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Close Call

In a busy station, a little boy and girl are terrified. The boy is standing in the middle of the station while the man who killed his family and took him and his sister gets money to go on the run. They all know that the cops are looking for them and Ryan could only hope that he and Rebecca were rescued before Gitano had a chance to scar them further.

The detectives of the Manhattan SVU squad have been working overtime to get Ryan and Rebecca Clifford back safely and to catch Gitano and lock him up for multiple homicide, rape, and kidnapping. A lead sent Detectives Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, Odafin "Fin" Tutuola, and John Munch to the train station. They searched the station when Elliot spotted Ryan standing amidst the crowd as if in some sort of trance.

"Ryan! Hey buddy, it's okay," Elliot yelled to him.

The boy watched him nervously. As Elliot approached him, he heard Olivia yelling at Gitano to let Rebecca go. Gitano rushed Olivia with a knife drawn, but before she could react he sliced her neck. Elliot saw the blood begin to fall as his partner fell to the floor while grasping her neck.

Elliot was stuck between grabbing Ryan and saving Olivia. He didn't know what to do. His heart said to save Olivia, but his head said Ryan. He took a deep breath, looked at Ryan again before heading in Olivia's direction and hoping that he made the right choice. Gitano grabbed Ryan and disappeared up to the platform.

Elliot stooped down next to Olivia who was turning pale by the second. Elliot put his fingers to the wound in an attempt to stop the blood flow.

"Olivia, Liv, it's going to be okay. Stay with me," he whispered to her.

Olivia looked to him with fear in her eyes as blood started coming out of her mouth.

"No! Liv, stay with me baby, stay with me!" he said as he watched the blood trickle out, "Someone help!"

Fin came running to him and knelt next to them. He took Olivia's hand and wrapped it in his.

"EMTs are on the way. Come on Baby-Girl, stay with us," he spoke softly.

Olivia's olive skin had taken on a sickly, gray hue. She looked to Elliot and closed her chocolate brown eyes.

"No! Liv! Olivia, baby, open your eyes! Liv please! Help's on the way! Just hold on!" Elliot said to her as he clung to her hand as if trying to will her better.

He and Fin were silently praying that she would be okay. The paramedics showed up and Fin moved out of the way, but Elliot wouldn't budge from Olivia's side.

"Sir?" said one medic, "We need you to let her go so we can help her."

Fin stepped to Elliot's side and put his hand on the man's shoulder.

"Elliot, come on. There's nothing we can do, but to let them do their jobs," Fin told him.

Elliot nodded and stood, never taking his eyes off Olivia, he moved so the medics could save her. He watched as they spoke in medical jargon that he didn't understand. They got her onto a stretcher and headed back to the ambulance that was waiting to take them to St. Mary's hospital. Elliot and Fin followed close behind them. They loaded Olivia and when they went to shut the door, Elliot spoke up forcefully.

"I'm riding with her," he growled. The medic nodded and Elliot climbed in.

"I'll call the Captain and get Munch. We'll meet you there," Fin yelled as the doors slammed shut and the ambulance took off.

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