Authors note: Yay my first Megamind fanfiction that will end up full-length :3...This fic is set in in an Alternate Universe, so it will not be following the story set up in the original Megamind; there will also be original characters, as well as characters (Doom Syndicate) that have changed sides...So have fun and reviews are much appreciated! thanks! :)

It was strange...When he had first landed landed on this planet; only eight days old, in a cobbled together escape pod with nothing but his onesie and his fishy companion he had briefly expected it to be...different.

When the pod had opened and he had stared up at the men wearing orange surrounding him with shocked expressions, he even in his infantile stage knew he was different. They did not look like his parents, nor himself, and they certainly didn't look like Minion.

He had crawled out of the star traverser, looking around, perhaps in hopes of seeing familiarity but was met with nothing but a sea of orange and muted skin-tones. He had sat on the jail's concrete basketed-ball court with Minion in his lap and cried (though he always left that part out in his stories); until one of the foreigners; a chubby, bald man with a missing tooth scooped him up.

His and Minion's stay at the prison had been a short one; a little under a month; until that fateful day in January when a man in a black suit came to the prison. At that time he had thought it was funny, the mystery man said that his name was John Warden; much like the title of the man that governed his 'uncles'.

He had listened from the small room attached to the Warden's office in his makeshift crib to the low heated voices of the men on the other side of the door. Glancing down to his fish companion in curiosity as the men went silent and the door to his closet-like room opened.

The man 'John Warden;' a man with greying brown hair and kind eyes approached him and gave him a small unsure smile. He had stared back up at him with wide, luminous green eyes in curiosity.

The new 'Warden' had picked him up, swaddling him in his worn blue blanket and looked at him with a soft, yet unreadable expression.

Minion had jumped in his aqua-sphere, unhappy and worried about being separated from his sir. The man noticed this and quickly picked up the globe and handed it to the small blue baby, whose hand shot out from beneath the blanket and eagerly plucked up his friend.

The 'Warden' had smiled as the fish pressed his face up to the glass in an attempt to get closer to the infant. As if checking to make sure no harm had come to him during their brief moment of separation.

"You two are going to a place were you'll be safe; be with others like you..." the man had said softly them.

'They were going some place?' He remembers whining and craning his neck, looking back into the crib he needed his B.I.N.K.Y...he couldn't leave with out it.

The man noticed this and looked into the crib as well and chuckled; reaching down and plucked up the object and placed it gently into the aliens mouth.

The man in black had bundled he and Minion up tightly before stepping out of the prison and into the cold winter air, heading towards a black car parked just outside the gates.

And when the man had placed him in a cozy little carrier in the back, he knew that he would never see the fenced off complex ever again...His life had changed; once again he had been swept away; though this time he did not cry...No, as the car sped away, he remembered looking down to Minion and actually smiling...

During the first four years at "The Bureau" there were only a few children around his age including; mister-goody-two-shoes (who had been picked up not a week before he...and with some difficulty from his 'adoptive parents.') And although no one in the gaggle of five children looked like him, they shared something in common...They were all different; 'gifted' as Director Warden had told them.

Though it had seemed that the other children including Wayne, saw him as even more different then they...At first he had suspected they had shunned him because he was the new kid, and the youngest of them all. However his fast working brain soon figured out that they ee-schewed him for a different reasons entirely; and soon he had began to hear whispered teases behind his back...

However that's when Bree; a bright eyed, Welsh girl, three years his senior and in more advanced field studies had noticed the scorn of the other children...He remembered her behaving much in the manor of a mother hen would when defending her...chicklets? It was then that he discovered that the red-head had very little tolerance for bullies.

She had laid into Wayne the most, scolding him for picking on a kid that had never done anything wrong; and then she had angrily turned on the rest of the kids. He had listen in awe as the angry girl told the group that here, no one would ever be treated badly because they were thought to be different...Because the truth of the matter was, they were all different from the children their own age; and they would not treat one of their own the way many had been or would have treated before coming to "The Bureau."

At this his shh-oolmates had hung their heads in shame, though he had always known that Wayne had felt the most guilty of all.

He still remembered the look on Bree's face when she had turned back to him, smiling fiercely; her dimples highlighting her freckled cheeks.

"Don't worry Blue, I'll watch out for you." she had said.

What she said next, would be something he would always carry with him.

"Like a big sister, I'll take care of you and your fishy friend."

Like a a family...

He hadn't stayed with his fellow classmates for long; no, his amazing intellect had made sure of that...He excelled in his studies, far surpassing the other students and eventually all of his mentors.

At age fourteen he had left top-level college graduates in the dust; he begun inventing machines and mechanisms the world had never seen, and most likely wouldn't have seen for another century.

He had long since stuck his fishy companion on a large, partially furry, gorilla-like mechanical body; he had also mostly perfected his dehydration gun at that point, though at that time it had less settings. And while these things were not his most advanced or showy inventions; they had been the one's he cherished the most, and the ones he still cherished the most.

At fifteen he and the rest of the students his age had been given their code names, he however had known for a long time what he wanted to be called. He had even insisted upon it long before they were given the opportunity to chose their names...Megamind

Wayne in his lack of creativity had chosen the name Metro Man after the name of the city they had first arrived in and would most likely be stationed in.

Bree had received her name three years before he officially had received his and was to be referred to as Selkie (though she had made an exception for Minion and himself and of course the Director.)

At this time they had also begun to put their years of training to the test, going out on simulated missions as well as aiding the older agents during actually supernatural events...

This was when he realized that no matter how much he tested his inventions in the safety of the lab he had insisted he had for himself; something inevit-ah-bly went wrong when out in the field.

...The charge was lost; the thing backfired; it effected everything it wasn't supposed to effect; It had the longest warmup history in the history of warmups...The list went on and on.

At first it had been cause for utter humiliation, though after a full year of mishaps, the humiliation had ebbed away and had been replaced with annoyance and frustration...Much of the time he had taken it out on Minion, blaming him for the technically difficulties. But he had always felt rather guilty when he was done venting on his best friend; though his pride would never let him admit to it.

Wayne-or rather Metro Man on the other hand, had come through with flying colours, acing every test, every situation like a pro and had quickly become one of the favourites; and this irked him to no end. Soon he had begun to view his fellow agent as a rival rather than a teammate...

Two years later, at age eighteen he and Wayne joined Selkie, and a few other's as the main active agents for Metrocity under Assistant Director Maria Thatcher (also known as agent Hot Flash). As expected the citizens of the city had applauded and welcomed in the Godlike, human looking alien...He on the other hand, once again found that he was shunned and ignored by the general populace. Of course his ego would have none of this and he consistently tried to one-up his fellow agent, time and time again.

This of course had ended in many scoldings from Minion, Selkie, Assistant Director Thatcher, and even Director John Warden. But nothing could have prepared them for the amount of showmanship he had possessed until age twenty-three rolled around. At that time the city's most trusted news station had hired a young woman; bright eyed, plucky and fresh-out-of-college, her name was Roxanne Ritchi...

He had quickly developed a sort of puppy love the first few times she had interviewed Wayne (and himself...somewhat...though he had been mostly background noise with all of his annoyed grousing over his failed equipment.) And when he had discovered that she was smart, and witty, he just about fell head over heels.

Soon he began creating more and more elaborate inventions; amping up his presentation, in hopes of catching her eye. And he did, in a way; though when he had finally received his own question it wasn't exactly one he was proud of.

"Do you think that any of your inventions will ever work the way they are supposed to?"

He had been taken back by this, and then he bristled, and then he walked off in a huff; of course he had later regretted his childlike reaction.

When he had been interviewed again he was still sore from the first one and he had been a bit snarky; he had not expected that she would take his grumpiness in stride and strike up some witty banter with him.

After that it had quickly become their routine, Wayne would get praised and fawned over and then it would be his turn...True he would act blah-see about it, try his best to be charming and suave; but on the inside, he was always bubbling up with excitement at the prospect he had once again caught her attention...Even if it had been because one of his inventions once again failed miserably...

For three years somewhat of a routine had developed, defeat various supernatural beings and the occasional would-be terrorist; get interviewed for the news; begin the whole process over again.

Rarely had the beings The Bureau faced been much of a challenge, many had been low level Minors, a few higher level Devi-ah-tions but nothing ever higher than that.

Then when he was twenty-seven, there appeared to be an influx of activity, more higher level mutants had begun to pull themselves from the proverbially shadows (and in some instances actual shadows.)...Two months later the division found themselves facing a possible Chimera infestation. (The teams resident illusionist, Psycho-Delic had quickly denied that they were of his illusion-craft as a possible attempt as a late April Fool's joke.)

And when he had finally been able to obtain an ad-a-quate sample he had discovered the disturbing fact that they were genetically crafted by an individual that knew what they were doing.

A week later the team had received information that the being responsible for the string of Chimera attacks was going by the name of The Chimera Lord; and he wasn't working alone. Unfortunately there had been no previous dealings with a villain under this name; and the blue alien had soon discovered with great disdain that there were no genetic fingerprints he could trace back to a source...

Over the next few months there had been an increase in the creatures created by the so-called Chimera Lord; and then things took a turn for the worse...

A group of thugs...or what was left of them had been found on the east side of the industrial district. All that had been left was corpses (if they could even be called that). The 'most intact one' had major areas or corroded skin that looked as though it had been melted to the bone and larger ares of the remains were simply piles of viscous goo and ashes. The remainder of the criminals took on the appearance of the latter. Upon further inspection he found that this form decay was most likely due to some sort of chemical rather than a high heat or open flame.

A week later one of the city's leading scientists was found dead in his home, with a series of deep gauges taken out of his body; and on his back the word "отвращение" was carved.

Selkie had informed him that the translation was Abomination and it had come from someone who had either been taught Russian or was native to country.

With a little research he had discovered that the murdered scientist had been dabbling in the field of genetics, and some of his experiments could have been considered less than legal...

Over the next two months, things quickly went down hill; with more and more issues and incidences occurring at faster rates. It soon appeared as though The Bureau might be facing a crisis; a possible mutant war...