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I woke up to my whole body aching. I turned over onto my back. Pain shot straight up my spine and my ass was throbbing. I cried out in pain, tears running down my cheeks. James came rushing into the room. He looked at me before slowly walking over to our bed; he sat down next to me and whipped the tears from my face.

'I am so sorry Kendall. I honestly didn't mean to hurt you so bad.'

'It's ok James, I agreed to it and it was good at the time. I just don't feel to flash now. It really hurts Jamie.'

I watched as James' eyes softened. He climbed onto the bed lying beside me before gently pulling me on top of him. That small amount of movement killed and I wanted nothing else but to die right now!

I whimpered when James started to rub my ass.

'Please James, don't do that it really hurts.'

'Kendall it will help it get better.'

'I'd rather it get better by itself all your doing is hurting me more.' I said this rather quietly almost hoping he hadn't heard me. I knew he was trying to help but it hurt.

'I'm only trying to help you Kendall, trust me it will make it better.'

I gave up. I know I didn't fight much but I knew I wouldn't win anyway. I just laid their face into his shirt, crying hard. I felt James kiss the top of my head. I relaxed into his chest and slowly felt myself drifting off to sleep.

(2 hours later)

I woke up to the feeling of the soft bed underneath me. I sat up slowly wincing at the pain the shot up my back, I knew it was going to be there for a few more days still and I was not looking forward to it. I slid of the bed and limped towards the door whimpering in pain. I was hungry and I had no idea where James was, I started to limp down the stairs and the third step from the bottom I tripped over my own feet and went tumbling down to the floor, landing on my ass.

I cried out in pain. Tears started to slide down my cheeks. I heard the front door close and keys clattering in the glass bowl on the bench. I tried to get up but my legs gave way. I let out a scream as I landed hard on my ass again.


I let out a whimper. I felt pathetic. James rushed around the corner and I immediately found myself in his arms; I fisted his shirt and buried my face in his neck. This made me feel even more helpless, it was ridiculous how much I let him baby me and do whatever he wants. I was always so strong; I'm the leader of our group and the band! I just can't be a leader when it comes to James. I just hoped Carlos and Logan never saw me like this.

'Babe what where you doing out of bed?'

I snuggled further into his chest when he spoke disapproving to me.

'I was hungry' I whispered weakly.

He placed me gently on the couch and placed his lips to my forehead, they lingered there for a couple of seconds before pulling back and walking into the kitchen. I heard some plates being moved around and the fridge door opening and closing a few times. James walked in a few minutes later with a sandwich on a plate and placed it in my lap before walking back to clean up.

'Thank you James'

I got a muffled 'its ok' in reply. Contented I took a big bite out of my sandwich.

I sat there in silence eating until I had finished. I then put the plate on the coffee table and relaxed back into the couch. I saw James walk back into my view and I sat up, looking him straight in the eyes. I was silently pleading that he came and sat with me on the couch, I just didn't want to be a woos and whine to him. He obviously got what I was saying because he sat down next to me and pulled me into his lap. I snuggled into his chest fisting my hands into his t-shirt.

'I love you James' I whispered.

He didn't say anything, which I started to get upset by. I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. I went to get off his lap but found I was firmly held in place.

'Let me go James.'

'I can't do that Kendall.'

I looked up at him. 'Why not?'

He sighed and wiped the tears from my eyes. 'Because I love you too Ken.'

'Y-you do?' I am pretty sure I had the biggest smile on my face.

'Yes I really do. I love you so much!'

'Then why didn't you answer me straight away?'

'It came as a shock to me, that's all.'

'Ok.' I snuggled back into his chest. I made the mistake of moving around a bit, pain shot straight up through my back and I whimpered loudly, tears sliding down my face and staining James' t-shirt.

I felt James kiss my head and start to whisper sweet nothings into my ear as I continued to cry. I heard the front door open and close. I hid my face further into James' shoulder. I could hear Carlos rambling on about corndogs or something and Logan saying little words in agreement. I heard them stop moving and everything went quiet.

'Hey James… what you doing?'

They way Logan talked, he sounded awkward.

'Oh nothing guys.'

'Is Kendall ok?'

'Well you see Logan. Kendall here is a bit sore.'

James slapped my ass. I cried out but his shoulder muffled it. James was showing his dominance in front of our best friends and I was embarrassed. I'm there leader, there not supposed to see me submit to James.

Carlos and Logan didn't say anything for a moment. The Carlos spoke up.

'Did you guys have sex?'

'Carlos don't be rude.'

I was thankful for Logan and his manners right now

'It's ok Logan, it's a fair question.'

Damn you James! Shut up, please just shut up! I really wanted to say this out loud but I knew better. He looked down at me and smirked, it was like he knew exactly what I was thinking.

'Yes Carlos we did have sex.'

I mentally groaned. I could feel all the respect they had for me slip away. I was not supposed to be submissive!

'In fact Carlos my dear friend we did it up a tree last night. Our dear friend Kendall here is quite submissive.'

Then and there I felt all of my dignity slip away. I knew I was submissive but still, why was he doing this? I sat up properly and then tried to stand up but James grip on my waist tightened.

'James let me go.'

'I don't want to Kendall, and I suggest you stop struggling because you and me both know that you're not going to win.'

I stop struggling and looked down, not wanting to meet the faces of James, Carlos or Logan. I felt useless. I didn't feel like the leader I am supposed to be. I bet Carlos and Logan don't even want me as there friend anymore after how they've seen me act.

'Your worried aren't you Kendall.'

The way Logan said that was a statement not a question. I looked at him and nodded averting my eyes from his.

'You don't have to be. Carlos and me aren't going to think of you any different as our leader and best friend just because you're a bit submissive to James. Everyone has a weakness' Kendall. James just happens to be yours.'

I looked at him again and gave a small smile. I then adverted my eyes across to Carlos, who had a massive smile on his face.

'Why are you smiling Carlos?'

'You two look so cute together!'

I blushed then looked down at my feet. I felt James' lips brush against my cheek and I swear my cheeks where bright red now!

'See Ken they don't mind. Now I can show the whole Palm Woods that your mine!'

I froze up at those words and looked at Logan for help.

'Ah… um James maybe that's not a good idea quite yet. Kendall still has to get used the idea of Carlos and me knowing about him not being dominant in this ah… situation so I think you should wait a bit. Just until Kendall is comfortable with the idea of everyone knowing, you need to talk to him James. It's his choice as well not just yours.'

I smiled at Logan silently thanking him.

'Hmm maybe your right Logan, ok we will wait until you feel comfortable with it.'

I let out a sigh of relief before relaxing back into James chest.

James POV

I didn't really think about all of this last night. All I thought about was how I was going to make sure everyone knew Kendall was mine, but I didn't think of how Kendall would feel and what reactions people could have towards it. Kendall was the leader of our small group and everyone looked up to him, I couldn't just embarrass him in front of the whole palm Woods! That would be so unfair! I will let him decide when he wants everyone to know, but there will be no stopping me from showing my possessive and dominant side. But I think Kendall already knows that and he seems contented enough on letting me show it in front of the guys so hopefully it won't take that long for him to fully open up.


'Yeah Logan?'

'I just said Carlos and me where going to go to the arcade for a couple of hours, you kind of tuned out buddy.'

'Yeah sorry about that, ok well I guess we will see you later.'

'Ok see ya Kendall.'

'Have fun guys.'

As soon as the door shut I turned Kendall around in my lap so I could face him.

'You ok babe? I didn't mean to make you embarrassed I just wanted to show you off I guess.'

'It's ok James I just need to get used to the fact that I'm not in control when it comes to you, I just need some time to adjust before we let everyone see that though.'

'I understand. Do you want to go back up to bed and have a nap? You look a bit tired still.'

'Id like that, I'm still really sore as well.'

I chuckled at that, picked him up bridal style and started to walk up the stairs into our room.

I placed him on the bed and lent down and placed a kiss to his forehead. I turned to walk towards the door when I felt him grab my wrist.

'James, will you lay with me for a while?'

I smiled at the innocent look on his face and nodded. As soon as I was lying on my back he attached himself to me and laid his head on my chest. A couple of minutes later the even breathing told me he was asleep.

I looked at his peaceful face and once again smiled. I wrapped my arm around his waist and he snuggled impossibly closer into my chest.

'I love you Kendall, I love you so much and I will always do what ever I can do to make you feel safe and protected.'

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