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CracKing, the Second Round

Chapter One

First off;

Ow, my head... or rather my nose and jaw.


I'm seriously hungry, what the heck is the time? It must be close to dinner by now.

One glance at my bedside clock, immediately made me groan. 10:30, dinner I could now see had come and gone and I had slept right though it, brilliant.

Ow, my head, I sat up too fast.

I staggered out of my room, clutching my head with one hand and using my other to guide me to the kitchen.

"Ha, sleeping beauty is awake." I heard my darling lil' sis bark as I staggered into the kitchen, blindly reaching for a bowl and the cereal box.

"Lilly don't be rude. Michael honey, that's Pavlov's food, the cereal is the next box along." Mom said

"What's Pavlov's food doing up here?" I asked as I grabbed the next box from the one I had just grabbed for.

"Well, your Dad was feeding him but then a client rang so…" I nodded, yeah, Dad got a bit distracted whenever a client calls, as does mom, though she's a little more focused. Maybe it's the whole females can multi-task while men can't argument.

"How are you feeling?" Mom asked gently as she took my face in her hands and inspected my face.

"Like shi…" through still half closed eyes I saw her give me a warning look, "like hell." I finished a little lamely.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that the swelling has already started to go down. Your cheek still has that impressive bruise decoration on it, but you're nose actually looks pretty good. I don't even think your going to get a black eyes from it or anything like that."

"Oh yay." I said, though I sounded sarcastic. Mom swatted my shoulder and actually went about finishing getting my cereal ready for me, ordering me to sit at the table while I ate.

"I still can't believe you were beaten up by Josh Richter." Lil sniggered as she worked on her next episode for her show.

"I wasn't beaten up!" I growled at her in annoyance.

"No, from what Principle Gupta said, you both looked in pretty bad shape when you were…" mom cough delicately into her coffee, "brought to her office." Lil now looked moderately impressed though she still eyed me curiously.

"Still don't get why you did it though."

"Huh?" I asked blankly.

"Why you got into a fight with him." She elaborated further. I just shrugged.

"He was pissing me off!"

"Michael, language." Mom sighed. She wasn't getting into this, she had already had her rant at me about my fight with Josh Richter. She had said her words so now she was leaving it.

"Yeah, but he's pissed you off before now and you've never hit him." Lil pointed out, she was pressing for information.

"Lilly…" Mom warned.

"What? I just want to know what set him off, is that a crime? He might be a ticking time bomb now, we don't know what might set him off, so we have to get all the information that we can from this event so that we can prepare for the next time be loses it."

"Lil," I said as I stood up with my now empty bowl of cereal. I put my hand on her forehead and bent her head back gently so that she was now looking at me upside down. "You think way too much. This was a one off," I hoped, but damn it made me feel good, "and isn't it time for you to get to bed?" I teased.

We don't have a standard bedtime schedule in place here in the Moscovitz house, Mom and Dad have sort of got this idea that since we have that whole 'don't ask, don't tell' rule in place that they no longer need to have a scheduled bedtime for Lil and me. Me, I'm basically a few months away from becoming a legal adult, while Lil, she's still just a teen, a young one at that. Plus she's crabby enough in the mornings when she has had eight hours of sleep. She's an absolute nightmare when she has anything less.

She stuck her tongue out at me.

"Come on, bed." I said.

"But… Mom?"

"Listen to your brother, sweetie." Mom said and Lilly scowled half-heartedly back at her.

I placed my bowl and spoon into the dishwasher, before giving Mom a goodnight kiss on the cheek and ushered Lil to bathroom to brush her teeth.

We called 'night' to dad who was in his study pouring over some large, heavy text book, completely wrapped in his own little world, though he did give us a brief wave of acknowledgement.

"You're not going to tell me what the fight was really about, are you?" She grumbled at me through the bathroom door as she brushed her teeth.

"Nope." The bathroom door opened and Lil stood there glaring up at me.

"Why not?"

"Because it's none of your business. Now bed! One of us still needs to get up for school tomorrow." Though I'd still be getting up at the same time as her in the morning too, no sleep in for the wicked. Cause even though I haven't been grounded Maya, as sure as hell, was going to put me to work tomorrow.

"Was it because of what he did to Mia last Saturday?" I paused for just a moment before jerking my thumb in the direction of her room and said, "Bed."

"It is, isn't it? You got into a fight with him for what he did to Mia." She actually sounded excited for some reason.

"Lil, my head is killing me, will you just go to bed already?" she huffed loudly at me.

"I'm not a child! Stop treating me like one!" she growled at me before she stalked off, but as she got to her door just as I was ready to go and brush my own teeth she called back to me.


"What Lil?" I asked groaning.

"Thanks." I looked at her in surprise and saw that her cheeks were red with embarrassment at having to say thanks, to god forbid, her brother!

"Uh, welcome." I replied somewhat lamely.

She rolled her eyes at me before stalking into her room.

I brushed my teeth without much enthusiasm; actually I did them with as much enthusiasm as I ate my cereal, due to the ache in my jaw, it made the whole experience miserable.

Once I was done, I decided to turn on my computer, to look over my emails quickly. I wouldn't answer any fan-mail, but I would at least see if there were any urgent replies that I might look into tomorrow when I had a free moment from Maya working me as her slave.

None of my emails were urgent or in anyway particularly interesting in my current state of headache-ness.

I was just thinking of turning off my computer when I saw that Mia was online, which I thought was odd because she's usually not up this late.

But hey, since she is I can ask her what was with her today at school

CracKing: What was with you at school today? It was like you were off in this whole other world or something.

FtLouie: I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm totally fine.

No, she is totally lying. Except, of course, I couldn't say that to her; instead, I typed back.

CracKing: Well, I got the impression that you didn't hear a word that I said about negative slopes.

FtLouie: I heard everything you said about negative slopes. Given slope m, +y intercept (0,b) equation y+mx+b slope intercept.

What…the…fuck? And I didn't explain it like that…

CracKing: WHAT?

Wait a minute…

FtLouie: Isn't that right?

Even over IM she sounds so innocent. She is such a little liar.

CracKing: Did you copy that out of the back of the book?

Just to check, I lunged for my bookshelf for the shelf that held all my old text books and flipped to the back of my year 9 algebra text book.

And immediately rolled my eyes. Duh, thought as much.

I waited for a response, which didn't come. She didn't log off, she just didn't reply and soon it was marked as her being away.

I tried not to be too disheartened by those turn of events. Why can't I ever say the right things to her on IM or any of the rest of the time really? I mean, in some ways, making an idiot of myself in front of her some of the time would be far less painful than me coming off as an complete ass to her all of the time.

Groan, my head hurts and it's almost twelve and my bed is calling me.


Author's Note: So here is chapter one. Hope that you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to chapter 2!