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I stand in front of the mirror, willing myself to clip the last jewelled earing in place.

This is it; this is the day that I will marry Jacob Black. I should be excited, thrilled, giddy with love, and I am…but it's not as strong as I thought it would be.

My phone trills on my night stand, the tone that is assigned for only one person. I've not heard the sound for months now; it only plays when he calls.

I stare at it, willing it to be eaten by a massive black hole, or to spontaneously combust. It does neither.

Finally, I pick it up, flip it open and put it to my ear. I don't greet the caller, if I do, I will sob and beg him to come to me. I can't do that. I love Jacob.

There is silence, neither of us have to speak; each knows what the other is thinking. Finally, with a heavy sigh he cries out, "Please, Bella, don't do this. I love you—I've always loved you."

I nod; knowing he can't see me doesn't make it easier. I will have to answer him eventually. And I do, "I love you too, doesn't change anything. Good bye, Edward."

I disconnect the call, hold in the power key. The handset turns off. I turn back to the mirror just as my best friend walks in to place my veil on my head.

"You've been crying," it's a statement, not a question. I don't answer.

She sees the discarded phone lying haphazardly on the table, and her eyes narrow.

"It's not too late, you know," it's a whisper. This subject is taboo; we don't discuss him, ever.

I wipe my eyes. "We have to leave soon. Do you have that veil?"

Her eyes flicker downward—I know she is sensing my pain. Silently I berate myself; I had said goodbye to any future Edward and I could have shared twelve months ago.

I'd loved him since before I knew what love was, and to him, I'd always been his annoying sister; the one his parents never gave him. At least, that's what I'd thought.

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