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Roxanne found it hard to believe as Hal drove her home; how absolutely defeated and almost self-loathing Megamind had been when she prompted him for an interview after the whole bank robbery incident.

He hadn't even allowed her to open her mouth before he stared her down with hurt and disdain in his vivacious green eyes; He had spat out a single comment before shoving out of the crowd and waking down the street,and past The Bureau's helicopter as if in a trance.

"Yes once again I screwed up, lets add this to my long list of failures; I'm sure someone is enjoying keeping score."

She kept mulling over what he had said, over and over in her mind; he had looked at her, just her, as if know one else existed, as if the crowd wasn't even there. He said it to her alone...

When she had first met him and given him his first interview, she had suspected that he was trying to one-up Metro Man in a silly game that men seemed to like playing; however...As the years went by it became apparent, at least to her, that he was trying to impress her...

At first she laughed it off; a silly concept; unheard of! Though as time went by and his attempts to catch her attention never seemed to falter or wane, she began to admire his determination. Soon after, she found it quite enduring, and romantic in an odd backwards sort of way. She of course would never admit to it, being too proud; she, a star reporter with perhaps, just maybe a teensy, tiny, miniscule crush the cities resident spaceman/hero/super-genius.

She scoffed at herself even now for thinking about it, and then scolded herself; she was a grown woman and she should behave as such.

Sighing she slumped back in the news vans' passenger seat and fiddled out of boredom with the microphone in her hands.

"Hey Roxy, did you hear what I said?"

Roxanne jumped at the sound of her camera man's voice but did well to cover up her surprise.

"Sorry Hal, I guess I zoned out for a sec." she replied, pushing the hair from her eyes.

"I said do you think that babe Lady Doppler or whatever is dating that weird purple guy?" he repeated, gazing at her briefly before staring back to the road.

Why can't you be closer apartment? she thought, not wanting to engage in petty gossip.

"I don't know, why?" she replied trying to sound as though she was at least trying to engage him.

"Just what to find out all my chances." he replied.

Roxanne scrunched up her nose and resisted rolling her eyes; sometimes she hated working with men, especially pig-headed ones. Not that Hal was all too horrible,...but he had his moments.

"That Selkie chick isn't to bad looking; redheads aren't really my type-"

She nearly laughed out loud at that, not his type? for god-sake he sported some of the wildest red hair she had ever seen!

"I'm more into brunettes." he finished casting a sly glance over to her.

At that moment she wanted to sink into her seat and disappear completely.

"Is that so..." she mumbled with a shaky laugh.

"Yeah, totally!" he replied enthusiastically.

Yes, definitely disappear...

Gazing out at the horizon splashed with dark blues, purples and a thin strip of shimmering orange водоворот watched the darkening sky, patiently waiting for night to fall. A sudden gust of warm summer wind swept her short hair up causing it to blow in her face, her dark cape flapping in the wind around her.

The weather here wasn't much different from the sweltering heat her country at times experienced during the summer months; the Black sea bringing warm gusts of salty air across the countryside. However nightfall there often brought some relief from the heat of the day; here the city seemed to grasp at the heat, holding it in its place, making even the night air seem heavy...

Still, though the weather here was not what she would consider satisfactory, she would deal with the short comings of the seasons as long as she never had to return to that place by the sea...

"Night is you have everything in order?" she asked coolly, not bothering to give the being behind her any other acknowledgement. She received no answer save for the bouncing of a sopping wet tennis and the sound of long nails scrabbling on concrete.

Wordlessly she turned away from the ledge of the building a stared calmly at the slim, sinewy figure relaxing against lackadaisically against a large pipe protruding from the building's roof.

"Do you care to pay attention?" she questioned coldly, a simple flick of inhumanly orange-yellow eyes, but other than that the being took little heed of her tone.

"It's called multitasking Oksana." he replied nonchalantly, eagerly receiving a slobbery, worn tennis ball in his clawed hand; he smiled at his strange creation waiting excitedly for him to throw it's play thing. "That's when-" he continued, throwing the ball roughly with a small 'unf!' "-That's when you do more than one thing at a time." at this he eyed her fully, a sarcastic smirk tugging at his lips, a flash of sharp white points wickedly glinting back at her.

The woman merely stared at him, expression calm and unwavering.

The man's face fell into a frown and then a scowl; rolling his eyes, he sluggishly got to his feet with a grunt. Gently shooing off the large beast at his side, and it whined for him to take the ball from him and continue playing. Once again refusing the creature, he strode forward and stood beside the Russian woman.

"Wither is currently attempting to track down the know what you are to do. "she stated, casting a glance down to the city streets far below.

"Hmm..." he replied as if in thought; he was playing again...

"You know Chimera; correct." she repeated again and he could sense the minute undertones of annoyance in her voice.

"Yes, yes." he responded quickly as he rested one of his three toed feet on the ledge; leaning his body over slightly to look down at the streetlamp lit roads below as well.

"Though why is it exactly you want to follow the oddball cameraman while I get the star reporter?" he questioned, feeling the zing of vertigo as he leaned just a bit further, the long claws on his toes clutching at the concrete subconsciously.

"The cameraman will most likely have the most documented information, video, scripts and text or he will at least be able to retrieve it for me...he seems very...malleable...with any luck, he and that van of his will hold documented information on The Bureau."

Slowly slinking back from the buildings' brink, The Chimera Lord hummed his approval bringing his index finger and thumb to his lips; with a quick blow a loud, piecing whistle echoed across the cityscape.

"If I go to her, she will inform The Bureau." vivid eyes flicked over to the woman at his side.

"Perhaps...though it would only lead to increased activity on their part, more appearances, more chances to gather information and plan." she responded coolly.

Before he could respond a shrill screech calls out to him; whipping his head around excitedly he smiled fondly a the winged beast flying towards him.

"Hello my little Owlet." he cooed at it as it found purchase on his shoulder; fluffing up it's feathers before nuzzling his jaw, chirping happily.

водоворот eyed the odd creation of The Chimera Lords' science; A feathered fox bat, with the head of an owl and large ears, was the closest thing she could think of on how to describe it. It was his favourite creation aside from the large, ostrich legged, feathered crocodile that lay behind him, gnawing on the well worn tennis ball.

Though it didn't matter if they were favourites or not, she did not trust them, and she was wary of all of his little chimera's.

Eyeing the great beast behind her one last time she turned just as her companion was finishing up giving directions to his little winged beast. Her nose wrinkled in mild disgust as he nuzzled the creature affectionately before, urging it to go.

She was about to insure that the Owlet wouldn't screw up her plans when she saw the Chimera Lord's pointed ears twitch and perk up.

"He's coming..." he said looking back down to the streets below, seeing the all too familiar news van approaching, no doubt returning from it's trip from dropping off stations star reporter and now on it's way back to the station; cameraman at the wheel. "Yup that's him! That familiar engine rumble,...and dear god they need to fix that muffler..." he cringed.

She merely nodded in reply before poofing into cloud of silver smoke and wispily glided over the edge of the building, plummeting towards the oncoming news van.

The Chimera Lord shivered as he watch the woman's misty form skid down the building towards the streets below, gathering speed...and he cringed as the news van drove through her misted form when she entered the street. Though she quickly gathered herself together and took off, following the vehicle, he knew she would not be happy about the wasted time.

Turning on his heel, he clicked his tongue at the beast that sat leisurely waiting for him.

It quickly got to it's feet and threw the tennis ball back to him which he caught and gingerly placed it into the pouch attached to his belt.

Swinging his leg up and over, he mounted the creature and gently grasped at the long feather like hairs between it's shoulder blades before giving off another quick click.

The chimera leapt forward, bounding across the rooftops towards Roxanne Ritchi's apartment...

Roxanne stepped out of the warm, soothing jet of water, reaching for a towel and wrapping it around her body before turning off the shower.

Stilling mulling over the events of the day she exited the bathroom and quickly, dried herself off and donned her silk bathrobe; perfectly intent on relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine and the book she had been trying to get through for the past month.

though a sudden rustling caught her attention, and then a squeak...Rats? No; though her apartment wasn't the lap-of-luxury, the complex was certainly for those that did well for themselves, and the manager certainly would never allow any sort of pest to take up residence.

Another rustling, though this time it sounded like the flapping of wings.

Scrambling over to her bed, she reached beneath it and grabbed for her sports equipment; managing to grab her tennis racket. Though she thought about scurrying under the bed and finding her baseball bat, she quickly decided that she would rather not be caught by surprise in searching for it.

Deciding the racket was good enough she tiptoed out into hall; looking out into the dark over the open floor plane below. Cursing that she should have turned the light on when she came in the door; she crept over to the stairs and carefully began to descend them.

Her senses on high alert her head whipped around when she though she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Eyes wide and wary she finally made it to the bottom of the staircase; and after a moment of listening in silence she decided to make a mad dash towards the light switch.

As she took her first step forward a black mass whooshed out in front of her; she gasped and instinctually swung the tennis racket. With satisfying thwack the waxed strings made contact and she watched as the thing sailed through the air and skidded to a halt out on the balcony.

...Wait...she hadn't left the doors to the terrace open...

She gulped and looked around briefly, before stepping forward to get a better view on what she had just smacked with a solid forehand.

Maybe she had left the doors unlock and a gust of wind had pushed them open? She knew that it probably wasn't the case but she found some comfort in it.

As she neared the thing twitching out on her patio she raised the racket again, just in case it roused and tried to attack her.

Suddenly the racket was pulled from her grip forcefully; before she could turn around she watched as it was then flung over the side of the building to the streets below. Turning on her heel, she raised her hands ready to strike out at whatever had invaded her home...however what she saw caused her to falter...

Two mismatched golden eyes seemed to glow as they starred back at her; the left eye caught her attention the most, an orange-yellow iris stood out amongst the blacked cornea surrounding it. She briefly wondered how that was even possible when something else, something far more unnerving caught her eye.

A row of vicious looking teeth were glinting back at her in a grin not unlike the cheshire cat's.

"Miss Ritchi, I do believe that it is impolite to stare." a voice shook her from her daze and she quickly realized that the intruder was speaking to her. "And I don't appreciate you maiming my poor little chimera..." the hint of malice in his voice made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

After a moment she got a hold of herself well enough and was able to process his words; and she felt a sudden surge of anger well up in her; impolite? And a scolding her for defending herself? He had broken into her home and he was accusing her of being impolite and violent?

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" she seethed and raised her hand again making a fist, ready to strike out at him.

The world was suddenly spinning and a moment later she found her arm painfully pinned behind her back and the strange man whispered in her ear.

"I am The Chimera Lord." he says, a smile evident in his voice. "...And you Miss Ritchi have information I want."

"W-what are you talking about?" she gritted out, pulling at her arm that was quickly becoming very sore.

"The Bureau Miss Ritchi, I want information on The Bureau."

"Ha! Why would I have any information on them? They are a secret organization you know, they aren't even a division of the government." she scoffed.

"See that's information right there...though it's the kind that anyone with a brain and a computer would most likely be able to find... You seem to be the favourite little reporter when it comes to them; you must have some interesting little tidbits." he chuckled in her ear.

She frowned, she knew just about as much as any reporter would know on The Bureau; which amounted to not much at all. She thought about the various reports she had read on The Bureau activities, and the different incidences they had dealt with.

It was then that something struck her; her captor had said his chimera, and that he was a Chimera Lord...she remembered hearing from Bernard that The Bureau had been investigating a series of appearances, dealing with mutated animals that had begun to spring up in the city...She had of course promised she wouldn't reveal any of this to the media, and in turn cynical librarian had told her that they had been doing genetic tests of the creatures that they had been able to capture. Though the tests had yielded no genetic fingerprints or indicators on who their creator was. He had told her to keep an ear to the ground and an eye out for any clues as to who was creating these anomalies.

Roxanne gulped and her body went ridged; this being that had just broken into her apartment was the creator.

"You're afraid Miss Ritchi; I can smell it." he suddenly whispers in her ear. "but...not as afraid as I would have expected..." he chuckled at this and his grip loosens.

Suddenly her hands are free and he is in front of her, holding her chin roughly between his thumb and forefinger; his long nails bitting into her skin painfully.

"You are very interesting...but I can see that I have over stayed my welcome; though I'm sure we'll meet again Miss Ritchi... But in the meantime I implore you to tell your little friends at The Bureau that I don't take kindly to them killing and dissecting my little pets." He hissed the last part venomously in her ear.

Suddenly, she feels a light prick on the side of her neck, and out of the corner of her eye she sees him pulling a syringe away from her. She stares back at him, eyes wide with uncertainty and fear.

"Don't worry, it won't harm you; you'll wake up in a few hours." he cooed gently in her ear as her head lolls back on her shoulders, her blue eyes becoming clouded with veil of tiredness.

She desperately tries to fight off the clutches of drowsiness, but she knew that it was in vain; and quickly feels herself becoming lax in his arms...On the brink of sleep Roxanne vaguely acknowledged him hoisting her up and carrying her over to her couch before everything went black...