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Chapter Twelve.

I shook my head

"I can understand the not grounding you until after Halloween, but the letting you out of the apartment in that outfit, I do not get at all."

"Why?" Lilly snapped looking up at me peevishly, "What's wrong with my costume." So, so many things. Her "costume" basically consisted of her wearing a black lacy nightie and a fake beard. You can probably understand my desire to look anywhere but at her, because honestly, if I had known she was leaving the apartment wearing only what she wearing, I would have made her turn right back around and change.

Seriously, how could our parents let her out of the house dressed like that?

"It's just…" I shook my head. Why get into a fight with her when she obviously saw nothing wrong with what she was wearing. She had just better not start saying that she's cold or complaining about all the creeps checking her out, even though I was already glaring at them.

I shifted nervously were we stood in line outside of the Village Cinema. It was almost time to go in and she still wasn't here yet.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Kenny was looking pretty anxious himself, and for some reason that bugged me. I didn't know why though.

The line was actually starting to move when Lilly suddenly started screaming, "Oh, my God! You came! You came!"

For a moment I thought that Hank had possibly turned up, she sounded that excited, and from the look on Boris's face, so had he. But it wasn't him at all.

For a moment my mind went completely blank when I saw her (and Lars) getting out of the Limo and coming towards us.

I have never really been a fan of huge, puffy dresses, up until now. Until this very moment in time, I thought that anything pink and puffy was something to vomit at the sight of, but now…

Holy shit!

How can anyone look that good and not know that they do? How can she not know she is completely and utterly beautiful, even without the puffy dress and the make-up and her hair done so that it curled around her face? All she needs it is to smile like she is now and…

Focus, Moscovitz.

"Quick." God, my voice sounds all weird, why does it sound so weird? "Get in line. I got two extra tickets just in case you ended up making it after all." I had received a lot of weird looks when I paid for the extra tickets, but damn, I'm glad I brought them. Especially when Mia's smile went even wider as she thanked me.

I made to reply, except Lil cut me off.

"Where's Hank?" So much for her saying she felt absolutely nothing for him.

I rolled my eyes.

"He couldn't make it." Mia replied, her smile still wide as she looked around at all the different costumes that were around us, completely missing Lil's disappointed look. Yeah, she so did feel something for him, not "like" so much as her wanting to stick her tongue down her throat. Yeah, that mental image makes me want to gag too.

I vaguely heard Boris say, triumphantly. "He cannot come. Good." but I was too busy just looking at Mia.

"What are you supposed to be?" Lilly demanded, cutting rudely into my daydreams of… well, never mind.

"Duh," Mia's smile had faulted a bit at Lil tone of voice.

I frown at Lil for making Mia's rare truly happy smile disappear some, "I'm Glinda the Good Witch."

You couldn't just be Princess Mia? But I could see how the costume could be interpreted as the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, what with the silver cardboard tiara and the wand made out of crystal drink stirrers.

"I knew that," I spluttered out sounding completely lame, "You look really…" just say Moscovitz, just she looks beautiful, just spit it out!

Mia's head was tilted ever so slightly to one side. She was standing quite near to me and all I had to do was lean in ever so slightly and our… Focus Moscovitz! "You look really…" Why can't I just say it? What's wrong with me?

I could see the confusion forming in her grey eyes, as well as hurt. Ah, no! Crap!

"You are way to glam for Halloween." Lil declared near us and what was left of Mia's bright happy smile vanished at that.

She looked away from me and turned to Lil while I stared at the back of her head, mentally beating my head against a wall. It didn't help that Lars was quietly laughing.

I shot him a 'so not helping' look which stopped him laughing, though he still looked amused.

I could hear Mia asking Lil what the heck she was suppose to be and Lil replying in a sarcastic voice that she was a Freudian slip.

"And I am Al Capone," Boris proclaimed, he looked far more cheerful than he had looked all night, "Chicago gangster."

Mia's previous smile came back a bit at that as she looked Boris up and down with an amused look.

"Good for you, Boris." She grinned at him as he grinned widely back. Then she turned away from him to look curiously to her other side where I saw Kenny had suddenly materialised, which I thought was a tad odd, especially since his goofy grin was back in place.

Wasn't he supposed to be waiting for his dream girl to arrive? Why the heck was he over with us? And looking so damn happy too?

"You made it!" he cheered, looking way too delighted for my liking. I felt an irrational urge to hit him, but refrained from doing so.

"I did." Mia said, her smile was almost back and she was bouncing excitedly up and down on the balls of her feet.

The line started moving then and much to my great embarrassment the whole of the Computer Club started marching and going, "Hut two three four. Hut two three four."

I could have shot the person who suggested that we do this except that then I would have to shoot myself, since that idiot was me! I meant it only as a sarcastic comment and yet everyone in the club took it on and voted that we should do just that!

I didn't though, march that is. I hung back with Mia and Lil pretending that I didn't know the special cases in front of us, even though I was dressed just like them.

I was a little surprise when I found Mia beside me as we walked into the theatre. I'm pretty sure Lars had something to do with somehow getting us beside each other, though I don't think he planned, when it came for everyone to sit down, for Kenny to be sitting on Mia's other side, instead of him. He sat behind Mia instead.

A quick look behind me at him, I saw that he was frowning slightly and he looked like he was trying to communicate something with me, but before I could get the full message the movie started, which I was grateful for because it shut Kenny up, who was trying to talk biology with Mia, though she wasn't exactly paying all that much attention to him. Which again made me feel odd but in a good way. But why, why did I suddenly feel good about Mia ignoring Kenny. I felt as if something, something important, was tangling right in front of my face, something I needed to noticed and act quickly to stop it, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. But I had a strong feeling it was going to come and bite me in the arse later on.

RockyHorror is always amusing to watch, even if it does have singing and dancing in it, it's still entertaining and you get a good laugh from it.

Though in truth I think I spent most of the two hours watching Mia rather than the movie. Her smile was back in full force and she was giggling almost hysterically.

A couple of times she caught me looking at her but instead of calling me out on it or anything, she just grinned brilliantly back me, which sent my head into a daze. How did this girl have so much affect on me?

After the movie finished, we headed over to Round the Clock for breakfast. We were all moderately high on excitement, everyone chattering loudly and at once so really you couldn't hear a word that was being said.

Mia was sticking pretty close to my side which was just fine, except that Kenny was sticky pretty close to hers.

I felt suddenly extremely possessive of her, not an attractive trait, but something deep inside me want to snap at Kenny to get lost.

I looked over at Lars, hoping to communicate some sort of 'get rid of him' message to him, but Lars was pretty worn out by this stage and didn't catch my message at all.

At the table we were still loud and rowdy, and we were all huddled around the table on benches, so Mia was pressed fairly closely to my side, again I didn't mind at all, but once again the possessiveness in me raised its head when I saw just how close Kenny was to her.

Just because his girl didn't turn up didn't mean that he had to be so cosy with mine… wait…

I shook my head, but thought disappeared again.

Only to return moments later when something hit my shoulder, not particularly hard but it was enough, as well as Mia weight suddenly not being pressed quite so closely to my side, to immediately know something was up, something was wrong, something was really, really wrong.

And when I looked over, I saw exactly what was wrong and immediately felt sick.

My god! I am so freaking blind!

My head snapped in Lars direction, desperate to get some message like 'break his arm' across to him, but Lars was on his fifth cup of coffee and wasn't seeing what I was.

Paul did though and I felt like murdering him. He had known, he had known who the "other guy" was and didn't tell me. He knew that Kenny liked Mia and yet all he had told me was… to ask her out already.

Paul shot me an apologetic look, which I ignored as I stood up because basically there is only so much a guy can take and this was way, way more than I could take.

"Well, I'm beat. What do you say we call it a night?" my voice sounded almost robotic and I didn't give a damn that I was shot with looks that were questioning my sanity because in truth I was too. Every instinct in my body was telling me to yell and to punch Kenny, but somehow I managed to refrain from doing so, somehow.

"What's with you, Michael?" Lil said with a voice that I knew was leading up to a teasing, "Gotta catch up on your beauty sleep?" I didn't respond, I just looked in my wallet, trying not to think of anything else except how much owed for my food and how much I'd need to spend to catch a Taxi for Lil and me to take us home.

"I'm tired too," even though I was trying to think only of money, her voice broke through my plan and I even though I had only seconds before sworn I would not look at her again tonight, I was looking at her jerking herself away from Kenny (yay…) and scrambling to her feet, which was a hard thing to do due to her puffy skirt and came to stand by me, which made me feel momentarily better, just having her close again.

"Lars, can you call the car?" Lars looked positively delighted and had his phone out in seconds, dialling Mia's driver to come and pick them up.

"So Mia can I call you?" Can I be shot now, please?

I saw both Lars and Lilly's heads whip in our direction because being the sucker for punishment that I am, I hadn't moved away from Mia yet.

Lil's eye grew wide as she looked over the three of us and understanding filled them. Lars eyebrows shot to his hairline before he looked at me.

I looked away, staring down at my feet, trying to keep myself calm as my mind went over how seriously I had messed up this time. Crap!

I did a pretty good job at ignoring everything that was happening around me until Lars touched my shoulder, holding out a twenty.

"For the movie tickets." He explained. Could this night get any worse? I didn't want his pity.

But it didn't stop my ears from burning as I managed to stammer out. "Oh, no. My treat."

Even though Mia's eyes widen in distress as she tried to insist that I didn't have to. I just looked at her, wondering two things; why she couldn't just let me do this one thing for her and why she was looking up at me like that?

"Well, thank you very much, Michael." Why did it sound so forced and why did her eyes seem to be begging me…

I forced myself to look away from her, even though out of the corner of my eye I saw the hurt look pass briefly across her face when I did that. Which of course made me feel terrible and guilty, but I at that moment, I couldn't handle it, looking at her, without feeling like my heart was being stomped on. Which was how it felt, like it was being stomped on with huge army boots!

Though oddly enough, it wasn't her that I felt was stomping on it, but rather myself, for taking too long, for being so slow and for losing her to KENNY Showalter of all people!

I don't know how we managed to be standing side by side outside Round the Clock, waiting for our turn to get in her Limo.

Nearly everyone asked for a ride back to their place in it because of the late hour. Or earliness of the hour… whatever. She was by my side and standing rather close to me because it was getting rather chilly and she had no jacket.

We were standing a little back from the crowd who were getting into her limo, so I decided that I'd take the shot, I mean, honestly, what did I have to lose? Seriously? Nothing she could say could make me feel any worse than I already felt.

"What I meant to say before, Mia, was that you look… you look really…" oh for gods sake just spit it out already!

She looked up at me those big grey eyes of hers and somehow I found the strength or the will to finish my sentence. I had lost, so what did it matter.

"You look really nice in that dress." I said it softly, willing myself to look away from her, but just couldn't.

I expected her to reply with something sweet and gracious, all princess like so as not to hurt my feelings. But instead, she said nothing.

Instead she just smile up at me and not any sort of smile, it was a smile that I had never seen before and it made my heart flip-flop at the sight of it. How could such a simple smile make her suddenly all the more beautiful? How?

I suddenly hoped that this smile would remain solely mine, that she'd never smiled it to anyone else. I wanted it to be simply mine and mine alone. That special smile.

I didn't realise how close we were standing until my head start leaning forward to kiss her, something I noticed that she wasn't rejecting. Or maybe she didn't notice.

Another moment and our lips would have met if weren't for Kenny's voice breaking through the peace of the moment.

"Are you guys coming or not?" he yelled, his head and shoulders sticking out of the Limo's sun roof, looking like a complete idiot.

I was tempted to yell back no and try and scramble back the moment, so that I could kiss her. But it was gone and I was pretty sure I was never going to get it back. At least I got to tell her that she looked nice. And it was keeping her smiling all the way to when Lil and I got dropped off at our apartment, she was still smiling at me, that same little smile that was all mine.

"Why did you have to wait so long?" Lil asked as we head for our apartment.

"Why couldn't you have just told me?" I muttered back.

"Because it's an interesting social experiment…"

"If you put this in your book, I will seriously never speak with you again." I interrupted her. It sounded a tad dramatic, but at that moment I meant every word. I had just live through that, I didn't want to read about or have it quoted back to me. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and try to forget the whole thing…


And failing, I know.

How could I get over her, when I had spent all this time trying to figure out just how I exactly felt about her? What I really felt about her. It was more than just like, like wouldn't hurt as badly as this, I'm sure.

I don't care if people say that it's wrong or that I'm too young to be feeling this way about another person. I know what I feel and I know that it's true and that it's never going to go away, not anytime soon, possibly not ever.

My heart belongs to Mia Thermopolis and her only.

I love her with all my heart and I think I will continue to keep on loving her til the day I die.

That's how messed up I am.

A seventeen year old shouldn't be in love, not this type of love, the type of love that is so deeply rooted in his system that he honestly doesn't know how he'd function without her. No seventeen year old should feeling like that about another person and yet here I am, feeling exactly that.

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours. If they don't, they never were.

I grabbed my pillow from behind my head and pressed it down upon my face.

I could feel Pavlov crawl on to my bed beside me, his head coming to rest on my stomach. I rubbed a hand against his head; while still keep the other pressed against the pillow on my face.

Be happy Mia.

I love you.


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