AN: Ok so here is whats up, I wanted to bring a little of the Halloween spirit into one of my stories and thought what better time then October. Although as I have figured Japanese really don't celebrate it as much as other countries do. However they do have a festival known as the "Obon Festival" also know as "Matsuri" where people light lanters and set them afloat on the water to light the way so their ancestors can find a way back to their family. It is celebrated in either July or August and some people have monks and priests bless their home and there is food and dancing and bonfires lite up to celebrate. Families also return to their lost loved ones grave site and clean the headstones. Then a 3 days later a "Send off" fire is lite and the dead spirits return to their graves. Now as far back as the tradition goes I believe is about 500 years although am not really sure, but I would like to think that even in the feudal times they were able to celebrate this in a similar way.

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"Obo...what?" Inuyasha asked as he layed next to Kagome in Kaede's hut.

"Obon Festival," Kagome corrected as she had on finger pointed up as to state her point on the traditional holiday in her time. "It's a holiday celebrated in my time," she explained while Inuyasha layed on his side in bordum as Kaede took small sips of her soup and listened to the young priestess.

"There's lots of food, and people, and a large bonfire is lite so everyone can celebrate," she explained further with a smile on her face and her hands motioning to what she was saying.

"Celebrate what exactly?" Kaede asked. "Glad your taking such an interest Kaede!" Kagome's smile fading as she looked to her half demon, "Unlike somebody else."

Inuyasha hufffed in response and layed his head on his palm as Kagome went on. "You see the tradition is to light lanterns and set them in the water to float..."

"What would you want to do a stupid thing like that for?"

"I was just getting to that Inuyasha!" He huffed again as he let her get on with her story. "Anyway, people set them in the water as a way to guide their ancestors back to their families. The celebration is then held, and after 3 days they light another lantern and float it in the water again to allow the dead spirits to return to their proper resting place. It's usually held around this time so I'm pretty sure grandpa and mom are getting everything ready."

Kagome looked to the pot of hot soup as she let her mind wander to her family living in a time so far beyond the one she chose to live in now. She would not lie and say she did not miss them, and she thought about them as often as she could. She though about them especially during the holidays when the memories of her grandpa's crazy traditional customs came in, and the delicious smell of her mom's home cooking filled the house while her younger brother annoyed her as any little brother should.

"Do yae happen to mean Matsuri?" Kagome's thoughts broke at Kaede's question. "Y-yes that's also what it is referred to as," she answered before her eyes began to brighten up. "Don't tell me...Is it really celebrated in this time?"

Kaede took another sip of her soup before answering, "Well I be not sure about a festival or celebrations with food and dances," she explained. "But there be a large river current East of here, and over my years I have heard of people gathering there to light small lanterns and place them in the water to light the way for their ancestors, and bring peace between them and their loved ones that have already passed on."

"Oh, wow!" Kagome said with her hands clapped in front of her face. "I don't believe it, the holiday really does take place back in this era! Tell me, does this village celebrate it?"

"Nae, as you can see the people here are more concerned about preparing for the season's climate change more than anything else. That is how it be for most villages, such a thing as celebrating may not be in the best interest considering we all need be stocking up on food for the winter."

"Oh, I see," Kagome said with a touch of dissapointment to her voice though she couldn't help but understand.

"Not too many people get to go to that river and perform such rituals, some be too busy while others may hold no interest in it. They say the ones who go are those who feel they lost touch with their family that have passed on, and performing the ritual gives them a sense of peace."

"Did you ever go Kaede?" Kagome asked.

"Aye, I did go once a few years before yae came along. It was interesting, and I will never forget the feeling of peace that fell over me when it was done."

Kaede would of gone further into detail, but being that Kikyo was the reason she went there years ago she hardly thought it be best to mention her name in front of Inuyasha. He may be over her, but Kaede would rather not of taken the chance. It was years and years ago, and Kaede felt the need to talk to her dead sister's spirit other than simply praying by her shrine.

She remembered setting he own simple lantern in that very river and watching it float away as she prayed to her ancestors and sister. When it was all over she remembered the smile of satisfaction never leaving her face.

Inuyasha grunted as he sat up from the floor. "Still sounds like a weird thing to celebrate, the best thing to do if you have family problems is just to get over them."

"Well, maybe that is how you and Sesshomaru handle it, but other people need a little more closure," Kagome chidded. "And aren't all holidays suppose to be celebrated with friends and family."

Inuyasha took her words in like a movie picture to his head, and all he could see was he and his so called brother lashing out at each other over some silly arguement.

"Not hardley," he whispered before he got on his feet. "You ready to go?" he asked while Kagome gave him a confused look.

"Didn't you say earlier that you wanted to stop by and see how Sango is doing? Kagome's eyes suddenly widened. After a good year since having their youngest child Sango became pregnant again, and it was just recently that she found out causing Kagome to want to check on her as soon as possible. "Oh right, we better get going before it gets too late."

Kagome slipped on her footwear and soon she and Inuyasha were heading out. "Would you like to join us Kaede?" The old priestess smiled and shook her head. "Nae, but thanks for the offer. I will rest a while."

"Ok, we should be back before dark, and if you need anything just give a shout. I'm sure Inuyasha will be able to hear you."

"She'll be fine let's go Kagome." The pair left Kaede's side of the large hut and began walking in the direction of Miroku's home.

"You know you don't have to worry so much over her," Inuyasha stated as he looked to his distressed woman. "I know," she replied softly. "I just can't help it though, she sleeps more than she usually does and there are times when she doesn't want to eat, and other times when I can tell her body is in pain but she doesn't want to admit it."

"The old hag is just getting on in her years. Isn't it only natural that she should act this way?"

"That's true, but still ever since she collapsed I can't help but be just a little worried," Kagome took a small sigh before she lifted her head and her spirits. "Either way sick or not her health will be our full responsibility!"

"Our?" Inuyasha repeated as he squinted his eyes at the agreement he never remembered agreeing to. Kagome's eyes became large and seemingly scary so he just looked away with sweat covering his whole head not even bothering to put up a fight. Instead he decided to change the subject.

"Havn't seen too much of Rin around here since yesterday," he commented. "And it's been a while since I've picked up Sesshomaru's scent."

"Oh that," answered Kagome. "Well it has been a week or two since Kaede collapsed, and Rin has been looking after her ever since. Cooking, washing, picking Kaede's share of the herbs, and staying be Kaede's side just in case she ever needed help. She looked so exhausted, and I know she commented on how she hasn't had to much time to herself and even though Sesshomaru came by she hasn't been able to see him as much as she wanted."

Kagome beamed a happy smile toward the sky. "So I told her to take a little break from her duties and go and have some fun."

"That so," said the half demon who looked as if he didn't care too much. "And where do you thing she went?"

"Well," Kagome said as her eyed driffed deep into the rich orange yellow sky. "I have a pretty good idea."


The orange sky began to take a shade or bright yellow over the horizon, and the color mixed well to create the same ember effect that had nothing against the rich golden sunsets burning deep within the demon lord's eyes. Those same ember eyes locked on to the young woman laughing her way up the hill a few yards from him; all the while nagging his servant that she was going to beat him to the top.

In some ways she was very much like the child he left in the village 8 years ago, and in some other ways she was not. She was smarter, stronger, and more independent. It has only been a day since she began taking her little trip with him, and since then they have not left each other's side. He could of left on ahead to search the area on his own, but he knew her stay with them was only temporary.

In just another day or two she would be back in the village, and it wasn't so much that she asked to spend her free time with him so much as it just happened. He remembered it was she that mentioned to him that she had some time to herself, but she didn't ask to follow him. She went on her way happily walking from the village, and since he was already in the area he found himself not far from her. Soon she began talking to him about how everyone envyed her new waradrobe, and before either of them knew it they were traveling together with Jaken rushing to catch up.

That was early this morning, and now it was nearly sunset and things seemed just as they were many years ago with Rin back in the group pestering Jaken and he a few yards from the amuseing pair.

"Still as slow and short as ever Master Jaken," Rin teased, but as innocent as her smile was Jaken still threw out his usual tantrum to the girl. "Silence!" he shouted with his arms held high in the air. "I'll have you know I let you win that race girl, if I had used my usual speed I would have...huh?" Jaken looked in front of him to see nothin but air, and once he turned around he saw Rin rushing over to the side of his beloved lord. "Hey!"

Sesshomaru found Rin by his side once again with a smile on her face and both her hands behind her back with what he could only make out to be a pink stain to her smiling cheeks. "I hope I wound be a bother if I were to ask if I may stay the night with you two, and head back to the village sometime in the morning?"

She saw him give her his warm sunset eyes, and through those eyes was all the answer she needed to hear. His mouth didn't say anything, but she knew that if he found her a bother before then he would of said something. Her smile widened when he looked to her, but the sound of Jaken's voice brought their attention away from each other.

His eyes reverted back to the hill ahead, and Rin brought her eyes down to see nothing but the ground and her pretty yellow and orange kimon. Yes, her beautiful atire of yellow silk with orange birds designed around it brought out both her sweet heart along with her warm personality, and ever since Sesshomaru gave it to her she couldn't stop smiling everytime she looked at it.

She received many compliments from it as well. Kagome and Sango looked to her with jealous yet playful eyes as they kept telling her what a lucky girl she was to have such pretty cloths to wear. The other villagers had always looked to her in amazement at how an old priestess's pupil was able to obtain such expensive wardrobe all her years in the village, but now she felt even more eyes on her than before.

Her village friend Saki also gave her an envious stare and kept bothering her about where did she get it, and who gave it to her considering Rin never explained to her how she got any of her kimonos in the first place. Rin would of gladly told Saki about Sesshomaru, but she wasn't sure how Saki would take it knowing there was a demon so close to her friend.

So, Rin decided not to tell for now, but someday she will. She remembered the statement Saki made on how her recent kimono looked more beautiful than the rest.

Even Rin had to admit that out of all the kimonos her lord obtained for her, this was by far the most beautiful.

He had such good taste for a male, most wouldn't care about style nor color. But with good taste comes elegance along with a graceful atmosphere which was everything he had so it only made sense that looks meant alot to him. She knew of his high class rank in the world, and the last thing she would want to do was bring shame to it.

Rin paused in her thoughts as she realized she finally made it to the top of the hill again, but this time she was able to take a look at what was below.

"My," she said with wide eyes. "That sure is one large river current, look it must stretch for miles. I wonder where it ends?" Both she and Jaken brought their hand over their eyes to look far beyond to see how far the river current stretched while Sesshomaru gave the beautiful river scene his bored yet peaceful look.

"Let me guess," Jaken mentioned as his eyes squinted toward Rin. "Your planning to catch fish aren't you?" Rin laughed a bit and shook her head as she showed him her little red silk bundle she carried on her back. It wasn't anything big, and her long flowing hair covered it up easily.

It carried all the necessities she figured she would need in the case that she ended up traveling with her lord for a few days. Food, water container, some ailments, and a few weapons in the case that something happened to her if Sesshomaru wasn't around.

Needless to saw she couldn't be happier she packed it. "I brought a bit of food so we don't need to stop for some," she mentioned as she smiled knowing she wasn't about to slow her lord down with her occasional hunger. She wanted this time she had away from the village to be spent with him, not trying to catch or find her next meal.

The group began their travel down the hill lead by the static demon lord with the wind blowing through his long silver silk hair followed by a bright smiling young woman with her dark brown lock along with her yellow hair ribbon flowing through the wind. Finally a little green imp rushed after them with nothing besides his cloths rustling through the air, and in the end he ended up tripping over his own feet and tumbling the rest of the way down.

Sesshoamaru didn't pay any mind to his pathetic servant, but Rin wasn't afraid to burst out into a fit of laughter. She never remembered smiling and laughing so much in the village, but maybe it was because her lord wasn't around. And of couse she was more than happy to see her little green friend again

She did notice that Au-Un was gone, but decided not to bother with the question and hope that somewhere the dragon was well and happy. And who knows, maybe one day their paths may cross again she hoped.

Although it was her Lord Sesshomaru she wanted to spent the most time with right now.

She remembered a few days ago she was in his lap on top of the roof of her hut while they discussed how she would stay in the village to look after Kaede, and he would visit her as often as he could. He did visit, but sadly she didn't get to spend as much time with him as she wanted.

Kaede was still her number one concern even though Inuyasha told her there was nothing to worry about. Rin couldn't help but worry however on her caretaker's eating and sleeping habits changing. She spend more of her time watching over Kaede than seeing her lord when he came to visit.

She went to him of course, and she was able to spend a little time walking with him in the forest and sitting alone with him in the fields. Although, it was only a little bit of time since she insisted on doing Kaede's share of the chores which left her very busy and exhausted.

Kaede pestered her on not doing so much work for her as did Kagome, and in the end the young priestess persuaded Rin to take a little break from all her chores. Despite Rin's protest she finally agreed when she began to think how unfair it was that her lord came to visit her and she wasn't even giving him the attention he deserved for giving her his precious time.

Well now she was here, and if she could just get a little alone time with him with Jaken out of the way she may be able to get closer to him. The affection she was able to bestow upon him that night she fell asleep in his lap it was...unexplainable. She could not express the emotions she felt that day, but one thing she did know was that it always left her face feeling hot.

She wanted to feel that again; to get closer to him and see what other hidden emotions she may be able to see through those beautiful eyes of him. Maybe talk to him late at night by the fire, or have a nice walk with him in a forest or field. Anything where it involved just the two of them, and to Rin it mattered not if he talked so long as he was there.

That's all she wanted for right now.

She found her pink cheeks becoming red as she looked to her handsome lord whom walked only a few feet in front of her. Even the view of his hair alone was gorgeous, and she almost felt like steam would burst out of her ears from the amount of heat her face was feeling.

"What is that?" Jaken suddenly asked as Sesshomaru and Rin made it to the bottom of the hill. Rin looked off to her side toward a large mountain not far from them and her eyes lit up.

"A castle Inn?" she questioned as she squinted her eyes to get a closer look. "It is! I never imagined for there to be one way out here," she said as the view of the top of the Inn became visible to her gaze.

"Don't go getting any funny ideas girl," Jaken scolded. "Lord Sesshomaru did not come all this way to see some so called Inn."

"I know I know," Rin said as she waved her hand as to get rid of the thought. "It's just interesting to see it way out..."

Suddenly a pitch filled scream filled the area, and Rin and Jaken's eyes widened in surprise as they looked around to see where the scream came from.

"What was that?" Rin wondered as she looked from every direction till she noticed Sesshomaru facing his head to the path ahead of them over the large river.

There and behond two small children came running out of the forest, and chasing them from behind was...

"A demon!" Rin shouted.

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