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An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 1

New Neighbor

A shining sun woke up Coop as some birds sstarted singing with the morning, it would have been a wonderful morning if his life wasn't such a mess. His relationship with Kat was going from bad to worse, now that Kat has new powerful inventions.

And his friends weren't very helpful, Fiona's memories about Kat were erased, so she now blames Coop for torturing Kat and calling him an evil person, much like her aunt teased him

Dennis also blamed him yesterday because Coop had burnt his homework, and this time Kat wasn't responsible... so the only person that Coop trusted was now against him, remembering Coop about the fate that his dad suffered years ago, when something simmilar happened, now Burt and Henry are obstinated rivals.

And talking about his father, Burt gave him a good scold, because some immature kid forgot to make breakfast.

"What a stupid day" throwing a pillow to the clock "Sometimes I just wanna... be another person, an adult"

"It would be awesome, being free, moving to another town, a new life with different friends, and without that bastard of Mr Kat"

He took a shower, ate his food, and did some chores in a few minutes, planning his day was the difficult thing.

"Who needs Dennis when I can explore the streets?" he felt angry of pronouncing the name of his ex-friend

He got out fro his house and walked a few steps when suddenly a loud noise surrounded the air, a car.

Out from nothing, a vehicle stopped in front of a house across the street, when the car parked inside the house, a truck appeared

"Someone movin here, hmmmm" Coop hid in a bush "Let's see who's moving here"

"Mr. Burgman, the money..." the man from the truck was stopped by a voice

"I will pay later" a man with hat and a brown coat appeared from the house "By the way, I want to explore this little neighborhood, this day was a piece of crap"

"I understand you" Coop said through the plant

"Huh, is anyone there?"

Coop ran to another bush with some fear

"Come on, I don't bite"

"I need to see his face better" Coop tried to lift his head, but the guy disappeared "Damn it!"

"So, I have something to do today, at least I'm not going to be bored" the boy smiled "I hope that Mr. Kat doesn't mess with my plans" And with this, he ran to the new neighbor's house

But the door was closed, so the access was a bit difficult. Coop had only one choice: the back door. The problem was that he could get caught. He looked through the windows but there was nothing to see, only a few furniture objects, the unpackaging was fast!

Being a kid had its advantages, the low height makes Coop easy to hide below the window, annd he was very fast, all the times running from Kat developed his legs.

"Only a bit more and..." he stepped on a strange rock, the object activated.


"Oh no!" Coop stood there watching a how some structures like guns emerged from the walls, pointing directly towards him.


Seriously, could this day get worse? Were the only thoughts that appeared in Coop's mind at that moment