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Also, one more thing. In the books, Lily is two years younger than Al, but I changed it slightly, as Lily being a fourth year seems too young in this. So she's fifteen.

Why do people fall in love? I suppose its human nature to fall, even when one knows that it will only end in heartbreak. I was human, and I fell. Believe me, I regret it now. Well, not exactly. Just kind of.

I mean, if I fell for Lorcan or Lysander, or even Scorpius Malfoy, it wouldn't be so bad. But no, being an idiot, I had to fall for my older brother's best mate.

Feel free to laugh and jeer, I deserve it. Stupid Lily Luna Potter fell head over heels for Josh Farland, her older brother's best mate. Her extremely over protective older brother's best mate, no less. I am such an idiot.

But Josh is so… charming, I guess. I'm not very good with words. That would be Rose. Anyway, how could I possibly describe love to you? How could I say, "I love Josh Farland because…" Exactly, I can't.

At first, it was just a little crush, as Josh was pretty much the only non-related guy I ever saw. And believe me; I wasn't going to crush on Lorcan or Lysander. That would just be suicidal, what with Molly, Lucy, Roxanne and Dominique after them.

Anyway, moving on, my problem: I have a huge crush on my older brother's best mate, so I have to do the logical thing and ignore it. Really, how well can this possibly end?

"Lily!" a voice broke into my thoughts.

"Yes, Roxy?" I sighed.

"James has an idea."

"I know. He wants to turn the Slytherin's robes red and gold."

"He told you?" Roxy asked.

"Really, Rox? You know me better than that. Of course he didn't tell me. This is James Potter we're talking about. He isn't exactly quiet about his pranks."

"Lily!" another voice called.

"Hey Rose," I said. "How did you get into the Gryffindor common room?"

Not that I really needed to ask, of course. Rose can get in anywhere. She's amazing at guessing passwords and opening locks, with or without magic.

She even managed to get James and Josh into the girl's dorms. There's a trick step, believe it or not.

"Magic," Rose rolled her eyes. "Have you seen Josh? He has a lock problem."

"Nope," Roxy said.

"We're going to see James—" I started.

"And where James is, Josh is," Rose finished with a roll of her eyes. Really, that girl rolls her eyes way to much. One day they will get stuck like that, I swear.

"What's the problem with the lock?"

"I have no idea-" another eyes roll"-but 'Alohamora' will probably work."

"Well, are you coming with us, Rosie?" I asked.

"No thanks," she sighed. "I'm studying with Scorp. Just suggest 'Alohamora' to Josh. If it doesn't work, I'll look at it."

"Don't forget to beat Scorpius in everything, Rosie!" I called.

I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes again. I tell you, they are going to get stuck like that.

Rose can't beat Scorpius Malfoy in Care of Magical Creatures no matter how hard she tries. For some reason, Uncle Ron always laughs when he hears this. Strange…

Dad and Aunt Hermione say there's a reason, but James, Josh and I decide he's just gone off the deep end. It had to happen eventually. Al says he's withholding info, but really he's just being a Hufflepuff. They really are to kind for their own good.

"Lily?" Roxy asked. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah!" I said, coming back to earth. I really must stop getting lost in thought so much. One of my shortcomings, I suppose.

"Hey, Roxy, would you like to prank the Marauders?" I asked.

She turned. "Please, Lily, do I even turn down an opportunity to laugh at my brother?"

"Good point. Well, how to we prank the pranksters?"

"I thought you thought this out, Lily!"

"I did! I thought about it for at least two seconds before telling you."

"I'd really prefer you didn't prank us," yet another voice said. But this one was male, believe it or not.

Roxy and I spun around. "Er… hey, Josh," I said awkwardly.

"Hey yourself, Lily-Billy."

"Hay is for horses," Roxanne butted in.

Josh ignored her. "So you two are going to prank us? The Marauders?"

I'm pretty sure I was sporting a Weasley style blush by then, but I smirked back. "Prank you? Why one earth would I want to do that, Josh?"

"Because you're you, Lily Luna," he informed me.

"No," I said sarcastically, "I'm Rose. By the way, she says to try 'Alohamora'."

"Hello, Rose. By the way, I say thank you."

"Hello, Josh. By the way, she says, you're welcome."

"It really is amusing to watch you two flirt, but we have to get going before another Marauder comes to annoy us."

"What about the prank?" I asked.

"Don't worry, Lily-Billy, I won't tell. But maybe you could just prank James instead of all of us…"

"Sure," I shrugged.

To be honest, I would much rather stay on Josh's good side. If I'm on his bad side, I can't stare into those blue eyes while pretending that I'm thinking up a prank.

"Why not?" Roxanne asked.

"I dunno', why not?" Josh asked.

"That was a rhetoric question, Luv," I said. Josh and I have this pet name thing going on. No idea how it got started, but we'll say things like 'Lily-Billy' or 'Luv' in conversations.

"I knew that!" he defended.

Josh grabbed my hand and pulled my towards the Marauder's den. Roxanne shook her head and followed us at a normal pace, instead of a insane Josh one. You know, him pulling me like this gives me a great view of his arse…

"Josh, we know where we're going!" I told him.

Big headed idiot.

One that I happen to have a small crush on. Small being the operative word. I mean, it's not love—falling in love is practically an act of rebellion with a family as big as mine—but he's still my crush.

I mean, it would be worse if I had a crush on Scorpius Malfoy, like Rose. Or Voldemort's imaginary son Tommy.

I mean, it's not like Josh is in the ideal situation for me to crush on him, but still…

Okay, you're probably starting to get bored of me prattling on about Josh. I'm starting to get a bit bored. Sometimes I wish I could just forget about him, but do I really want to?

Actually, Josh may just be my rebound. After all, my boyfriend of two years, Dominic, just broke up with me. So I fell for the first cute, nice guy I say. And that happened to be Josh. Merlin, I'm screwed.