Title: The Black Card
Author: DancingStar
Crossover: PSI Factor / Sue Thomas: F.
Pairing: Connor/ Lindsay, Jack/ Sue
Spoiler: After my Fanfiction "The untold Stories" and "The untold confession"
Rating: 12
Category: AU
Summaries: Lindsay finds a special credit card. Sue, Lindsay and Connor want to return the card, but Jack has something different in his mind...
Comments: Vegas, I miss U!

The Black Card

Sue was excited when she left the plane at the Toronto airport and went with Sarah on her arm to the exit. "Come on, Jack. Lindsay is probably waiting for us!", she sounded impatient, but she left him busy with most of their suitcases. She carried her nearly eighteen-month-old daughter Sarah in her arms, held Levi's leash and pushed baby Sienna´s stroller in front of her.
"I'm on my way," Jack replied, "If you'd help me I were much faster."
"That's impossible," Sue said and wondered who of them was loaded heavier at the moment. He realized his wife couldn´t help him with the luggage and so Jack pushed to trolley alone to the exit. "Wait for me!", said Jack to her and Levi jumped to Sue, "Can I have a kiss?"
"Sure," she smiled and she stopped for a second to kiss him quickly. Then they went further, and Sue laughed. At the exit a blonde woman was already waving for them and then she looked at the dark-haired girl on her arm. "Here are they, do you see, Isabella?"
As well as they could Sue and Lindsay embraced, then Lindsay threw a glance in the stroller. She noted that her new baby Sienna was as blond as her mother and just as cute as Sarah. Sue and Jack always wanted to have a second child and on the phone Sue told many times how much she liked being pregnant and what a wonderful experience it was.
"Is Connor still working?", Sue asked and Lindsay nodded: "He suggested that we meet this evening at the restaurant," said Lindsay and reminded her they now wanted to have dinner after Sue´s and Jack´s flight.
In the evening, they and their kids drove to Apollo´s Inn, the best restaurant in town. They were already waiting at the table when Connor finally appeared. "Sorry, Peter held me up a little bit," he smiled, then he greeted his wife with a kiss, "Did someone die because you're dressed in black?"
"No, but that's a very fancy dress."
"You look very pretty, honey", he apologized for his joke and together they sat down. Sue explained how nice it was to be back in Canada to visit and that she looked forward to a good time. A waitress came and they asked her about the house specialty, when Jack's cell phone rang. He recognized the number immediately: it was the phone number of his mother. "Jack, you have to come here immediately," she said dryly, "Your father is dying."

Two days later, Samuel Hudson was buried and after the funeral Jack's mother offered a little snack in her home.
"It´s unusual to be here," Connor admitted, looked helplessly into his coffee cup and his wife nodded. It wasn´t the funeral of one of their family members and that's why he felt very uncomfortable. He didn´t even know most of the present people. Connor was happy that Lindsay had come along. He had no idea why he was persuaded by Jack and Sue to come here. Maybe it was because Sue and Jack responded quite helplessly and horrified when they heard of Samuel's death. Of course, Samuel had been ill for a long time, but his death still came as a surprise.
With Sienna on the arm, Sue came to them and asked if she could do something.
"Why is there a picture of two black bears?", Lindsay suddenly asked, pointing to a framed picture on the wall.
"My father´s hobby was photography," Jack told, who now also came to them, "This picture was taken when I was eight years old: one morning during the summer holidays, suddenly two little black bears were sitting in the pool, which my Dad had set for me." He looked very depressed.
"Is everything okay?", Sue sounded worried and her husband swallowed hard.
"Yes, I...", he tried to smile at her, "I'm just very relieved my Dad could get to know Sarah and Sienna," Jack said and kissed Sue's temple. She agreed with him and nodded. Then she told him she would take Levi for a short walk if he didn´t mind. Lindsay and Connor wanted to come along, too.
While Jack was alone with his mother, he asked her how she would cope with the death of her husband and she nodded silently. This reaction surprised him a little: he had hoped to see a little more sympathy from her- after all, she had lost her husband. But she just washed her dishes speechless.
Sue, Lindsay and Connor weren´t out long, because it was still very fresh for this time of year.
"Look: Lindsay found a credit card," Sue said to Jack and she showed him a plastic card, which seemed to be a little bit scratched. Levi moved impatiently at his leash, till Sue finally dismissed him.
"She's black," Jack realized, "That means it has no limit."
"So this card is owned by a very rich person... Here´s are a name: Alexander James."
They watched in surprise when in the kitchen a plate fell down and Jack's mother tried to collect the shards quickly. Sue still looked at the card, but then she also raised her head.
"Mom, do you know someone named Alexander James?", Jack asked.
"No," she replied nervously, and Jack immediately noticed. She shook her head frantically and threw the pieces into the trash. "I don´t know anyone with that name," she added, "And now let´s don´t talk about it."
"But...", Jack began. He would like to know why someone came to his father´s funeral, who obviously had a lot of money. His parents had never had friends who were very wealthy. Jack watched how his mother left the kitchen in a hurry.
"Who was that?", Lindsay asked. She wondered how he had been like and whether he had probably been among the guests.
"Why did my mother react so repellent?", This was something what Jack was more interested in but he didn´t want to ask more questions.

He found the behavior of his mother still odd and when all the guests had left, he again stepped back into the house. Sue and Lindsay were out next to the car. Chatting a little and didn´t mention him. His mother was still busy cleaning up, when Jack stood in the doorway and watched her for a while. "Who is this Alexander James and why does his name make you so upset, that you forbid us to talk about it?", Jack asked and his mother looked at him horrified, "Did you have an affair?"
His mother's eyes filled with tears.
"We had..." she continued, "We were together for a very long time relationship."
"I knew it!", Jack cried and turned around for a moment. He didn´t know how he could give expression to his feelings. "How long exactly is that?... Was it ten years ago when Dad had been in Chicago for three weeks?"
"And how do you know someone, who is as rich as that he can afford a black credit card?" He showed her the black credit card Sue had given him. Jack asked a question after another and finally Edlin had no idea to stop this, and said: "Alexander James is your father."
Jack gulped. "What?", he thought he had misheard and took a moment, "Knows… Did Dad know?"
"I've told him one year ago..."
Jack remembered: One year ago he had received a call that his father had suffered a heart attack and now he guessed why. "Why didn´t you tell me?"
"We thought it was the best," Edlin tried to explain, "Don´t you see: 30 years ago your father was convened by the Navy and I heard one day, his ship was sunk. I tried to go on and then I met Alexander. I was already pregnant with you when your father was suddenly alive in front of our door and I couldn´t tell him that... Anyway, I've left Alexander at the same day. He doesn´t know you are his son. He has no idea."
"Why was he here? Did you talk to him? Where is Alexander James now? Where does he live?" He didn´t know anyone with that name in the neighborhood.
"I don´t know," nervously, his mother looked down at her hands.
"But he knew where he could find you...", Jack muttered. He didn´t know if he should feel compassion for his mother, or contempt. He remembered he still had the card. He would call the bank and ask for the address of the man. Jack left his mother´s house with heavy steps, she called after him, but joined Sue and the kids in the car and drove off.

Sue had noticed that he didn´t talk a single word with her while he drove to the hotel and angrily stared through the windshield. At the hotel, he sat down at the couch and Sarah was asleep on his chest. He thought about his mother's words and remembered how she told him that Alexander James was his father. He noted how Sue sat beside him and snuggled up to him with Sienna on the arm. "What's wrong with you?", she asked, looking at him, "You look worried." She felt something was bothering him, since they had left his mother's house.
"I had a conversation with my mother," he began and then he spoke and signed, too: "The man who lost his credit card in front of my parent´s house is my father."
"Are you sure?", Sue asked.
"My mother says..."
"Why was he at your father´s funeral?... I mean...", Sue interrupted herself. If it was true what Jack had just said it would mean then Samuel wasn´t Jack's real father, but...
"I know," Jack swallowed hard, "I'm as confused as you and I can´t believe... I try to imagine how it must have been for my father. If I imagine I would suddenly find out Sarah and Sienna... Sue, I know I can trust you, but my father lost... everything." Because he was a father now, too, he knew how his Dad must have been felt.
"Did he know about it?", she asked, raising a hand to pat him reassuringly.
Jack nodded. "She told him last year." Sue also remembered about the heart attack Samuel had one year ago. They were travelling to Wisconsin and had held out for three nights in the hospital until a doctor told them, Samuel would make it.
"Would you... Would you like to meet this Alexander James?"
"I don´t know," her husband admitted honestly, "My mother didn´t tell me where to find him. Apparently, she hadn´t seen him for 30 years."
"But he knew where to find your mother?" , Sue said and Jack nodded. He had asked himself the same question again and again. "Do you want to ask Tara for help?"

Next morning, Sue told the story again to her friends and Lindsay listened intently. She added Jack had decided to look for this Alexander James. The same morning Sue phoned Tara in Washington DC: She had called in the morning to ask her if she could find out some information about their wanted person.
"Does the hotel where you live have a fax?", Tara asked on the phone. With the phone in her hand, Sue ran to the front desk of the small hotel and asked for the fax number.
"I'll fax you a part of the report," Tara said then, "There is only one Alexander James, who is as wealthy as he allows himself a black credit card: He owns a company that manufactures neon signs. He is unmarried, 63 years old", Tara even sent them a photo, "And he lives in Las Vegas."
When Sue saw how Jack read the report, he peered over her shoulder. Finally he took a page from her and thanked Tara. "What do you think?" , Sue asked when she hung up.
"So he lives in Las Vegas," Jack observed, "Do we already have plans for next week?", somehow, his wife sensed that this was a rhetorical question. "Let's go to Las Vegas."

I'm Leaving Las Vegas
The Lights so bright
Palm sweat, blackjack on a Saturday night
Leaving Las Vegas
Leaving for good, for good
I'm leaving for good
I'm leaving for good

Used to be I could drive up to
Barstow for the night
Find some crossroad trucker
To demonstrate his might
But these days it seems
Nowhere is far enough away
So I'm leaving Las Vegas today ("Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow)

"Where shall we begin to look for Alexander James?", Sue asked. On their first day in Vegas hey sat by the pool, sipping cocktails and didn´t gave too much attention to the loud music in the background. They had previously bought Huggies for Isabella, Sarah and Sienna, so the kids could swim in the pool, too. Today, a gentle breeze was blowing, but it was boiling hot and many people had gathered in the pool area.
Las Vegas was a great city and Sue had no idea where to begin to look for Jack's real father. She would prefer to look at all the beautiful hotels.
"Jack told, this Alexander James owns a company for neon signs," Connor recalled, "Maybe we'll find out first of all, where this company is."
"I already have", said Sue, "I found it on the Internet and called there when we arrived at the airport. The secretary told me her boss wasn´t there today and she doesn´t know where he is and when he comes back."
Lindsay thought Sue could have called the company before they came to Las Vegas. Because then they would have found out that the wanted man couldn´t be located and they hadn´t to do the trip. But Lindsay didn´t say this. Instead, she asked: "Did you know that Connor is born here?"
Now, Connor had to explain it to them: "While my mother was pregnant, my parents got married here and also spent their honeymoon in Vegas."
"So you have been a Vegas Baby!", Sue laughed amused and Sienna on her lap splashed happily in the water. Connor nodded approvingly. However, there were pictures from his childhood where he had to wear "I´m what happened in Vegas"- Shirts.
When a waitress in a red bikini walked past them, Jack picked up his empty cup and called after her to bring four more piña colada.
"Who should pay for this?", Sue asked and Jack reminded her of the black credit card they had found, "Jack, do you think it´s okay to spend the money of this man?"
"After he hadn´t been a part in my life, yes, I think it´s okay. Come on: We´re not the Ocean´s Eleven guys and rob out the Bellagio." Sue was his conscience, but today he decided to ignore her objections. He also felt they should have a little fun. If it was true and this Alexander James was his father, then he wouldn´t call him "Dad" under any circumstances. Samuel was his Dad.
"I don´t know what to think about it...", Sue told and Jack decided to distract her.
"You look really hot in your bikini," Jack whispered to her softly, so Connor and Lindsay couldn´t hear it and Sue blushed. She shook her head, although it was very nice that he said this after Sienna was only three months old.
"Thank you, darling," she replied, "But we should hurry: Who knows how long we can stay here until someone notices that we don´t live in this hotel." Sue rolled her eyes and giggled. She had no idea why she was persuaded by her husband to sit by the pool in a hotel where she didn´t live.
"It isn´t necessary," Jack said, "I've always wanted to be a Resortist in Vegas… That's why I booked a Royal Suite for us in the Augustus Tower. It has four bedrooms and there should be enough space for all of us."
"What?" Connor, Lindsay and Sue asked simultaneously. Caesars Palace was one of the most expensive hotels in the city and Sue didn´t want to ask who paid their suite for $ 650 per night, because she already knew the answer. Jack told he had no problem to get one of the best Suites in the hotel. She tried to imagine how Alexander James would react if he got his next credit card statement. Determined, the eyes fell out of his head with horror. She giggled and Jack, of course, noticed. But he misunderstood: he thought she laughed because it served right to Alexander James, their residence was at his expense. And so Jack thought it was okay to stay here.

Next afternoon, Sue and Lindsay strolled through a shopping mall at the Bellagio Hotel for some window shopping and Sue discovered a very nice pair of shoes. There were black pumps, which were decorated with glittering crystals. Lindsay persuaded her to go to the store and try out the shoes at least. When Sue had tried on the shoes then, she liked them very much, but when she saw the price tag, she said: "I can´t buy them. I can´t afford this. Jack would kill me." Furthermore, it would be almost a waste to buy such expensive heels and she had never spent so much money on a pair of shoes.
At that moment Jack entered the store and Sarah run to her Dad exited. "Hi honey", he greeted his daughter and lifted her up, "Do you think, Mommy wants to have this shoes?"
"Yes", Sarah nodded. Jack went to a shop assistant and told her to pack up the shoes for the blonde woman in the blue summer dress, which she had just tried on. The clerk grabbed the shoes in a bag and handed it to Jack. He paid $ 900 with the black credit card.
"I really can´t afford that," Sue tried to convince herself, when she was suddenly embraced by two arms. She turned around and Jack gave her a black bag. One look was enough to know exactly what was inside. "Are you crazy?", Sue asked.
"No, but with that little black card, I have a feeling everything is possible," he replied.
"You're crazy," Lindsay agreed and nodded. It wasn´t his card and even if it belonged to his father, using it was pretty reckless. Lindsay wondered: Alexander James would have noticed long ago that his credit card was missing and she also wondered why the card wasn´t blocked yet. Apparently, Jack was still able to spend money.
"Hey, what's going on?", Connor asked when he saw the astonished face of his wife.
"Jack just bought Sue shoes for 900 dollars," she told him and Connor looked helplessly at them.
"You still have the card?", he asked and Jack nodded, "Can I have the card, please?"
Without hesitation, Jack handed him the black credit card and Lindsay's eyes widened. "Connor!", She couldn´t believe that he actually was considering to use the card as well.
"What?", Connor shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "I don´t want to... Although I always wanted to drive a Ferrari."
"Why don´t you buy one?", Jack replied and Lindsay saw that Connor was torn between reason and his wish to own a luxurious car.
"No, I... Although I know I´ll never get a chance like this again", he said and Jack almost offered him the card, "All right!", he grabbed the card and they left the shop together.
"After you bought your car we should hurry," Jack suggested.
"What's wrong?"
"At 7 p.m. there´s a show at Treasure Island, Siren's Cove. At 8 p.m. the volcano show at The Mirage begins and then I´d like to see the fountain show at the Bellagio. In addition, I got tickets for the David Copperfield show at the MGM tomorrow night and we don´t have to walk because I booked a limo..."
"Actually, we are here to look for your father," Lindsay reminded him.
"Don´t worry," Jack said, "Once again, I've called in the company of Alexander James and asked his secretary she should ensure that he is in touch with us. I left our room number... So we can enjoy this trip."
Sue gave Lindsay an incredulous glance. With all the shows Jack wanted to see all, she thought it was hardly possible they ever would get a little relaxation in this city.

"I can´t believe you've bought a car," Lindsay shook her head in disbelief and Connor came to her to embrace her comfortingly.
In the next room of the suite Jack also talked to Sue. He asked her if she was happy here and Sue explained that she liked the city very much. Las Vegas was a very bright city and here were many things to see. They just returned from Siren´s Cove, The Mirage Volcano and then they saw the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel. They took lots of pictures and one picture was taken with them in front of the hotel.
"I have a feeling I like Las Vegas very much, too," Jack smiled at her, "What do you think if we leave Sarah and Sienna with Lindsay and Connor today and we go out for a Gondola ride at The Venetian Hotel? We still have time…" He had heard that the gondola driver there, whether men or women, even sang very well and even though Sue couldn´t hear the songs, he thought it was very romantic. If she wanted, they could also go up the Eiffel Tower of Paris Hotel...
Sue actually wanted to talk to him about the credit card and tell him they had to stop spending the money, but she liked his proposal. She decided to ask Lindsay if she would take care of her children tonight.
"Now that we have forgotten our rationality at the Bellagio, we can come back to senses yet?", Lindsay asked. She was still stunned that Connor had been infected by Jack's mood.
"It's just one night and I promise you, we´ll leave the card here," Sue handed Lindsay the black credit card and Jack disagreed. That wasn´t planned. Somehow, he had to get the card back.
"All right," Lindsay gave in, "But you care for Isabella tomorrow night."
Sue smiled, agreed and in sign language she sent her letters for D-E-A-L.
"Only if I get back the credit card", it now came from Jack and Lindsay put her hands to the sides. Fortunately Sue noticed: She grabbed Jack's hands and pulled him toward the door. A romantic gondola ride was waiting for them.

The gondola ride at the Venetian was the best thing that Sue had ever experienced. She joked that she didn´t need to travel to Venice, New York, Rome, Paris, Egypt and Monte Carlo because she had already visited the themed hotels in Las Vegas.
It was far after midnight, when she returned. There was darkness in the huge hotel apartment as the door opened, nearly without a noise. A couple stumbled inside while the two were kissing passionately. Leaning against the wall, Sue took of his Jacket and threw it away carelessly. With one hand Jack was searching for the light switch. "Don´t", Sue moaned and with a sweet smile on her face she put his hand back on her waist, "We won´t be here for long." With this words both stumbled backwards to their room. Sue nearly fell but Jack caught her and then closed the door behind him.
Next morning, Sue and Jack slept late and when they had convinced that their children were doing well, they joined Lindsay and Connor at breakfast (before that, Jack had taken the credit card from Lindsay's handbag). The room service had brought a rich menu.
"I got an idea", Jack said while he mixed cereals with milk, "Sue, we should use the card and buy a house…. I mean, wouldn´t it be nice if we could leave our apartment in Washington and move into a house where our kids have enough space and Levi can have a huge garden…. I like the thought of having a house with a nice view to Lake Mead."
"Now you´re totally crazy", Sue said.
"Connor, What is the craziest thing you've ever seen?", Jack suddenly asked and Connor seemed to think. He decided there was nothing he could call him.
"I'm telling you," Jack wanted to take the decision from him, "In Boulder City, there is a boat dealer. Isn´t that crazy: A boat dealer in the middle of the desert...? I think I´ll use the credit card and buy a boat, too."
Lindsay rolled her eyes and groaned. She couldn´t believe the spending hadn´t reached an end. Jack also ignored Sue's objection that he had no license for a motor boat.
"What do you wish for, Lindsay?", Jack wanted to know suddenly.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Sue got expensive shoes, Connor got a new car, I'll buy a boat... Don´t tell us there´s anything that you ever wished for ... "
"No, I'm perfectly happy," Lindsay replied, "What, if the owner of the credit card isn´t your father and wants to have his money back… But if he really is your father, you´re making a good impression if you spend his money, without he knows, and then you hope you don´t have to repay it."
"You finished you speech, now?," Jack asked, "There´s much to see: I got tickets for the CSI Exhibition."

"Don´t be angry," Connor talked to his wife in the afternoon when they walked along the Strip. It was, as always, very hot. Connor pushed Isabella´s stroller, Lindsay took a sip of water. "I think it´s difficult for Jack to accept that story with his father", then he had another idea, "He probably uses the credit card from Alexander James to take revenge on him... in some way."
"Then he can only hope Alexander James is his real father because he almost spent $ 250,000 in the last few days... And I hope it will end well for him."
"Me too."
"What have you planned for us this evening?", she asked. Yesterday she had took care about Sarah and Sienna for Sue and therefore Sue took care for Isabella tonight, when Connor and Lindsay wanted to go out together.
"I've booked a table at the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel for us. Sorry, but I can´t tell you more. It´s a surprise", he smiled at her and Lindsay admitted it sounded very nice.
"That´s really sweet", she said, grabbed his hand and she kissed him. Then she went to a trash can with her empty water bottle in her hands, throwing the bottle away and when she wanted to go back to Connor, a woman with a stroller hit her feet. A stabbing pain shot through Lindsay and she limped a few steps forward. Connor noticed.
"Is everything okay?", He asked and his brow furrowed.
"Yes, I´m fine. Let´s go", she suggested, "Come on, we wanted to see the Stratosphere Tower." They went further, but the more she walked, the more her foot hurt.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Yeah, honey. I'm fine. I don´t want to spoil your day." Soon Lindsay regretted her words and when they arrived at the Stratosphere Tower, her foot hurt so much that Connor called a taxi and they drove back to the hotel so his wife could see a doctor.

The examination lasted one hour and after the doctor left, Lindsay was tired of lying on her bed. Connor had just reported to Sue and Jack what had happened. Suddenly the door to her room opened.
"I didn´t know you speak Spanish," Connor smiled, who noted she was watching a Spanish-language telenovela. Then he turned around to Sue and told her the actors on television didn´t speak English.
"I don´t speak Spanish," Lindsay said, "But there is nothing better on TV." She turned the TV off, when Connor sat down next to her on the bed.
"How are you doing?", he asked, "Does your foot still hurt?"
"A little bit," she said, "The doctor said it isn´t broken, but bruised pretty strong." She looked anxiously at the cooling pad on her foot.
Sue nodded understandingly and she looked to the door because someone there got Connors and Lindsay´s attention. Jack entered the room, followed by Levi. He also asked about Lindsay's feet.
"Do you want to go home?", he said finally and Lindsay nodded.
"I'm sorry we didn´t find something you like."
"Well, I saw a very nice Harry Winston necklace at The Forum Shops," Lindsay admitted and nodded.
Sue began to giggle, but then she became serious. "We haven´t found your father until now yet."
"That's okay," Jack tried to smile, "That's not your fault ... So, pack our things and then we go home but first we buy Lindsay a Harry Winston necklace!" Of course he was disappointed, but he also knew, they couldn´t stay in Las Vegas forever. Even if he'd like to. He was missing the nice Vegas- weather already now.
Sue noticed the almost sad expression of her husband. "I got an idea," she smiled, "I mean: Finally, we are in Vegas!"

"Are you sure I should do this?", Connor asked and Jack nodded.
"I am very happy we already paid for our flight back home."
"Me too," Lindsay was standing behind Connors chair. She put her hands on Connor's shoulders, "This is our last quarter." They had spent all their cash for restaurant meals and little souvenirs.
He turned to her. "I know that."
Together they went to the casino, after Sue suggested this. After all, they would certainly regret if they left Vegas without having tried their luck in gambling. So they had chosen the machines in the casino with the highest possible profit.
Now Connor turned back to Jack and then let the silver coin roll into the slot machines. Then he pressed a button. When the first seven appeared on the screen in front of Connor, Sue said: "Now we are officially broke." She even knew it was their idea. Another seven appeared suddenly and also a third. The machine in front of him began to flash and gave loud noises. "He actually won!", exclaimed Jack surprised and Lindsay hugged Connor stormy. But then Jack said something that Lindsay hadn´t expected. She had thought Jack wanted to quit spending money.
"What do you think of a vacation home near Lake Mead?"

After their euphoria about winning at the casino had subsided, they returned to their suite to pack their bags.
"I'm looking forward to getting back home," Sue agreed. She liked Las Vegas, but only to escape reality for a moment.
"Don´t you think it´s a pity we didn´t find Jack's father?", Lindsay asked. She sat on her suitcase and tried to close it. "Mommy, look", Isabella handed Lindsay a T-shirt, which she had forgotten to pack and she sighed. Sue giggled and then she asked if Sarah wanted to help her pack the bags as soon as she had finished feeding Sienna. Sarah was excited and at that moment someone knocked on the door.
"There was a knock," Lindsay said to Sue and she opened the door with the baby, who sucked on the bottle, on her arm. A tall man with gray hair was standing in front of her and he was dressed in a fine suit. "Good afternoon, Ma'am," he said, "My secretary told me, you´re looking for me… May I know who you are?"
"Um, I'm... Sue Hudson," she said and when he heard her name, he immediately remembered his beloved Edlin Hudson in Wisconsin. He glanced at the woman very skeptical. Alexander tried to estimate her age.
"Are you Alexander James?", she asked and comforted the baby on her arm, "If you are, then you are my..."
"Listen, Miss. I don´t have a daughter, at least none that I knew about."
"No, you´re misunderstanding. I´m married to Jack Hudson, the son of Edlin Hudson, she´s from Wisconsin. Wait, I'll get him." Sue hoped that Alexander wouldn´t run away when she hurried past Lindsay and entered the bathroom. "Thank God, you're ready," she muttered when Jack turned after her. He had just showered. "Your father is here."
"What?" He looked at her incredulously.
"It´s true. Alexander James is at the door of our apartment. You better hurry. I don´t know how long I can give him a runaround and he looks like as if he would hurry."
Jack wanted to stop her with the argument he couldn´t confront his father in a jogging suit, but he didn´t. He left the bathroom and saw how Sue asked their visitor in and now offered him a drink. She stared at him when she handed him an iced tea. "Is everything okay?", Alexander James asked and in that moment he saw Jack. Quickly, he got up.
"I'm Jack Hudson. I am..."
"I know who you are. I´m Alexander James, a..."
"Yes, you've been a friend of my mother. A very close friend... I assume you are here because of me", Jack suggested.
"My secretary gave me your room number and said you wanted to talk to me urgently... And I suppose you have caused this mess with my credit card."
When Lindsay in the next room heard this, she stretched to follow the conversation more effectively. Connor watched how she bent to look at the living room of the suite, even with Isabella on her arm. Therefore he assumed next door was something interesting to see.
"How can I help you?", the man asked but until now he had an idea, "Is something wrong with Edlin?"
"I haven´t talked to my mother since my father's funeral," Jack admitted, "But perhaps you would tell me first what you wanted there… I know you were there: how else could we find your Mastercard?"
Alexander didn´t seem to have an answer. Probably he had come to Wisconsin to convince himself Edlin was fine after her husband´s death.
"Did you know about me?"
"Of course. When Edlin left me, she told me, she and her husband were expecting a baby."
"That's not the truth," Jack was shaking his head. Alexander really had no idea. Sue looked at Jacks face and she couldn´t read his mood for the first time. With Sienna on her arm she went to Lindsay and Connor in the next room. "My mother never told you that you are my father," Jack revealed and Alexander seemed to be shocked, "I asked her and she admitted she was already pregnant when my father returned from the Navy."
Alexander didn´t know what to say, except for: "I'm sorry."
"Yes, me too."

They decided to postpone their departure until a few days and so they stayed at Caesars Palace. Even at night it was still pleasantly warm in Las Vegas. Sue seemed to be very tired and Jack envied her for a moment: The air conditioning was humming loud and because she was deaf she couldn´t hear it so she slept like a log. She had wrapped her arms around him and her head rested on his shoulder. Levi rested on their feet.
The conversation with his father ended differently than he had hoped. After he had explained to Alexander James that he was his son, the man had left their suite and promised to talk to Edlin immediately. Jack didn´t know if he wanted this and he didn´t know if he wanted to get to know him. He knew nothing. Basically, he didn´t even know who he was...He just knew he had to be there for his family and when Alexander left, Sue embraced him comfortingly.
Sue next to him sighed in her sleep and hugged him tighter.
In a way, he even could understand Alexander wanted to talk to Edlin and he was so upset he even forgot the mess with his credit card. Surely he wanted a proof that he... Jack shook his head and he still hated the idea. Again and again he had to think about Samuel and how he probably had reacted when Edlin told him one year ago Jack wasn´t his son.
Jack sighed and got up. He went to the window and looked out. The lights of the Strip sparkled in the night even more beautiful than at dawn. "Jack," Sue murmured and he turned around to face her, "Come back to bed." She touched the place in bed where he had lain.
Silently, he came back to her, sat on the bed and she hugged him worried. They couldn´t talk to each other: She wouldn´t see what he said because in the room it was too dark. But they had nothing to say. She gave him a reassuring kiss and snuggled up to him. "I love you," she whispered, "No matter what you´re doing. I love you."
Even if he had the feeling he had lost his entire past a few days ago, his future was so clear. His future was here with him, Sue. And he loved her more than ever.