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"Sesshomaru!" shouted Rin as she ran to the now destroyed Inn. The strange light was still taking effect on every inch of the castle, and Rin couldn't help but plea that it was bakuseiga's light. He couldn't get hurt by his own blast could he? Is that even possible? Her anxiety led her to run faster and reach the location of the Inn in a matter of minutes; her lungs straining to catch her breath.

She opened her eyes to the amount of smoke that blew in her face as well as the Inn disappearing on her. "Disappearing? How is that even…my lord!"

Sesshomaru walked out of the smoke as calm as a cucumber. His face showed no sign of distress, and his entire clothing held not even one speck of dust. It amazed Rin sometimes how he was able to look and act so calm while she was out of breath gasping at every single detail.

"My lord, are you ok?" she asked as she ran to his side. He looked perfectly fine with not a single scratch on him, and his gaze told her all was well. Thank goodness.

She sighed in relief while scolding herself for worrying so much, but in a way she found that she could not help it. Seeing him in danger in the past was difficult yes, and his name was constantly slipping out of her mouth.

If feels different now though…..

Seeing him faced with the possibility of getting hurt brought out feelings she could not describe. Feelings absorbed along with her obvious worry and concern over his safety and well being. Yet he was fine, so Rin brushed away her thoughts and simply gave him one of her warm smiles to show how grateful she was that he was ok.

"Lord Sessh…um...You're ok!" Tora suddenly squealed as she popped out of the bushed like some little rabbit.

"That's Lord Sessh-om-ma-ru to you silly child," Jaken pestered over the girl's horrid way of mispronouncing the master's name. It wasn't even that hard of a name either.

"What's happening to the Inn!" Tora pointed to the disintegrating dust flowing away in the wind. Nothing was left except for a large hole in the ground from Sesshomaru's earlier attack. Nothing more than a bottomless black pit that ended who knows how far down?

Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder to the large hole in the ground, "All nothing more than an illusion," he said. Everything the Inn had been was nothing more than an illusion created to lure it's human prey within to serve as tasty treats fort he once terrible bat demon. If only the calculations had been modified to be able to take on the power of a great dog demon.

Sesshomaru turned his head back forward and didn't even give the scene another look. "There's nothing left for us here, let's go."

Jaken followed as willingly as ever while Rin nodded her head and looked back to Tora and the villagers that were approaching.

"What will you all do now?"

The headman who had long woken up moments ago was informed on what had happened, and as crazy as it all seemed he did remember being captured and taken hostage till his whole world went black. He awoke to the sounds of an explosion, and all the villagers greeted him happily in the forest.

"We were hoping to take part in a small lantern ceremony tonight," he said, "Although it would seem there has been a change of plans. All the supplies we had for tonight are gone, and dawns nearly approaching."

"I suppose we could…."

"Well you cannot just stay here in the forest," Rin explained to the villagers who all gave her a puzzled look. "There are lots of demons around these parts. Please find shelter somewhere."

"We have yet to see a village though," the headman answered.

Rin's mind began to tick and turn to think up of a plan for these poor people. They had no home, and if they were to be left alone they might all die.


Rin turned around to find Sesshomaru standing next to a tree leading into the forest. His small action of waiting on her warmed her heart. Would it be ok? I wanted to spend time with him, but at the same time I know what is right.

Now with her new plan she knew it was more than unlikely that they make have one on one time together until she had to return to the village.

"I live in a village a few miles from here," Rin started off. "It's small, but it's well protected. I know of no other place that will be safer you all to live until you can settle down somewhere on your own."

The villagers took in what she said, and their whispers ended up piling into the headman's ear and released from his mouth. "We thank you for the offer, but we wish not to be a burden on your village."

"No burden at all," Rin said as she flashed her friendly smile to them all. "The men in my village could always use the extra hands when it comes to the fields, and woman always need help looking after the children along with the cooking."

"There are children!" one of the orphans asked with their hopeful eyes shining brightly. "How many?" another asked who was also looking forward to new friends.

"Yes, there are a good number of children there, and I'm sure they would all like to meet you."

The children smiled as did some of the village men and woman. The headman cleared his throat and placed his hands behind his back. "Well if you are certain we will be no burden," he said as he matched Rin's warm smile. "Then I would be happy to take you up on your offer."

Rin smiled as did the villagers, but when Rin turned her head her smile vanished when she noticed Sesshomaru was no longer there. Maybe it was for the best; he was not one to be around so many humans after all.

Still though despite all that Rin could not help the sad frown her pink lips formed when she knew she was giving her time to something else when she felt as though her lord deserved it more.

Although, she knew what was right at the moment, and with that set in her mind Rin began to lead the way to the village.


Dawn had already passed, but the day had yet to become sunny or warm. It was cool out, and the autumn breeze chilled most of the villagers who still wore their summer attire. They all huddled together as Rin walked ahead of them wanting a little bit of time to herself for a while.

"Too bad," said the little boy Rin rescued form before while he looked down in disappointment. "I was really looking forward to floating the lanterns."

"Nothing we can do now, all our stuff got destroyed thanks to all those demons."

"Hey, not all demons are bad," Tora butted in. "If it wasn't for a demon we wouldn't even be alive."

"Huh, yeah right how would you know?" the boy responded.

"Well if you had paid more attention instead of being half asleep you would have known."

Tora and the boy battled it out until the smaller little boy got between them. "Can't we just go back to talking about lanterns you guys?"

"NO!" the shouted in union. The small group of three stayed quiet for a few moments until the older and more aggressive boy spoke up again.

"Besides I don't see what a bunch of stupid lanterns are going to do?"

"To give us a sense of peace with our family," the younger and gentler boy said.

"What family?" the older one questioned as he looked down. "Were not called orphans for nothing stupid…."

"I know….." the younger one replied knowing full well none of them had parents or siblings. "But the headman says that some people have seen the ghost of their families floating at the top of the lanterns."

"That will never happen."

"Sure it will," Tora argued with a smile to her face. "If you have just have a bit of faith."

"Faith?" the boys said in union.

"Yup, Rin taught me that. I wish she could have partaken in the ceremony too."

"Why would she?" the older boy asked.

"Well like us she said she doesn't have parents either. I bet she would have enjoyed it as much as we would have."

Tora closed her eyes with a smile and looked to Rin who hadn't said much since the trip began. Tora wondered what her friend was thinking about even if the answer was obvious.

The three children went on about the festival completely unaware of the figure hiding in the shadow of the forest along with a set of pointed ears listening in to every word they said."Wait Lord Sesshomaru where are you going?" Jaken whispered as he watched his master walk away on him. The little imp followed as fast as he could, but only tripped on his staff to end up lying flat on his face.

"Where are you headed my lord?"


Rin walked at the front of everyone else with her mind set not only on where they were going, but also on a certain dog demon.

She had yet to see Sesshomaru or Jaken since the trip back to the village began, and every other moment a sigh released from her mouth.

Maybe if I played my hand right I could have been sitting next to him right about now. I wonder is he prefers the cold weather more than the hot? I bet it must get warm under all that fur and clothing. Or maybe he's more of a spring fellow? That is the perfect weather for traveling, and I know he must like to travel….but then again I have never asked him before. It is probably an obvious question though.

Rin rubbed her arms with her opposite hands as she then blew warm air in her palms. "Stop losing focus Rin," she quietly scolded herself for letting her mind run off topic.

I wouldn't even mind if we sat in silent. He has always liked the quiet, and it's only when he's around that I don't mind not talking. His fur is always warm so I'm glad at least he's warm…..Do demons even get cold? I'm sure they do, but Lord Sesshomaru is not ordinary demon and knowing him he would never show it.

The more Rin thought about Sesshomaru the more her face warmed up all thanks to the pink stain on her cheeks. I'm sorry I could not spend as much time with you as I would have liked to Lord Sesshomaru. I really wanted some time away from the village to get a little closer to him, but it looks like that is not going to happen….


The day went by rather fast, and with no sun ever out the dark sky came quicker than normal. The end of the day was coming, and after a long agonizingly cold walk the villagers were more than glad to see Rin's village just beyond a small hill.

She was home.

"K-K-Kagome?" asked Rin as she eyes her friend who was wearing what she could only describe to be….dog ears...No no….more like cat ears.

In fact now that Rin got a better look around a lot of the children including a few villagers were wearing masks of some sort. Paper masks? What was going on?

"Excuse me Miss Rin," the headman said. "Is your village always this strange?"

"I…um well I…Kagome what is all this?"

"I'm a cat can't you tell," Kagome said as she tied to put on her best cat like face. "Isn't it cute I made these myself," she said pointing to her black paper ears.

"I'm a cat and Inuyasha is a dog….If only someone would wear his costume I worked so hard on making!"

Inuyasha burst out of Rin's side of the hut with his usual fire rat kimono on. "Huh, if you mean all that itchy fur you must be crazy to think I would wear something like that."

"Come on don't you want to be like Shippo and dress in cool fur?"

"No, I DON'T want to dress like Shippo!"

"Uh, Kagome what is going on here?" Rin asked which spoke for all the new arrivals.

"Well we're celebrating the Obon festival."


"Yup, a celebration back where I come from. I also incorporated a bit of a more American like celebration into it as well called Halloween!"

"American?...Huh….Hallo…what? Rin asked.

"It's better if you just go along with it," Inuyasha mentioned.

"Halloween or Hallows Eve however you want to say it. It not celebrated as much as the Obon festival back where I lived, but it had its popularity."

"Like a celebration of the dead if you will," said Kagome as she pointed one finger up in front of Rin's face. "I can make you a costume as well."

"Uh no thanks," Rin said with a silly smile and her hand waving in front of her face to show how much she meant no.

Kagome smiled and pointed to her half demon. "Inuyasha set this all up."

"Inuyasha did?" The half demon looked away in embarrassment as the two girl talked about him.

"Isn't he the sweetest," Kagome hugged his arm to her side. "He set all this up just for me he says."

"Inuyasha that's so nice of you," Rin said with a smile as Inuyasha just mumbled a, "geez".

Kagome suddenly noticed the large amount of guests behind Rin and she quickly tore her arm away from Inuyasha with her own cheeks turning red. "Rin, who are all these people?"

"It's kind of a long story, but they do need a place to stay for a while so do you think the village has room?"

"Sure of course," Kagome said with a smile. "It's always a pleasure to have new neighbors."

"Yeah, hopefully ones that can help out the other villagers instead of them always coming to me for help."

"Don't mind him," Kagome said as she motioned for the villagers to follow her. "Tell me, have you all heard about the lantern festival?"

"Lanterns? Will we get to place them in the water?" Kagome nodded her head with a laugh as she led them to all the rice paper stacked near the river. "Yup, and make them too." All the children suddenly cheered knowing they were still going to get to have their lantern ceremony.

"I'm impressed you were able to pull all of this off," Rin complimented to Inuyasha as they watched Kagome take all the villagers to the river. "Well to be honest it really wasn't all my doing," he said which was a little shocking. "What do you mean?"

"All the rice paper to make those weird masks and create the lanterns…..I found them all scattered in the forest."

"You found them really?"

"Yeah, I picked them all up then Kagome assumed I was going to surprise her with something, and I just figured why not if it will make her happy."

"Really? Well that is still sweet of you none the less," Rin said with a small laugh. "Yeah I guess so," Inuyasha replied with a smile. "By the way where's Sesshomaru. Weren't you two traveling together?"

"He well yeah but he, so um….How is Lady Kaede?"

"Uhh," Inuyasha was not so dense as to not be able to tell Rin did not want to talk about Sesshomaru. "She seems better today than yesterday. Yesterday she slept more than anything, but today since all the villagers are actually having a good time instead of working….She seems better."

"I'm so glad. How did you get all the men to go through with this? I know how much their minds are set on the crops until winter."

Inuyasha brought up his fist, "With a little persuasion."

"Oh, I see," Rin replied with a shaky smile and a large sweat drop forming on her head.

Rin watched as the children all began to huddle together and make their own lanterns and Rin smiled at all their happy smiles. "I'm going to go and sit near the river and watch the lanterns float alright."

"Sure," he said as he watched her walk away with her obvious despair hanging in the air. "Wonder what happened?" he thought.


Rin sat at the top of a small hill looking down to the river and everyone near it. She really would have liked to have as much fun as they were, but Sesshomaru never came back, and that alone left her heart feeling heavy.

Well the children certainly look happy so I should be glad for that.

"Hey Rin," Kagome said as walked up to her friend. "Sorry to say this, but there doesn't seem to be enough paper for any extra lanterns. We used so much to make masks for the little kids, and now we only had enough left for the other kid's lanterns. Although I already did this a few times in my life so here…"

Kagome handed Rin a paper lantern. "You can float mine."

Rin smiled at the sweet gesture but shook her head. "Thank you Kagome, but...I'm really not in the mood for floating one right now. I'm fine with just watching."

"Are you sure?" Kagome asked a little baffled because Rin usually liked trying new things.

Rin nodded her head and gave her friend a smile. "I'm sure, and besides…"

"And besides….what?"

"Wouldn't you like to float one with Inuyasha instead?" Rin asked and almost laughed as Kagome's face started turning red. "Well now that you mention it….I guess that would be nice."

Kagome walked a little closer to Rin and stood by her side before she spoke again.

"You know I usually spent this holiday with my family back where I used to live. I miss them sometimes…but it's also times like this that I am reminded of the family I have here. You along with Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kaede…."

"Inuyasha," Rin added with a smile and Kagome smiled back.

"Yup, and even Sesshomaru," Kagome added and Rin tried her absolute hardest to keep her smile on.

"You know I have a little brother back home, and I bet he's all grown up by now. He is probably starting out in high school, and I bet all the girls are after him." Kagome laughed as she thought of how shy Sota was when he first asked Hitomi to be his girlfriend.

"Well I may not be able to see him too much anymore, but I would like to think that someday Sesshomaru and I will form some kind of bond. Maybe not as strong as yours is, but maybe one day he can at least call me by my name. I mean he is my brother through marriage so he better get used to it," Kagome said with a smile and eyes filled with determination.

The mention of Sesshomaru only anchored Rin's heart deeper into her soul, but she still smiled to not be so obvious on how she was feeling. "Ugh…R-Right," she laughed nervously.

"Well I better go find Inuyasha. I still can't believe he set this all up. He's usual selfish moody and hot headed, but that's why I love the guy."

Kagome began to walk away waving back at Rin. "See you later." Rin smiled and waved back, and once Kagome was out of sight Rin finally let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding.

She looked back to the river as she let out a deep sigh.

Lord Sesshomaru…..

Kagome had the determination to get close to him, and Rin felt like perhaps she should act like that more often. Of course being too forceful as Kagome was at times only led to her and Inuyasha fighting. Rin did not want to fight or argue with Sesshomaru, and she knew she should of set aside time to spend with him.

Chores, responsibilities, duties, and to top it all off Rin knew she may of gone overboard when it came to taking care of Kaede. The old woman slept more often and ate less. That worried Rin to no end, and she felt the need to take over every detail of the old priestess's life. Of course that was the whole reason why she barley had any time to even see Sesshomaru when he stopped by.

He never complained to her though, but then again he never complained about anything. He never told her anything about how he came to see her yet she was always too busy to be seen.

I need to work my whole schedule out. Maybe I should slow it down when it comes to Kaede.

Rin knew she went too far when it came to taking care of her, but she could not help the fear of one day her caretaker falling over to her death….and Rin being the one responsible for not taking care of her properly.

But if I devote all my time to her health then what will happen between me and him. Will he just stop visiting if I keep this up? Will he say something about it?

I need to work things out. He is usually gone for a few days. I can do all I can to make sure Kaede is well and when he comes back I'll set my time to be spent with him as much as I can. The only thing that may get in my way would have to be chores, but that never takes me too long.

That may work! It is certainly worth a try.

Rin allowed her mind to sort through everything to make her plan just right until she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She had a feeling Kagome may of came back to offer her the lantern again.

"No, thank you. Like I said why don't you go have Inuyasha go with you," said Rin without even looking back.

"I would rather not," said a richly deep yet soothing voice that brought the young woman sitting on the grass to full attention. Rin turned around to find a pair of bright sun colored eyes staring at her. The cold autumn breeze no longer affecting her as she stared into Sesshomaru's warm gentle gaze.

"Lord Sesshomaru…" Rin whispered as she blinked a few times to make sure what she saw was real.

H-He came back!

Rin's surprised face softened up as a warm smile spread through her lips. Her eyes glistened as though they were on the verge of tears but she held everything back to keep from showing him any even if they were of happiness.

"My lord you've returned," she said as she got up from her current spot on the grass. She noticed he arched an elegant brow in a silent display of wonder if she ever doubted he would even return.

"Well….I noticed you left earlier this morning and I thought that perhaps you had business to take care of," she said looking down.

"…..I did," he answered back in as a matter of fact tone. Rin picked up her head with a wave or relief washing over her. She may not have known what he left for, but she was glad to know he left for something important and not out of irritation or anger.

She saw him walk closer to her until she could feel the heat radiating off his body….or was that just her body heating up. "Oh, well I hope that everything went well."

Rin heard him make a small noise in the back of his throat while his eyes glanced toward the river below the hill where everyone began to grab hold of their lanterns.

"You will not be participating?" he asked with his deep voice smoothing out till his words were brought out like liquid water.

"No, I'm afraid not. There were no more supplies, but I would prefer for the children to be able to be a part of it. To watch would be just as satisfying."

Suddenly Rin felt as though a small shock of lighting rang through her head giving her a wonderful idea to make up for the lost time she had away from him.

"My lord," he asked timidly as his gaze went from the river then back to her. She took his actions as a sign for her to go on, and she found her hands tugging at her kimono while her eyes looked down to show him nothing but the shy smile on her face.

"W-would you care to watch them with me?"

She waited for him to answer her, and her body felt like all the heat from her blood was rising to her ears just waiting for his answer until all the steam was able to be released.

"I think not….." he answered calmly.

Rin felt as though an anchor landed on the beating organ in her chest. His calm yet spiteful words only urging her on to show him her salty tears, and she found her lips repeating him to see if what she heard was correct.

"You…you wo…."

"I would prefer to see you be a part of it. Only then will I watch," he interrupted. Rin's eyes dried up only to widen at the shock of his words.

"But my lord I already mentioned there were no more supplies. I am unable to take part without a….without….L-lord Sesshomaru….."

Rin paused in her speech to watch as he brought up his hand, and underneath his long sleeve laid a small yet very well decorated lantern. The sharp cut wooden bottom was specially made to float above the water, and the smooth creamy rice paper was decorated with a scattered design of orange and red autumn leaves along with a yellow-orange background duplicating a beautiful sunset.

"My Lord….is this….did you….."

"I cannot understand broken sentences Rin," he said and she only turned red from the embarrassing truth of her speech. "Although this is for you," he added as he held the delicate object out to her. The lantern fitting neatly into his palm, and the gift looked almost too beautiful she feared one touch and it would shatter to pieces.

She found the feeling in her arms and to go numb, but the flutter in her heat was all but settled. Like little insects floating around in her stomach she felt her heart flutter, and the rapid beating organ would burst through her heart with a pair of wings lifting it away.

Not only did he come back, but he brought her something….

"Does it not please you?" he asked when he noticed no movement from her.

His voice brought the feeling back into her arms and face, and she gentle took his gift from his hands and cradled it gently within hers. "No no, it is not that my lord. I am just very shocked is all, and I'm afraid I do not understand why you have decided to give this to me?"

"Do such actions need reason?" he asked and was replied with a small shake to her head and a smile to her face.

Is this the reason he left? Did he leave to go and obtain this just for me?

"It's so beautiful. Thank you so much," she said with a happy face to match her happy grin.

"It pleases you?" he asked again which Rin found his questions over her satisfaction to be very sweet even if they were spoken in a hollow tone.

"Yes I am very happy! Although I do have one question," she said and the low rumble in the back of his throat was all she needed to know she could go on.

"How did you know? How did you know this was a perfect gift to give me?"

Would telling her that he was eavesdropping on the children from before be so hard to admit…..well for him it would be. Listening in on someone was not lord like not very noble even if he couldn't help it. He could barely admit to himself that he stooped so low to listen on to a human child's conversation much less tell Rin he did so in the first place.

"It is of unimportance," he answered while turning his head to look to the river. "Shouldn't you be starting soon," he mentioned as she looked to the villagers. Each one of them began placing their lanterns in the water while afterwards they clasped their hands together in a prayer to their ancestors.

"Oh, right," she said as she began to walk down the hill with her lantern in hand. "Would you like to join me?" she asked.

"I will observe from here," he said as his feet didn't move an inch. From what he overheard this was a ceremony meant to play to the ancestors, or to the dead spirits…or something like that he didn't get word for word. If it was family he concluded she may want to be left alone to her thoughts.

He noticed the disappointed look she put on when he told her his response, and he added on more as to not upset her. "It seems more like a matter you would like to carry out alone."

He expected to hear her to comply with his words, but all he heard instead was a small chuckle. His face showed what his words wanted to express. What did she find so amusing?

"Since when have you ever allowed me to feel alone?" she stated rather than asked as she gave him one of her warm smiles.

His eyelashes closed and reopened in a split second until he saw Rin walk up to him.

"You were the one who gave me this wonderful gift. I would very much like for both of us to enjoy it, and….I want you with me," she told him in a gently voice with her pink lips spilled out every word to latch onto his heart. "Of course if you really do not wish to than I understand."

He let out his usual "Hmm," and began to take step by step down the hill. "Come," he said as Rin happily followed after till they were shoulder to shoulder….well Rin's head to his shoulder if we were talking specifics.

They made it to the soft patch of grass that grew near the river with bright green fireflies dancing around the long grass that grew from the water's edge. Rin sat down comfortably with her legs bent off to the side, and fell her heart skip a beat when she notice Sesshomaru sat down right beside her. His leg bent upward while the other bend and layed on the ground as well as bakuseiga and tenseiga resting on his shoulder.

Her smile never left her face, and each time she met his eyes she only smiled wider for him while he in turn only softened his gaze bit my bit.

"It looks like they are all done," Rin pointed out as she looked to the dozens of lighted lanterns that began to slowly make their way down the river heading right past them. She noticed her lantern had yet to be lighted, and she quickly searched for two sharp rocks as to create a spark.

"I wish the children didn't always throw the stones into the river. It would make more sense to float a lighted lantern. Would you mind helping me search for a…..oh," Rin said as she noticed he had already started a fire within the paper object by the scraping of his steel claws.

"Thank you, you never cease to amaze me my lord," she teased and laughed a little when his raised his elegant brow, but took the teasing with ease and saw it more as a compliment. If it had been anyone else who dared to be so open around him he would of abandoned their company long before. Yet he much rather Rin be comfortable and open with him instead of frightened of scared.

"Lord Sesshomaru…." She said as he watched her carry the lantern carefully. "Would you care to help me place it in the water?"

He moved closer to her so they were right near the river's edge, and he sat right behind her as she kneeled on her knees facing the water. "I will observe," he said and she nodded in agreement.

Rin's delicate hands held her gift carefully as she set the brown wooden bottom on the surface of the water and gently let go. Sesshomaru watched from over her shoulder and she leaned back to where his chin rested lighted on her yellow silk covered shoulder.

He noticed, yes, but at the moment the innocent action was nothing to really think about. He actually found peace having her scent so close and so he allowed his chin to rest on her left shoulder very lightly to get a good view of the lantern that began to float perfectly on the water.

Rin on the other hand put her hands together and prayed to her deceased family. Her mother, her father, and her two brothers filled her mind to the point that she didn't notice the silver head so close to the side of her face.

Dearest mother and father….my brothers I…..I hope you have all found peace wherever you all are. I just want to let you know that I am doing just fine. I have lots of friends, and I am hardly ever lonely. People say I have grown up very well, and I hope you all think so as well. I miss you all, and you will always be in my heart and prayers.

Please don't worry about me for I have found a home within the hearts of people I care for. People that make me happy…

Rin opened one of her eyes to look at Sesshomaru as his gaze lingered on the lighted lantern floating gently on the water.

Truly very happy….

Sesshomaru allowed Rin her alone time and moved to move his head away to give her space until he felt her shift to lean back onto his chest. A satisfied smile graced her lips as she looked to the one that made her so happy while he tensed up only a tad at the close contact. She sat right between his legs with her back against his armor and her head leaning into his fur.

He found their position to be a bit uneasy for he never had such close contact with anyone he didn't try to kill, but after a few moments his body relaxed and allowed Rin to rest her head against his fur covered shoulder.

"Thank you for giving me this," she mentioned as she moved her hand to grab hold of his right one. "Thank you….Sesshomaru."

His mouth opened some at her comment while using his name without its proper title. Some may see it as a sign of disrespect, but he saw it as nothing of the sort if it was an act of appreciation on her part.

"Mmhm," was the only response she got out of him, but she smiled anyway when she was able to spot a light tint of pale pink making its way to his cheeks.

They both watched in silence as the lanterns began to move through the water like a little dance with the bright light shining off of them illuminating the water and giving it all a rich ember glowing effect. Much like certain ember eyes Rin sometime could not take her chocolate eyes away from.


"I would say a very happy day wouldn't you say so," Kagome asked as Inuyasha scratched the itchy fur the woman he loved forced him into. "Yeah yeah yeah," he mumbled.

"That sure was a lot of paper, but I'm glad you were able to get a lot."

"I knew what I was doing," he said as he scratched at his tummy and back.

"Where did you get it all anyway?"

"Ugh," the half demon thought about his answer for a moment. "That's unimportant," he finished.


"Honestly!" Jaken mumbled as he picked up yet another piece of rice paper. "Lord Sesshomaru instructed that paper maker to make only a small lantern."

The imp found more pieces scattered around the forest. "Not a whole stack of useless paper!"

Jaken mentally cursed to himself as he remembered all that paper flowing away in the wind and his lord giving him strict instructions to go and fetch every last piece. "I'll bet he just wanted to get rid of me for what use would he have for all this garbage. I doubt it will even have any use anyway."

Oh, of how little the imp knew for it was that exact paper that a certain dog eared half demon spotted, and it was that exact paper that created half the lanterns and masks that allowed the village to celebrate anything at all.

Jaken cursed to himself again as he leaned back against a tree until a loud "Hey!" brought the imp to attention. "Who's there," Jaken said as he faced every direction with his staff in hand. "Up here you idiot!"

Jaken looked up to find some sort of weasel demon latched on to a very high tree branch. "What are you doing way up there?" Jaken asked as the demon just busted a vain at the top of his head. "It's not by choice not just get me down from here."

"Ha, I will do no such thing you pathetic fool…"

At that exact second the branch the weasel was clinging to busted in half and the furry head of the weasel demon met the green bald head of the imp demon.

Both pathetic demons lay on the ground with their eyes swirling out of control.

"No other fate is worse than ours," they said in union.


Sesshomaru looked to the female in his arms as she seemed to of fallen asleep. Although by her breathing he could tell she was merely resting her eyes. The wind began to pick up, and the rustle of the trees left the night air to chill through their bodies.

"Are the lanterns already out of view?" she asked with half her face buried in his fur. "Yes," he answered as he could no longer see any trace of the lights down the river. Someone will find them soon and pick them up.

"I'm so glad. This was very enjoyable," Rin mumbled sounding as thought she didn't even know what she was saying.

It was almost amusing, but not as amusing as seeing his brother dressed in what could only be described as itchy gray fur. The half demon only sent him angry glares when he could already tell his jackass of a brother was never going to let him live this down.

"A very strange human tradition," he pointed out when he saw the little children running around in masks. He even noticed the little girl that could not pronounce his name right running around with a smile. She stopped and strained her eyes to see if what she saw was true, and after she was able to get a good look at him Tora waved as Sesshomaru with a childish grin on her face.

"Kagome calls it Hallow…eve…or something like that I do not remember."

"Strange none the less," he said and Rin laughed. "Yes I agree," she said as she snuggles closer to him with him acting as though what she was doing didn't phase his cold exterior.

Another gust of wind blew to them sending his hair flying behind his back. "Do you wish to return to your hut?" he asked.

"Mm-mm," she replied sleepily. "Stay with you," she barely managed to get out before she felt herself enter dream world with a small forever escaping her thoughts but not her mouth.

Rin fell asleep with warm fur wrapped around her and a smile to her face when she was finally given the time to spend with Sesshomaru. And as memorable as it was now she couldn't wait for the more moments they would share to come soon.

While Rin lay asleep Sesshomaru looked down to the sleeping smiling girl.

Want you with me…..stay with you…

He remembered he words well and he found his lips forming a tiny smirk like smile as he wrapped more of his fur over the woman leaning against him.

"Very well," he whispered as he looked up into the night sky thinking that for a human tradition he may never forget this night either.

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