A/N: This is the first of what I can only assume will be random o/s and things that pop into my head out of nowhere. The pairings will be completely random and I assure you there will be het and slash alike. Look to the author's notes for information regarding inspiration, pairings, and anything else that's important.

This one shot is gift for my good friend BookBytes because today is his birthday and I wanted to show him how much I love him and how happy I am to have him as a friend. He means a lot to me and I just wanted to do one small thing for him.

Lovie, you are one of the funniest and most loving men I know and I am so thankful to have met you and become your friend. For your birthday I wanted to give you a bit of a surprise party and tried to incorporate things that I know mean something to you in it. And of course, no birthday present for you would be complete without a cowboy Jasper. I hope you know how much I love you and I hope you like this!


Jake's Birthday Surprise

"Jasper… Let's go!" I holler up the stairs once again. He knows how impatient I am to get to Jake's birthday party but he's taking his sweet time. I'm not sure if it's because he wants to piss me off or if it's because he really is still getting ready, but I've been ready forever. And people think I'm the girl.

Jake is one of my closest friends and this birthday party is supposed to be super-secret. I have to get there early to help Leah and Seth set up or I'll be dead meat and Jasper's slow ass is about to get left behind

"I'll be done in a second, Bella; calm your ass down!" he calls back down at me.

"Leah is gonna be so fucking mad if I don't get there in the next twenty minutes and I'm sicking her ass on you when we show up late."

"Oh, I'll deal with her in my own way; don't you worry about that."

Jasper descends the stairs looking like a full blown Adonis. His curly blond locks are gelled perfectly to frame his face and the black muscle shirt paired with the jeans he's wearing leave nothing to the imagination. Combine that with his cowboy boots and you have the perfect recipe for a horny Bella.

"Holy shit…" I manage to get out while eye-fucking the hell outta my man.

"This is worth the wait, don't you think?" His trademark smirk graces his face and I know right in this moment I am done for.

I rush at him, lunging myself into his arms and wrapping my legs around his waist. He catches me as he stumbles backward and finds himself unceremoniously hitting the wall. My lips locate his immediately and I ravish his mouth. He tastes like toothpaste and whiskey, which he must have had a shot of upstairs.

"Don't we have a party to be at?" he whispers low and teasingly against my lips as I continue to kiss him. He uses my ass as leverage and just the mere feeling of his big strong hands on me has me begging for him right here and now.

"Please, Jas… I need you… now…"

"But… the party?" he asks me seriously.

"Forget the party, fuck me here," I demand, lust clouding my better judgment.

"Now, now, darling'," he tuts. "That's not anyway to treat your friend, is it? You made a commitment, now you must honor it."

Okay, so my boyfriend is a total asshole sometimes, but hey, he's my asshole and he looks so good, I'll pretty much do whatever he says.

"Okay, fine… but remember that later when you're wanting a piece of all this." I laugh and drop to the floor, but not before grinding on him a little bit to remind him of what he is missing out on.

"Alright, let's go before Leah kills us both…"

I watch, a bit amused, as Jasper adjusts himself in his too-tight jeans and then follows me to the door.

We arrive at the restaurant ten minutes late and Leah's barking orders at us the minute we walk in the door. There are streamers to hang, balloons to blow up, and of course there's glitter penis and boobie confetti to spread everywhere.

Jacob is one of the most special people I've ever known, he loves harder than most, he's not afraid to be who he is or to love who he loves and he is there for his friends and family unconditionally.

Of all the people I know, he is one of the rare ones that deserves the best birthday ever and we all intend on giving it to him.

There is a music station set up by the kitchen, strobe lights and a disco ball hang from the ceiling and everything is just so Jake. There's cupcakes, cake and pie and all kinds of desserts that we all know aren't half a good as what he could've made us but hey, you can't ask the birthday boy to make his own treats now can you?

With ten minutes to spare before Jake is scheduled to arrive, we finish everything to Leah's standards and all stand around talking and waiting for the birthday boy.

"It looks dan good, doesn't it?" I whisper to Jasper.

"It's perfect! Jake's gonna love it…" he assures me.

"QUIET! He's here!" Leah whisper-shouts right before the door dings and Jacob steps through.

He looks around in the dark and is very obviously confused as to why it's so dark in here. "Hello?" he calls out and I know several of us are holding back laughter as he searches the wall to find a light switch.

One he flips it, we all jump up from behind the chairs we've been crouched behind and yell, "SURPRISE!"

"OH!" he gasps as he steps back just a second before a huge grin busts out across his face. "It's about damn time y'all remembered my birthday!"

Everyone gathers around him to wish him a happy birthday and Jasper steps up to the music station to hit play.

The music blasts and everyone starts dancing, but it's really the most fun to watch Jake shake his ass. He has the moves like Jagger and he knows how to school us all. Twirling around the dance floor, he socializes with everyone and is having a fabulous time. He's totally in his element as an entertainer and the center of attention.

Eventually he makes his way over to Jasper and myself. "Hey Lovie," I greet him, throwing my arms around him and hugging him tight. "Having a good time?"

"I'm having a great time! Did you help arrange this?" He never stops dancing even while we talk.

"Of course, I couldn't let you have a boring birthday, now could I?" I grab his hand and twirl him around until his eyes finally land on Jasper.

"And, did you bring this hot hunk of man as my birthday present?" It's a well-known fact that Jake appreciates beauty in any form, and my man is definitely beautiful. "Well, I might let you take him for a spin on the dance floor later but right now, I might have an even better present for you!"

Jake's eyes widen because my friend loves attention and he loves getting presents. "Close your eyes and hold out your hand," I instruct him. He obeys and I place the box in his hand.

His eyes open and he begins ripping the paper off the small box. When he takes the lid off and finds the leather wallet with his name branded into the side of it, his face lights up. "Hey, I needed a new wallet; how'd you know?"

"Well, you've only been whining about your piece of shit wallet for the past two months every time we go out, I can take a hint."

Jake laughs at me and puts his new wallet down on the gift table. "Okay, the wallet is great, I LOVE it and all, but where in the hell is my alcohol?"

Jasper pipes up with a wicked grin on his face. "What alcohol?"

"Oh, c'mon guys, you know you bought me alcohol, now where is it?" Jake thinks he's too smart for us.

"I don't know what you're talking about, dude? Bella said you really wanted a new wallet this year, so we go you that instead. Sorry, man…"

"I call bullshit… give me my damn vodka!" There's a teasing gleam in his eye and I know we aren't going to fool the boy.

"Oh, just give him the damn alcohol, Jas…" I finally surrender. Jasper reaches behind his back and hands Jacob the bottle of Belvedere Vodka, his favorite, and I pull a small bottle of cranberry juice out of my purse and hand it to him. "Happy Birthday, lovie…"

"Thanks, doll!" The smile on his face is beyond priceless as he quickly mixes his drink in the bottle and hides his Vodka from Leah. She probably won't be too happy to know that I am indulging him, but hey… what are friends for, right?

He takes several sips before grabbing Jasper's hand. "Now, you were saying something about taking him for a spin on the dance floor?"

"Go on, Cowboy!" I smack Jasper's ass and usher him out with Jake and watch happily as two of the most important boys in my life dance together.

Before long, I'm out on the dance floor shakin' my ass along with them. It's one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time. A slow song begins and I grab my friend, wrapping my arms around his neck and swaying back and forth with him.

"So, are you having a good day? Truth…" I ask him seriously.

He cocks his head and pretends to think really hard for a second. "I'm having the best day," he answers genuinely.

We continue dancing to the rhythm of the music and I relax knowing that he's had such a good day and I was a small part in that. There are so many people at the restaurant to celebrate the birth of one amazing boy and the fact that they all love him too just makes my heart happy.

It's getting late and I can tell Jasper's getting tired, so I tell Jake we are gonna head home. He hugs me one last time and thanks me again for coming and helping to make his day so special.

Then he leans in and whispers for me to take my man home and have some fun. I grin because that's exactly what I plan on doing.

"Happy birthday one last time, lovie!" I shout above the music and with that, I take my boyfriend home.

As soon as we are in the privacy of our bedroom, I strip out of the little black dress I'd been wearing and climb up onto the bed, purposely wiggling my ass at Jasper. I settle back on the pile of pillows and rest my hands behind my head.

Jasper stands there in the middle of the room, hungrily eyeing my body and making every nerve stand in my body tingle. "Strip," I demand. He obeys by quickly kicking his boots off and then begins to unbutton his pants and peel them off.

His shirt is off in one swift motion which leaves him in nothing but a pair of black and red briefs. "No commando tonight?" I ask innocently.

"Not in those jean, darlin'," he responds slowly as he stalks his way over to the bed; his eyes are damn near predatory and I am anxious for him to actually touch me. When he does finally put his hands on me, my entire body explodes in goose bumps.

There's something electric that happens when we are together and the pull we have to each other is out of this world inexplicable. His kisses are passionate as his mouth finds mine and I arch into them, shamelessly grinding myself into him.

His fingers lightly trail down my body, stopping briefly to tease my nipples before he continues to leave a fiery path toward the only scrap of material I have left. His fingers hook under the strings and he lays kisses down my torso as his hands drag the panties down my legs.

"Beautiful," he mumbles as he tosses them across the room.

"Jasper?" I look at him, hoping to convey my need for him without words.

"Yes, darlin'?" His eyes seem to understand my silent pleas.

"Take those off… I need you… right… now," I beg.

Jasper is hard and as needy as I am it seems, because without warning he positions himself at my entrance and pushes in slowly. He always starts out slowly so that he doesn't hurt me, but soon he's pounding into me relentlessly and it's exactly what we both need after a night of teasing touches and seductive glances.

We've both been teetering on the edge and it's not long before I'm crying out for him to fuck me harder, faster. He obliges like the southern gentleman he is and in less than record time, he has me screaming his name as the coil finally explodes inside of me and every single muscle in my body is tensing and releasing in the absolute most pleasurable way.

Jasper's orgasm rips through him like a freight train as he shudders and shakes above me, riding it out as I hold on to him tightly.

Sweaty and spent, Jasper collapses to the side of me and I wrap myself around him. "I love you, darlin'," he whispers as sleep calls him into the darkness.

"I love you, too, Cowboy!"

Thank goodness for good friends and surprise parties; happy birthday, Jake, indeed. I fall asleep with a smile on my face.