"L-Len! Help me, I ju- HOLY-!" I immediately set down my magazine and ran into the kitchen, where Rin had been trying to make dinner…

And was greeted by a gigantic flame looming over the pan she was trying to fry vegetables on.

"Holy shit! Rin, go get the fire extinguisher!" She nodded and ran out of the kitchen to go and retrieve what I told her. Looking around, I saw the vegetable oil container.

It was half empty.

That, girl! I swear; if it's not this, it's that…

"Back!" Rin tossed me the fire extinguisher and I caught it with amazing skill, I must say. I pointed it at the flames and held down the handle, the white foam shooting out of the nozzle. Soon, the once burnt vegetable pieces were coated in the stuff. I heaved a sigh of relief, set down the fire extinguisher and then turned to Rin, who squeaked at my sudden glare and hid behind the island.

"Rin," I started, "Why in the world did you use over half of the vegetable oil?" I leaned on the same counter she was hiding behind.

"Um, it wasn't full when I got it out of the cupboard?"

"You're a bad liar, Rin. Plus, we went grocery shopping yesterday." I told her, a small smirk forming over my lips. I waited for her response, but I didn't get one. "Rin…?" I leaned over to take a look on the other side of the counter, and she wasn't there. Scratching my head in confusion, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned around and was greeted by Rin…

Holding the fire extinguisher in her hands.

"Oh no." I said, wishing there wasn't an island behind me so I could run away.

"Oh yes." She held down the handle, and the white stuff came flowing out of the nozzle, caking my clothes, hair, and face with it. She smirked in success, taking her hand off of the handle. "What the..?" The stuff was still coming out! She must've jammed the handle somehow! It spilt all over the ground, and she dropped it in surprise as the foam spilt onto her legs. It rolled around, caking the whole kitchen. Rin, trying to run away slipped, and tried to hold onto me for balance, causing us both to flop onto the ground. Soon Rin and I were covered head to toe in it, and the stupid fire extinguisher ran out of that stupid white stuff. I wiped my face clean and opened my eyes. Rin did the same, and we both sat there in silence looking around the kitchen.

"…Rin. You fail." I finally said, and she pouted.

"I'm the fail? Last time I checked, you couldn't even beat Skyla in Pokémon Black!" She retorted, a smile etching across her face. I raised an eyebrow and gathered some white foam in my hands.

"Oh yeah?" She nodded triumphantly, not seeing the foam I had gathered in my hands. "Oh my gosh, Rin!" She cocked her head to the side as I pretended to be scared, "The fire didn't go out!" She spun her head around back to the stove top, and I dumped the stuff all over her head. She jumped in surprise, and just stood there, the foam washing into her short blonde locks as I doubled over, laughing. I stopped short when I heard her growl and she turned around slowly, with a fiery glare.

"It's on."

She scooped the white stuff and threw it at me, myself blocking it with ease, and it would've been awesome if I didn't slip and fall into the pool of foam when I did. She laughed at my stunt and knelt down next to me, giggling. She grabbed some foam and smeared it over my nose.

"I win?" She asked, still giggling. I huffed and she took that as a yes. Geez, this girl is so competitive. But that's just one of her charms. We both sat there, bathing in the foam laughing for awhile. I ended up smearing it on her face and she did the same. She laughed cutely and I ruffled her hair.

I managed to settle down after awhile and stood up, "Who's gonna clean this up?" Rin looked at me and smiled. I knew that look. "I'm not going to do it, Rin. Don't try to act cute to get me too, alright?" Her smile turned into a frown.

"Why not?"

"Because you made the mess in the first place. If you didn't squirt this stuff at me then the nozzle wouldn't have gotten stuck." She made a face but got up anyway. I smiled at her and she raised an eyebrow back, with a small smile dancing across her lips.

I decided to go take a shower to wash all of this off. I went inside the Kagamine's bathroom and turned on the faucet, running the hot water. I managed to finish my shower in about five minutes. After I got out I realized that I didn't bring an extra pair of clothes, which means I'd have to run all the way to the guest room with just my towel on. Oh man, you fail Len. I wrapped the towel around myself and creaked the door open slightly to make sure the coast was clear. I could hear Rin mopping up the kitchen, humming. I decided this is my best chance and made a run for it, running into the guest room and shutting the door quickly. I cheered quietly and turned on the TV while I changed. I don't know why, I guess it was just a habit of mine that I grew up with or something. The News Channel flashed on, (I love the News, don't ask why; I don't know), and a woman with too much make-up was speaking into the camera, tripping over her words every now and then. I snickered and started to pull my shirt over my head.

"Breaking News, at 8:27 AM this morning, a plane flew off its course and ran into another plane going the opposite direction. The plane was flying from Akita to Sapporo, Japan. We expect everyone on that aircraft to be a casualty, and we have the names of the people who charted that plane ride."

All the names? I finished pulling on my shirt, grabbing a water bottle that sat on the nightstand and sat on the bed, listening to the woman name off a whole bunch of people I didn't know. Un-screwing the lid on the bottle, I pressed it up onto my lips and started to take in the liquid.

As she began listing off names, one name caught my attention and I began to choke on the water, coughing up my lungs.

Oh my god…

✿~ gσσđ иιgнтѕ đяєαм ~✿

I can't do it.

I can't tell her.

It would break her heart.

Rin shouldn't know.

She can't know.

She won't be able to handle it.

I stared at the dinner Rin ordered, toying with my fork. Rin eyed me worriedly and silently ate. I wasn't hungry. I was shaken.

How would Rin take it?

"Len," I looked up from my fork and felt Rin's hand lightly brush onto mine. She gazed worriedly into my eyes and squeezed my hand, as if comforting a small child. "Are you okay? You've been staring at your dinner this whole time…" No, I'm not okay; I don't want to see you break down! Is what I want to say…but I can't. I managed a small smile and squeezed her hand lightly.

"I'm fine, Rin. I'm tired is all." She nodded but kept her eyes locked to mine. I looked back down at my food to avoid her stare. She got up suddenly, and walked to the TV. "What are you doing?"

A soft smile curled onto her lips. "I'm going to turn on the News. I know how much you love it; maybe it will wake you up?" She asked with a giggle. I began to sweat and nodded nervously.

Oh, no. What if they continue the same story? Let's see, I was watching the 5'o clock News…and now it's six. Oh god, calm down Len…

"The Weather this week is going to be all sunny; so take out your sunscreen and prepare for the hot weather!" The same lady who wore too much make-up smiled cheekily, her dark red lips stretching her face. "Also, reported an hour ago, a plane crashed into another…"

"Hey, Rin, why don't we turn this off?" I asked loudly so she wouldn't be able to hear the TV. She shushed me and turned back to the TV. Frantically, I got up and stood in front of her.

"Len, what are you doing? Move." She tried to look past my head, but I kept moving with her. She ended up pushing me onto the ground and sat on me, giggling. "That's what you get. Don't disobey me," She added, covering my mouth with her foot.

"…we have a list of people of charted that plane ride…"

Oh no.

"Reiko Kale, Nanami Kagamine, Hinta Kuruta…"


That's what Rin's body felt on top of mine.

She removed her foot over my mouth slowly.

"Rin…" She got off of me, brushing out the wrinkles in her clothes. She then looked to me with cold lifeless eyes.

"…You knew." I got up and looked right into her dull eyes. I noticed the liquid prickling at the corners and bit my bottom lip.

"I didn't know how to tell you…"

"When did you find this out?"

"Right before dinner."

Her words were arrows piercing through my body, the armor surrounding it being broke into tiny pieces.

"…You just decided to let me figure it out, then?" Her voice cracked as the first tear trickled down her pale cheek.


I didn't know what to say. What is there to say?

I'm such a fool. A big, dumbass fool.

I broke out of my though when I heard something slam into something. I blinked, and looked to where the sound came from. I looked around the room and noticing that Rin was no longer here, I ran into the kitchen. Next to the counter was Rin, who was frustratingly knocking random things that sat on the counter onto the floor.

"Rin, what are you doing?" I asked frantically, watching her pick up a full cup of tea and dropping it, the once beautifully painted china now shattered into little pieces. She didn't answer as she picked up another cup and dropped it, the loud Clang echoing in my ears. I started over to her, and stepped onto a shard of the china. Not minding it, I winced as I continued over to her. She didn't pay me any attention as she was facing the other direction, and jumped a bit when I placed my hands onto her shoulders.

"Let me go!" She turned around and started to beat her fists onto my chest, tears staining her arms and face. I removed a hand from her shoulder and wrapped it around her waist, the other joining. I heard her lightly gasp, but she continued to fight against me.

"I'm so sorry Rin…" I whispered, feeling a tear trickle down my cheek. She continued to pound her fist into my chest, but buried her face into my neck and didn't go to her Mom's funeral. She acts like everything is okay; but I know it isn't.

✿~ gσσđ иιgнтѕ đяєαм ~✿

A few days later…

She acts so strong…I can't help but admire her for it, although she doesn't need to act the way she is.

"Len?" I looked up to Rin, who was looking at me from behind her laptop. She's been busy on that for a long time. Since Spring Break was over, her teachers had given her plenty of projects to be busy on. I sat up straight on the kitchen chair, pushing up my reading glasses.


"What causes a heart attack?"

Ah, she must be doing a science project.

"Well," I started, filing through the folders in my brain. Oh, there it is. Heart attack. "It can be caused by certain drugs, such as cocaine, exposure to extreme cold, and smoking…" There was one more, wasn't there? I tried to think of it, but nothing popped up. "Sorry Rin, I don't remember the last one." She nodded, and faced the laptops screen again.

"That's okay, it seems like it should be enough…"

Ever since Mrs. Kagamine had died, I had gotten permission to stay with Rin. My parents didn't seem to mind, since we're going to graduate soon anyways.

I looked back down to the textbook I had flipped open to a page about the Colony of Massachusetts. Sighing, I flipped to the next page, pushing up my glasses that kept slipping down my nose.

✿~ gσσđ иιgнтѕ đяєαм ~✿

I lazily slumped into my bed, kicking off my slippers. Tucking myself into the soft blankets, I closed my eyes and started to wonder.

How does she stay so strong? I know I wouldn't be at this situation…I remember the time when Kaito was making out with another girl after he kissed Rin. She sobbed for two whole songs at the dance, until I stepped in.

I heard the sounds of sheets rustling, and opened my eyes.


The familiar pair of eyes met my own, the soft blue standing out even in the dark.

"Len…can I sleep with you tonight?" I nodded and heard a soft sigh escape her lips. She tucked herself inside the bed with me. The blankets rustled again as she scooted right next to me. I could feel her warm body next heat up my own as she set her head onto the pillow. "Thank you…" She whispered, and I smiled to her although I knew she couldn't see it in the dark.

After a long while of us being silent, I opened my mouth.

"How are you, Rin?" I asked, even though she was asleep. I could tell by the soft breathing, her chest rising and lowering slowly. I turned onto my side and snaked an arm around her thin waist, pulling her close into me. I heard her whimper slightly, and I knew that she had woken up from the sudden movement.


"I know you want to cry, Rin. It's okay to be sad." Her body was still for a moment, and then suddenly relaxed.

"I'm not sad, Len. What reason is there to be?"

"…You're in denial, aren't you?" I asked softly, and her breathing hitched.

"Why would I be?"

"Your mom… Rin, your mom is dead." I said, sitting up in the bed. I reached for the lamp and turned it on; it's soft light lighting up the bed.

"What do you mean? She's just on a trip, remember?"

Oh my god…

"Rin! Even though we both wish that was true, it's not!"

"Yes, it is!" She sat up and looked at me desperately.

"Rin, I'm sorry, but it isn't." I said calmly, looking into her eyes as tears began to prick at them once again.

"NO IT'S NOT!" She screeched at me, and the tears suddenly began to rush down her cheeks. "Mom isn't dead! She isn't!" She yelled, picking up a pillow and throwing it at me. I dodged it, and tried to move toward her in attempt for comfort. "Go away!" She screamed, pushing into my chest. Her breath hitched once again, and it began to become short. She gasped for air, and placed a desperate hand over her chest. Beads of sweat began to build up on her forehead.

"Rin!" I placed an arm around her. She looked at me desperately, mouthing something I understood right away.

Call 911.

I scrambled out of the bed and reached for the land line, quickly dialing 911. I had a short conversation with the woman who had picked up. I told her the symptoms, and she said that an ambulance would arrive shortly. Looking back at Rin, she laid on the bed, her breath coming out in short little gasps. I felt tears fog up my eyes as I remembered something I had forgotten earlier today.

The last symptom of a heart attack.

Emotional Stress.

✿~ gσσđ иιgнтѕ đяєαм ~✿

I sat outside the Emergency Room Rin was inside. I tapped my food lightly on the ground impatiently, my head buried in my hands.

Oh Rin, just be okay…

"Oh, it's you again." I looked up and saw the same green haired nurse from before. She jumped in surprise, probably at my seldom look. "W-what brings you here tonight?"

I sighed and explained to her everything that happened. I could feel the tears rush back; oh god, Len. Not right now…

"I see…let's pray she'll be alright, Mhm?" She smiled gently at me, placing her hand on mine. Quickly I remembered when Rin did the same thing, only a few days ago. I simply nodded. She quickly removed her hand when the sound of a heavy door being pushed open heaved into the room. I desperately glanced up at the medical.

"Is she all right?" I asked, jumping up from my seat. He gave me a seldom look and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Kid…I do these kinds of things every day. I should be used to it by now, right? But for some reason, this is going to be the hardest."

"Don't say it," I interrupted him, "It's bad, isn't it?" He nodded and squeezed my shoulder gently.

"It seems that she is suffering from heart failure, son. It would be a miracle if she survived-"

"There must be some way you could save her!" I yelled, and then quickly covered my mouth. He glanced away quickly and shook his head, but the Nurse quickly came in between us.

"There is a way…" She said quietly, looking down. The medicals eyes widened in shock and he shook his head back and forth.

"No, no…this kid can't do it!" He protested.

"If there is a way I can help, I'll do anything!" I intervened. The Nurse bit her lip and explained to me the only way she could be saved. I nodded my head slowly in understanding.

I'll do anything for you, Rin.

"I'll do it." I said. As soon as the words slipped out of my mouth, I felt the last piece of armor that held onto me, the one Rin never broke off in fear, the one covering my heart, slowly fall off.

✿~ gσσđ иιgнтѕ đяєαм ~✿

Kagamine Rin woke up in the hospital bed, the sound of the monitor measuring her heart rate beeping moderately. She sat up, slowly rubbing her eyes.

"I wouldn't yet if I were you," Rin looked to the corner of the room and spotted a green haired Nurse, who smiled gently down at her. "It's a bit too soon. Take it easy." She handed Rin the remote to control the bed and Rin accepted it. She looked at it for a second then set it down.

"Where's Len?" She asked the Nurse. She looked away quickly but then her green eyes locked back onto Rin's, sincere and caring. She slowly handed Rin a letter that was stamped with a pink and red heart. Rin took it, flipping it to look onto the other side. To Rin, it read. She glanced confused at the Nurse who bid a goodbye and left the room, her eyes a million miles away. Rin slowly opened the letter.

Dear Rin,

I'm glad that you are safe and well. I really hope that you will stay that way for the rest of your beautiful life.

Remember when we first met? We were in Kindergarten, and I was crying over my mother. You helped me, and soon, we became the best of friends. Soon after, you became a part of me that will never go away. What I'm trying to say is, it's okay to cry, because when you do, the road to happiness is just that bit closer. Since that day, we've always been together. I'll never forget your smiling face.

I need you to remember that forever.

By the time you read this, I'll be gone. I'm sorry for not properly saying goodbye, but this is the only way it could happen. After you had your heart failure, the only way to save you was by transplant. I'm glad to know that it was me who saved your life. I need you to stay beautiful, Rin. That powerful, kind, strong Rin that makes her a beautiful person.

I want you to know that I won't be gone forever. In reality, I'll never be away from you. There's that one part of me that's inside of you right now, and it'll be there forever. I will always watch over you.

I hate goodbyes.

So instead of saying goodbye, let's just say 'Until tomorrow'. Because one day, for sure, we will meet in a very special place. And I'll be saving a swing just for you, until you arrive.

So until tomorrow, Rin.


There's the end!

Did you enjoy it? I hope it was heartfelt enough for you guys!

I would like to dedicate this to my friend Sara, although I know she will never read this, since she doesn't use this site!