Rima: We're still dancing…I'm getting tired.

Yaya: Yaya's tired too!

Amutolove: Then stop dancing…

Rima: We can't…you have to make us…

Amu's POV

I finished my walk to school, feeling a little scared. But, I walked in peace the whole way to school. When I got there, I realized the only friend I had left was Tadase and Nadeshiko. Oh wait! I forgot…Nagi is Nadeshiko. It's been hard getting used to that. Well, anyway, my first class was pretty much deserted. Only a few people were in the desks that the classroom had. I didn't see Tadase there, and was convinced he'd been eaten by the zombies too. But, he was just late and came bustling in, wide-eyed and disoriented.

"Hinamori-Amu!" He yelled, obviously thinking that I'd been eaten as well. "I thought—did you see?—at the park—Rima, Yaya, Nagihiko—all dead." He managed to get out. I gave him a questioning look, but I got the message.

"I know." I whispered once class had started. "They attacked me last night, but Ikuto came and saved me." He had a strange look of relief and anger. "I see." He replied simply. We didn't talk that much after that in class. All I could think about was all my friends being dead. How could we manage without them? We definitely couldn't keep up the Guardians with only Tadase and me…and of course our charas.

Tadase's POV

I didn't know what to do. Some of my best friends—dead. At least Hinamori-Amu is safe. I thought, trying to cheer myself up. It doesn't work. Class went by quickly, and finally it was over. Me and Amu walked over to the Royal Gardens to talk.

"I'm going to get home." Amu said, halfway to the gardens.

"What? We still have the guardians." I told her, astonished she was giving up. "Well, there's only two of us, there's no way we could do it. Anyway, Easter is finished, so what's the point of this? This is all it is: a reminder of my best friends that got turned into zombies. Two days ago, I would've laughed at the thought of that." She explained. She made a good argument. I didn't—couldn't say anything, and let her go. "Wait! What about the zombies? Do you want to walk home together?" I asked, hoping that she'd say yes. But she shook her head. "No. For all we know, they're still dancing in the park." My heart fell, I wasn't so sure our old friends were still dancing.

Amu's POV

Tadase was nice, but I didn't need any "babysitting", I could walk home by myself. The walk home was silent; no one was outside or even had their windows open. It seemed like a ghost town. I laughed out loud at the thought of being eaten alive. It wasn't really funny, but I just needed to laugh. Before I knew it, I was at the park I got attacked at. I looked, but I didn't see any zombies dancing. My heart was thumping so fast I thought it might come right out of my chest. Now I was wishing I had gone with Tadase. I slowly looked around, and I didn't see any of my dead friends. I walked home, being startled by every little movement, I walked as fast as I could, but that obviously wasn't fast enough. Something was behind me, I could feel it breathing down my neck. I turned slowly, so that me and Rima—no the zombie was facing me. We were almost nose to nose, and we just stood there a while. I should've run. I should've, but I didn't, I was frozen with fright and I couldn't do anything about it. But the zombie wasn't going to waste one precious moment, she grabbed my head a twisted—hard—and she broke my neck. I was dead, after that simple motion, and I was going to become a zombie. Or maybe—hopefully—I'd just die. I blacked out, and never woke up again.

Amu: Oh my god, I died!

Rima: Get used to it, so did everybody else…

Tadase: Except me!

Yaya: Don't rub it in Tadase! Or I'll come and eat you too!

Amutolove: Please R&R!

Rima: Or I'll kill you in your sleep!
Amutolove: No…she won't…I hope… o.O