Written in Len's Perspective

-First day of Kindergarten-

Today is my first day of Kindergarten. Yes, I have been to school before, but this time it was different. I could not stay with my Mommy, and had to be trapped in this place for what seemed like a million years!

So my Mommy was driving me to this Kindergarten and I sat in the back, because I'm not allowed in the front yet. I want to hurry and grow up. She parked her car in the parking lot and let me out.

"Okay Len, grab my hand," She told me, and I ran to her, grabbing it. She laughed and led me through the gate, into the school. There were a lot of kids like me. Well, at least they were the same height as I was. Mommy took me to another lady who she said would be my teacher. "Len," She said, "I need you to be a big boy and stay here with your teacher until I come back to pick you up. Can you do that for me?" I nodded my head and she ruffled my hair. "Good bye," She said, hugging me. I hugged Mommy back. She walked out the door and I was confused. Why was Mommy leaving? I wanted her to come back. I sat down and I felt water clog my eyes.

"Oh, don't cry," a girl said standing in front of me. I looked at her and wiped my eyes clean. "I like your eyes!" She exclaimed, and helped me up.

"Thank you," I thanked her, and she hugged me.

"My name is Rin, and my favorite color is orange! What about you?"

"I am Len, and I like the color yellow," I told her. She would release me from the hug and smile widely.

"Let's be best friends forever, okay?" She held out her pinky. I smiled and we shook our pinky fingers together.

"Okay, Rin!" From that day all through the rest of Kindergarten, I had a best friend Rin who I did everything with.

-First Day of 1st Grade-

I was excited for the first day of 1st grade, so I could see my best friend again. I hadn't seen her all summer, so I was nervous and excited at the same time! My Mommy led me in the class, and as soon as we were in the door, I saw her. Rin. I ran straight to her and she looked at me with a wide smile.

"Len! I missed you!" She said, hugging me. I hugged her back.

"I missed you too!" I told her. She smiled at me.

"I like your eyes," she told me again, "They're very pretty!"

Rin Kagamine. I found out her last name this year. I also found out that we had the same last name. It was pretty cool!

-2nd Grade-

In 2nd grade, we finally had recess with the older kids, the 3rd graders. They were pretty scary, and sometimes they bullied me and Rin.

The bell for recess rang, and Rin came over and grabbed my hand, leading me outside.

"C'mon Lenny, let's make it to the swings before anyone else!" She said, starting to run, pulling me with her. I couldn't usually keep up with her, she was always so fast. We did get to the swings first, even before the bully 3rd graders. Rin jumped onto one swing and I got onto the other.

"Bet I can get higher than you!" I would challenge her. She had always liked competition. She had gotten up so high that I admitted defeat, and she would laugh a laugh that would spread to me. What did you call it? Countagous? Contagous? Cun- Oh, never mind. But she stopped laughing when she saw the 3rd grader that would always bully her.

"That's my swing, kid," He would say, puffing out his chest to look big.

"I was here first!" She said, and stuck her tongue out at him. He didn't seem to like that.

"Get off!" He shouted at her.

"No!" She shouted back, only making him angrier. He went behind her, pried her fingers off and pushed her. She screamed as she hit the bark dust. I got off quickly, and looked around for a teacher to help. The 3rd grader came up to her.

"This'll teach you a lesson," He said, and twisted her arm backwards. She screamed, and I ran and kicked the boy in his...shh...private area. He fell over and hunched into a ball. I helped Rin up and she smiled at me.

"Thanks," She said, "I like your eyes."

-5th Grade-

I wasn't in the same class as Rin for the first time in my life. I mean, we saw eachother on the playground, but that was it. I really missed my best friend. One day we were holding hands on the playground like we always do, and the teachers told us we had to stop. I'm not sure why, though. I missed the warmth of her hand. Soon enough, we were drifted apart. I became friends with a boy named Mikuo Hatsune. He was fun and wild, but it wasn't enough for me. I needed Rin. But she had made lots of new friends this year, and only waves to me now.

"Len...isn't that girl cute over there?" Mikuo asked, pointing. I looked over. He was pointing at Rin.

"U-uh, sure, but she isn't really my type," I told him. Mikuo gave me a strange look, but waved it off.

"Let's go say hi!" He said, and started to walk off. I pulled on his arm.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I started, but Mikuo placed his arm around my shoulders and dragged me over with him.

"Aw, c'mon Len, lighten up," He said. "Hey, Miku! Neru!" Rin's friends both turned around, and so did Rin. We eyes locked, and I had a nervous tug in my gut. "Who's the friend?" Mikuo asked, pointing to Rin. She stepped forward.

"My name is Rin," She said, shaking both of our hands. Her hand had the same warm feeling as I had remembered. Rin glanced at Mikuo, but mostly kept her eyes on me, which made me a bit uncomfortable. "Um..." She started, "I like your eyes," She smiled awkwardly.

"Thanks...I like your ribbon," I told her, scratching the back of my head.

"Whoa. Is the air here awkward, or is it just me?" Mikuo asked, sniffing the air around him, and we all couldn't help but to burst into laughter.

-6th-8th Grade-

The circulation in my arm was cut off when Rin held onto it.

"Len, look," She said. I groaned, and looked over. Yep there he is, Mr. Dreamboat. "Isn't he wonderful?" She sighed. What's so great about Kaito? I don't see how he could be any better than me- what? What are you saying? I am not jealous of Kaito.

"Yeah, a Dreamboat all right," I told her, "Can we go to my house now? I got this new video game you're gonna just love-" I was cut off when Rin's hand was placed over my lips.

"Shh," She said. Like I could even talk like this. "He's coming over here!" Sure enough, Kaito was strutting his stupid little butt over to our direction.

"Rin," He said, baring a smile. She smiled back, removing her hand from my mouth. "And...Len, right?" He asked.

"Yeah," I mumbled, and his direction was shot back to Rin.

"So Rin, you know the dance is coming up, do you wanna go with me?" She grip on my arm tightened and I squeaked.

"Sure, Kaito," She beamed her best smile at him.

"Great, see ya!" He waved and turned around, running away. Yeah, that's it. Run away. As soon as he was out of sight, Rin started squealing.

"OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH~" She shrieked and let go of my arm. I looked at it, there was red marks on it. Great. This just isn't my day, is it?

"Yeah, good for you, Rin," I grumbled. She pursed her lips.

"Len, you'll get a date too, don't worry~" She said. I don't want a date to the dance, I thought. But I didn't tell her that.

The night of the dance, me and Rin carpooled together. She was jumping up and down and squealing. I sat next to her, sick of hearing the same 'I can't believe I'm going to the dance with Kaito, ehehehehehehe'.

"I just can't believe-"

"You're going to the dance with Kaito, we get it Rin," I told her. She still continued jumping up and down as I stared out my window. My mom dropped us off and she ran ahead, greeting Kaito at the door. I walked inside and sat on the bleachers, watching Rin and Kaito dance. When I did, a horrible feeling washed over me. I wasn't sure what it meant, but I certainly didn't like it. After the first dance, Kaito left for some reason and Rin bounded over to me.

"Oh Len, this night is already amazing!" She was breathing hard. I could understand, I mean, her dancing mostly consisted of jumping up and down and waving her arms.

"Great," I grumbled.

"What?" She asked, but didn't have time because Kaito had come back with punch for Rin. Ew. Couples. I rolled my eyes.

"Kaito, thanks for the punch!" She said, and smiled at him again.

"No problem, Rin-Rin," He said. Ew! Rin-Rin? What kind of pet name is that? I could come up with something better. Rin barely sipped at her drink and took Kaito by the hand to dance somemore, and we they got back, a slow song started. I watched in disgust as Kaito wrapped his arms around her. Double ew. They swayed to the music, and next thing I knew they were lip-locking...wait. WHAT? I blinked my eyes and rubbed them, but the scene in front of me didn't change. After their kiss ended, they were in a hug, Kaito ran through her hair. The song ended, and Kaito left again, Rin walked over to me in a daze.

"Didja see that?" She asked. I nodded, and she sat down.

"He kissed me," She touched her lips, "HE KISSED ME, LEN!" She squealed, again. I took Rin by the hand and got up, walking off the dancefloor. "Where are we going?" She asked. I didn't say anything, I just couldn't handle being in there anymore. I couldn't even handle the thought of Rin and Kaito together.

"Rin," I said, finally stopping, "I don't think you should trust Kaito," I told her. She opened her mouth in surprise.

"Why not?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"He just doesn't seem...real. It's like he's faking," I told her. I watched her face turn angry.

"What is with you, Len? You've never approved of Kaito!" I backed away as Rin shoved me a little back while yelling at me at how much I hate it when she's all Kaito this, Kaito that. "You don't even care that he could really like me!" I didn't even hear what she said last. My eye was caught on a boy with dark blue hair, making out with a girl with long pink hair. It was Kaito.

"Rin. Turn around," I told her.

"What? Why should I listen-" I forced her, and her eyes widened.

"KAITO?" He turned around. Tears formed in her eyes, and she ran off. I gave him a death glare, and ran off after Rin, who returned to the bleachers we were sitting on earlier. She had her head in her hands. I sat down and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, Rin, it's okay, there are other fish in the sea," I told her. No response. I got an idea, and took one of her hands. She looked up at me, eyes red.

"What..?" She asked.

"Come dance with me," And before I could let her say no, I dragged her on the dancefloor. When I first started this, they were playing a pop song, but as soon as I got on the floor they had to change it to a slow song. Oh well. I'll have to go with it if I want to cheer her up. I put my hand on her waist -awkward- and held the other. She put hers on on my shoulder. We swayed back and forth, left and right. A feeling of warmth rushed through me, and my mood brightened. What is this feeling? I thought. We started dancing slower, and becoming closer together. Next thing I knew, I pressed my lips onto hers. Woah Len, slow down here. This is your best friend? Why are you kissing her? I opened my eyes to look at Rin, and hers were shut peacefully. I removed my lips and she rested her head onto my shoulder, muttering something like,

"I like your eyes,"

-12th Grade-

I've been dating Rin for a few years now, ever since that night at the dance.

I dribbled the basketball and slam-dunked it, wiping sweat off of my forehead. Where's Rin? I thought, She was supposed to be here by now. I dunked the ball in again, but threw it on the ground in frustration. I ran my hands through my hair, and my phone started to ring. I took it out and flipped it open,


"Len? It's Rin's mom," Her voice sounded panicked. "Rin got into an accident on 12th street. There's blood. Hurry over!" I felt my whole body go cold. 12th street? That's just down the block from here! I panicked and started running, shutting the phone and burying it in my pocket. Whn I got there, the place had already been blocked off. Sirens wailed, and I saw Rin's car. My eyes widened when I saw blood dripping out of the open door, a large puddle on the ground. A police man walked over to me.

"What's your business?" He asked.

"Rin! She's my girlfriend! Where is she?" I demanded, but quickly remembered that he was an officer.

"Oh, you must be that boy the girl was going to go see," He said, "She's over there. They're taking her to the ER," I quickly thanked the officer and ran to the ambulance. I saw Rin, being lifted inside.

"Can I go with her?" I asked a medic. They nodded and I climbed inside, sitting down. I saw Rin, she had blood coming from her head. Lots of it, making her hair a red sticky mess. I picked up her hand. It was ice cold. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

"Oh Rin," I cried, "Please be okay," I placed her hand on my lips and kept it there the whole ride.

At the ER, I had to wait outside while they did whatever they had to do to make her better. I never got to see her again that day.

It has been five days, and I got a call from Rin's mom.

"Len, they're ready for visitors," She told me, "I'm coming to pick you up, so be ready,"

Back at the ER, the surgeon came out with a clipboard.

"She's suffering from amnesia. I'm afraid that she can't remember anything," I held my breath. "But, there's still hope of recovery. She'll just need some time." He nodded to let me know I could go in. I walked in, Rin's mom behind me. Looking at her, her head was wrapped up, but other than that she looked fine. I grabbed her hand, and she gave me a surprised look, but it softened when she looked at my face.

"I don't know you," She said, "But I like your eyes."

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