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I look at myself in the rearview mirror to make sure I look appropriate. I take a few steadying breaths. Well it's now or never. I get out of my car and grab my bag from the backseat. I hope no one sees me walking up in this outfit. It's not that I look bad. I think I look pretty good. I had picked out a couple of outfits because I wasn't 100% sure how long this role play actually went on for. So I am wearing a pair of grey wool trousers, a white long sleeve button down silk shirt, with grey suspenders, a black tie and a black jacket. I knock on the door and lose my breath.

Isabella is stunning in a maroon corset with a matching skirt flowing down to her ankles. She is wearing black shoes that look like some kind of old fashioned heels. I wonder where she found those. Her hair is pinned up with just a few tendrils falling down in her face and she has minimal makeup on.

"Madame." I say taking her hand in mine and bringing it to my lips.

"Monsieur, it's a pleasure to see you again." She says, pulling her hand from me.

"May I enter so that I may properly greet one as lovely as you?" I say bowing slightly to her.

She smiles and steps aside, allowing me to walk inside. Her house has been transported to what I would assume is her idea of a French abode. She has flowers everywhere, and velvet draped from the window sills and over chairs and she has candles lit everywhere possible giving off the softest light imaginable. Once the door closes I turn to her and pull her body flush to mine, grabbing her face with one of my hands and bringing my lips to her. She lets out a soft moan as she parts her lips allowing my tongue to gently peek inside her mouth, sweeping around her tongue. She pulls away from me quickly, walking to the couch and sitting down.

"I do not believe we are acquainted well enough for you to greet me in such a fashion." She says, brushing her skirt down.

I drop to my knees in front of her, pulling her hands in mine and kissing them feverishly.

"But I pray each night to be so acquainted. Is that not why you summoned me?" I say looking up at her from under my lashes, watching the quick intake of breath she takes.

"I… I am a married woman, Monsieur, as you are well aware. I longed for the company of someone as enlightened as you." She stutters, flustered and aroused.

Hmm, okay, she is going to definitely make me work for it. Okay, now what would DuRoy do in this situation. I smile as I lay my head on her lap, feeling the velvety smoothness of her skirt rub against my cheek. I look up to her as she moves her hand into my hair, gently playing with it and I know that she wants me. Her desire is emanating from her which spurs my own, making me want to make love to her desperately.

"I long to be yours, tell me, what do I need to do Madame? For, I love you." Oh shit! Did I just say that? Well, I was in character. DuRoy told every one of them that he loved them and he didn't mean it. But wait! Do I mean it? Stop thinking Edward and just go with it.

A/N… If you are coming to this story from Take Me Home I will say this upfront. There will be an itsy bitsy tiny bit of drama and angst but basically this will be pure romance, fun and experimentation and it will also be 100% Edward's POV.

Role of a Lifetime (RoaL) is an expansion of a story I wrote for the "What's Your Fantasy: Twilight Erotica Challenge." which took 3rd place in the public voting. I have decided to turn it into a full length story expanding on what I have already written and adding more chapters. I will also make it a tad bit smuttier than I wrote for the challenge because well, that's how I roll…LOL... All the role plays used in this story will be based on Rob or Kristen's movies. Now, not all the movies will be actual role plays, some will just be scenes that I will throw in there. I have several major role plays planned but I am open to suggestions as well. So if there is something you would like to see me do just let me know and I will see how I can work it in. Although the story is mapped out I am very open to giving you what you want *wink, wink*

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