see Helen as a worthy reason to lose all of these things, but I could not change that then and I cannot change it now. I am an old woman now. I have been a wife to two men and a whore to another. I have had five sons. I have seen the destruction of all that was ever dear to me. I cannot change what happened all those years ago, but I cannot forget it either.

I am Andromache and this is my story.

There you go! I hope you are anticipating the rest of this as much as I am! Comments are great, no hate comments or flames please!

Happy reading,