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Rima: Fine….

Amu's POV

I stared at my phone waiting for someone…anyone to call. I hadn't heard from anyone at all today. Usually, Ikuto would've texted me by now. I also expected to hear from Yaya or Rima. But no one, not all day. I decided to go to Yaya's house, and rang the doorbell once I got there. Her mom answered.

"Hello, Amu!" Yaya's mother exclaimed, almost as excited as Yaya herself. "I thought Yaya was coming over to your house." She went back to normal. Well, almost normal; she looked worried.

"Well maybe, she probably just forgot to text me about it." I lied. I knew all too well that Yaya would text me a million times before she came over. Her mom seemed to become less tense when I told her that. I didn't bother with Rima; if she wasn't there I didn't want her parents to completely flip…or start fighting about it.

Nagihikos' POV

I waited for Rima at the park. I was wondering why she would text me—of all people—to meet her at the park. I saw Rima and felt relieved; I'd been waiting here a long time. When she came a little closer, I could see that she was dragging her feet.

"Where you walking like that the whole time?" I asked her, but there was no response. When she got closer, I could see that her hair was messy and her skin flakey. She looked sick too. "Uh, did you just wake up?" I asked her, and then regretted it. She almost close enough for me to touch. I then saw her hair wasn't just messy, it had tufts falling out everywhere. Her skin? It wasn't just "flakey" it was literally falling off. She came even closer, far too close than normal. I turned around and started to run, but didn't make it far enough to get out of her grasp. She brought me to my knees and I knew I was dead.

Amu: Oh come on! A cliffhanger?

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