I smiled and kissed Josh's cheek lightly before climbing onto my broom.

I kissed. Josh. Farland. On. The. Cheek. I KISSED JOSH… kinda'.

Okay, Lily. Do not freak, I told myself, you kissed Josh, but it's all okay. All okay. You just need to get that snitch and make James proud. Also, no more motivational speeches like this one to yourself. They are strange.

Caspian had let out the snitch, so I went after it, seeing a small glint of gold near Katie.

"POTTER!" someone shouted.

I turned to the voice with the rest of the team. It was the Slytherin captain, John Zabini.

"Yes, Zabini?" James asked coolly. There's still a lot of house rivalry between us, especially when it comes to Quidditch. Also, Zabini is a douche.

He stalked over to the Slytherin team with Josh and Freddie flanking him. As much as I wanted to join them, I stayed back with the girls and Caspian. Roxanne finally walked forward to join them, and I followed with Katie and Caspian.

"We have the field," Zabini claimed.

"I specifically reserved it," James argued.

"No, we did," he said. Obviously it would be a long, pointless argument.

"We did."

Katie walked up to stand by James, facing Zabini. "Why don't we just che—" Katie was cut off by Zabini pulling her into a kiss, one of the few things that would aggravate James enough to start a fight.

And start a fight he did. James hit the Captain, and he sailed back to hit the Keeper. James grabbed Katie, saving her from any more kissing. All hell broke loose after that move.

Roxanne and I exchanged glances and jumped onto our brooms to shoot at the boys from above. It wasn't very practical, and we had to be careful not to hit any of our own teammates.

I hit one of the beaters, Vincent Goyle, with a curse as he attempted to strangle Josh, who was putting up quite a good fight for not having any air, if you ask me.

"Hiding behind girls?" Tom Dementia taunted. "Can't get any real girls, huh? I'm sure that Potter's bratty sister wouldn't mind. A bit of a whore, but real pretty. She was willing in third ye—"

James and Josh both jumped on Tom, knocking him to the ground. They began to pound him.

To clarify a small detail and defend my honor, I have never slept with anyone, Tom Dementia especially. I've had my share of make out sessions, but no actual sleeping with a guy in that way.

I threw myself into the fight and grabbed Josh's arm, attempting to pull him away from Tom before they get caught fighting, which could be a disaster.

Katie grabbed James and Roxy got a hold on Freddie to pull them out of the fight. Luckily Caspian saw what we were attempting and pulled himself out on his own, the dear boy. I really must thank him for that sometime.

"He called my sister a whore, the bastard," James said.

"We'll kill him," Freddie growled through gritted teeth.

Katie was losing her grip on James so she did the one and only thing (aside from me marrying Josh) I never thought I would witness, ever. Katie Spinnet kissed James Potter. My brother, James Potter the prat, the bigheaded idiot, the… the boy.

James, of course, took full advantage, but I would never expect him to do anything else, especially not when Katie Spinnet, the girl of his dreams, kissed him. It was just something I understood, and if Josh kissed me like that, I would probably take full advantage as well, just like my brother. Maybe it's a Potter trait or something.

"Let go of my, Lily," Josh said.

"Josh, I know you want to defend my honor and pound him into the ground and all, but I can't allow you to do this. I can defend my own honor, and violence is not always the answer. Sometimes yes, but this is not one of those times!"

Inside, of course, I was singing a very different tune.

Josh likes me

And I'm singing a song

In my head

'Cause he's defending my honor

So maybe it wasn't a tune, just a song, but still, I was happy.

Ah, such wonderful love… REBOUND.

Whoa… when did Josh go from being a crush to being a love? I most certainly do not remember that happening at all in the period. I don't fall in love that quickly.

I decided to ask Vicky about it, and then it occurred to me I should probably get off Josh's back.

"Eyes up, Potter!" Katie shouted, drawing my attention and ending the Josh's back dilemma.

His eyes flicked up to hers for about two seconds before going back down.

"Where's up, Potter?" she barked.

"I vote Spinnet gets naked," James said. I claim no relation to him.

"No," Katie said firmly.

"How about I get naked then?" James asked.

"NO!" Katie all but shouted.

"AWKWARD VOLDEMORT HUG!" Roxy decided to defuse the situation, and hugged both Josh and me, since I was still on his back at that point in time.

"CHICKEN!" Fred added. He is probably the most random of all my cousins.

"Maybe," Katie said, "we should go in. There are a bunch of unconscious Slytherins right there, after all."

No one could disagree with that.

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