9 months

"Hey Mike, where's Jo?" Steve asked, coming into HQ after his break.

"Up on the maternity ward. She went into labor about 15 mins ago. I was just about to head up there now."Mike answered, packing everything up.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Steve said, walking to the lift with him.

"It didn't cross my mind."he replied,as they got in.

Maternity Ward

"Yeah. I'm looking for Jo Mathieson."Mike said at the nurses station.

"Yeah, room 308. Just wait outside until the doctor says you can go in." the nurse replied.

"Thank you."he said.

4 hours later

"Steve Taylor and Mike Vlasek. You can go in and see her now. But be quiet the baby is asleep." the doctor said, finally coming out of the room.

"Thankyou."Steve replied.

When they walked in they say Jo fast asleep and the little baby next to her. Gabby was at the foot of ehr bed, rubbing her hand.

"Gabby. What are you doing here?"Steve whispered.

"She asked me to come up and help her through the pain. What I didn't know was that she hada very tight death grip."Gabby replied.

"Well that's Jo for you."Mike said, sitting down.

Just then Jo started to stir.

"What's all this noise?"she mumbled.

"Sorry."they replied.

"It's fine." she said, sitting up.

"So what did you name her?" Gabby asked.

"Tara Lee." she replied, watching her daughter.

"Beautiful name." Gabby replied, as they watched the little bundle.

"You can hold her you know."Jo said, picking her up and handing her to Steve.

"She's has your hair, mouth, nose." Steve said, passing her onto Mike.

"Thanks." she replied.

"She's so cute. I don't want to give her back." Gabby said, just as the whole ED bundled into the room.

"Be quiet will ya. Stop pushing."they all said.

"Will you all shut up."Jo said, staring at them.

"Sorry. She is so cute." Charlotte exclaimed.

"Thanks."she replied.

"What's her name?" Claire asked.

"Tara Lee."Jo replied, as Tara Lee got handed around the ED staff and then back into her bed.

" We willljust go and let you get some rest."Frank said, as he could see Jo drifting off to sleep.