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Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital seemed to be oddly slow today. Of course, most surgeons were happy and took this time to get more sleep or eat some food. This was the case of the younger Grey. She was in the cafeteria with April Kepner and Christina Yang—who was not thrilled that there were not incoming traumas that needed her expertise.

"I haven't seen a heart in like five days." Christina complained as she continued to eat her fries.

"Go do skills lab." April suggested.

"Why? So I can do a bypass on some overweight pig?" Christina asked as she waved her hands around. "I'll pass." She said rolling her eyes.

"Think of it this way, practice makes perfect." April told her.

"Have you met me? I am perfect." Christina argued.

"Jackson's mother didn't think so." April mumbled.

"That was a rough morning, that's all."

"How was that by the way?" Lexie piped in.

"How was what?" April asked.

"Jackson's mother. I'm really disappointed I couldn't get a chance to meet her."

"Don't be. She would've chewed you up and spit you out." Christina said dryly.

"Oh wow…thanks." Lexie said sarcastically.

"It also helped that Dr. Sloan came to your defense." April chimed in.

"What?" Lexie said shocked.

"She kept asking about you and he said you were a great surgeon and a great girl." April informed her.

"I'll have to thank him for that." Lexie said wistfully. Lexie thought about what April had told her as she let her eyes wander about the cafeteria. She saw Callie, Arizona, and Mark sitting at a table a few feet away. He looked so happy and he had everything he ever wanted…well almost anyway. She'd be lying to herself if she said she didn't miss him. Jackson made her happy but honestly, she didn't see them really going anywhere. He was just…well she didn't know what they were. They weren't just sex but they weren't in love with each other. She wasn't in love with him, that was for sure but she cared for him. When had her love life become so complicated? Maybe she should start seeing someone outside the hospital. That way she wouldn't have to worry about any work issues if things ended. Lexie was still looking at Mark, when he looked up and caught her staring. His eyes had always captivated her. They were so intense, yet still soft and kind. In that one moment, their eyes locked and it was almost as if they were a couple again. Lexie smiled shyly before turning her eyes away; she didn't get to see the smile that graced Mark's face, the smile that had always been reserved just for her.

"Well I heard Jackson's mother encouraged you to lose your virginity." Lexie overheard Christina say.

"That's…well…I—" April stuttered as she began to turn bright red.

"What're you waiting for? Mr. Right?" Christina asked mockingly.

"What if I am?" April asked defiantly.

"Doesn't exist." Christina waved her off.

"What're you trying to say? What about Owen?"

"I love Owen and he's wonderful but he's not perfect."

"Well nobody's perfect. Everyone has flaws but what's wrong with a guy that's funny, romantic, smart, understanding, and hot?" April swooned.

"Dare to dream." Christina mumbled.

"It could happen April." Lexie said.

"Thank you Lexie."

"And who's your Mr. Right Lexipedia?"

"I don't—"

"Jackson? Or maybe Sloan?" Christina teased.

"Has anybody every told you how infuriating you are, Christina Yang?"

"On several occasions." Christina said.

Lexie was thankful that her pager went off so she would be spared from any further teasing. She excused herself from the table and walked towards the elevator to check on her patient.

"What can I do for you Mrs. Augustine?" Lexie asked as she walked into the middle aged woman's room. Mrs. Augustine had been admitted into the hospital because of a tumor in her bladder. She and Dr. Bailey would be performing a cystectomy in about an hour.

"I wanted to know if my husband mentioned what time he would be coming back?" She asked hopefully.

"No. I'm sorry, he didn't say." Lexie told her.

"Oh," Mrs. Augustine said sadly. "He's probably out with that bimbo." She mumbled angrily.

"Mrs. Augustine?" Lexie said confused.

"He thinks I don't know but I do," The woman began ranting. "Twenty-three years of marriage, two kids, and he just throws it all away! Not to even mention that I have cancer!" She began to cry.

"Mrs. Augustine, please don't cry." Lexie pleaded as she handed her a box of tissue.

"I'm sorry dear. I know you don't want to hear about some old biddy like me crying my eyes out," She said as she wiped her eyes.

"No, it's perfectly fine," Lexie assured her. "It's good to get everything off your chest before surgery."

"I should've listened to my heart. Bill and I met during college and he was…amazing. I also had a best friend and he had fallen for me and I also fell in love with him. We had some ups and downs and I decided to call it quits. Bill was there to pick up the pieces and we got married and had a family but I was always in love with my best friend. I wonder what he's doing now? Probably happy and enjoying life to the fullest. That could've been me." Mrs. Augustine finished her story. Lexie couldn't help but think how odd it was that Mrs. Augustine's story was very similar to her own.

"If your husband gets here before the surgery, do you want me to inform you?"

"No." She said in a serious tone.

"You're positive."


"I'm going to have an intern come in here and prep you for surgery. I'll see you in the OR." Lexie told her as she was about to walk out.

"Dr. Grey?" Mrs. Augustine called out.

"Yes?" Lexie said as she turned back around.

"Thanks for listening."

"I didn't mind at all." Lexie said as she gave her a smile before exiting the room.

Mrs. Augustine's surgery had been a success and Lexie couldn't help but think that Mrs. Augustine might have another chance with the love of her life. Who knows? Maybe she would track her best friend down and things would work out in the end. She was in the resident's locker room putting on her coat, so she could go home. She was exhausted and she looked forward to sleeping in since she had the day off tomorrow. Jackson came in just as she was getting ready to leave the locker room.

"Hey. I've gotta stay a little while longer. Are you gonna wait for me?" Jackson asked her.

"I'm sorry but I'm really bushed. I just want to go home and crash." Lexie told him tiredly.

"I understand. I'll catch a ride with someone." Jackson told her before kissing her.

"Thanks. I'll see you when you get home." Lexie said as he released her. She left the room and began walking towards the parking lot.

"Just great." Lexie mumbled as she walked outside. Growing up in Seattle, she should be used to all the rain but it would be nice if it didn't rain six days out the week. She ran to her car as quick as possible so she wouldn't be soaked to the bone. Once she made it to the car, she started it up and was on her way home.

On her way home, she couldn't help but think of what Mrs. Augustine said. She didn't want to be her in twenty years. She didn't want to have regrets about not being with the right person. Lexie was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't even see the car that had ran the red light and was going to inevitably crash into her side of the car. The last thing Lexie could think of was Mark and how she would never get the chance to tell him that she truly loved him and wanted to be with him. Before she could finish her thoughts, she closed her eyes and everything went black.

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