Author's Notes: As of 10/19/14, this chapter has been rewritten. With a new author's note, instead of that... other one.

Ah, the third year anniversary of this story passed a few days ago... I thought I should get on rewriting this story.

This is more horror-filled than my previous Pokespe story The Wish (which was, I will admit with embarrassment, not very scary), but it's also a mystery... But whether you find it scary or not just depends on you, I suppose. If people mysteriously dying is your cup of tea (or coffee *shot*) then read on.

This was also inspired, way back then, by a game/anime/manga by the name of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, but only as far as them being on an island and people dying... And a reviewer later asked if it was going to be similar to Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". And I then bought the book, read it, and realized that it is quite similar to that story.

I highly suggest not reading the reviews, because people mention spoilers related to recent chapters. Such as the end of the story. But if you want the mystery ruined, go ahead. Or just sort the reviews based on chapter.


"Eh? A vacation?"

Green nodded, showing the black-haired boy standing in the house entrance the thin piece of paper in his hand. "All of us Pokédex holders were invited by Grandfather," he said. "He already paid for the tickets."

"So... I can come, right?"

"Red, I just said..." Green stopped whatever it was he was about to say and shook his head. "Never mind. The ship leaves tomorrow, off to some secluded island.


"As in, it's far away from the mainland and there are no other islands around it. It's only that island. That's it."

Red nodded, a bit too eagerly. "Got it! Tomorrow... Tomorrow..."

The next day was sunny, the skies clear, as Red waited in the Vermillion City port. Professor Oak's invitation had extended not only to the Sinnoh Pokédex holders (who stood there nervously, watching their fellow Dex holders) but to Bill as well. A quick glance around showed that the Hoenn Pokédex holders, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, were also there. Crystal stood with the three of them, but Gold and Silver were nowhere around. Neither were Blue and Yellow, he noticed.

Dex holders... a term they used amongst themselves to refer to trainers who were lucky enough to receive a Pokédex. There were quite a few of them around the world with Pokédexes. Red had met the Hoenn Dex holders before, but the Sinnoh trio he had not. Come to think of it, how had they gotten to Kanto so quickly...?

"Huh. Wonder why the old professor did this out of the blue," Red mumbled. "Well, whatever! It's worth it! Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, right?" Red glanced down at the six Poké Balls attached to his belt. A few of them rattled in response to this; his Pokémon were just as excited about the vacation as he was.

Red stood there in silence, thinking over the various thoughts that traveled through his mind. He'd packed everything he needed, said goodbye to his mother, and then double-checked on the way to Vermillion to make sure that he really did have everything.

Red gulped and looked back down at the red suitcase that sat there next to him. He did have everything, didn't he? Well, it wouldn't pay to check...

Just as Red started unzipping his suitcase, a cold voice spoke to him.

"What are you doing."

"Er." Red looked up to see Green standing there. His rival and friend's brown, spiked hair was just as positively spiky as usual. "I just wanted to make sure I had everything."

"Isn't it a bit late to check your bags now?"

"It's never too late for anything?"

"Why are you answering my question with a question?"

Red didn't answer him. He'd just noticed a group of people approaching them. "HEY! Over here, guys!"

Green turned around to see who was coming. Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver were finally joining them. Blue and Gold both held onto one of Silver's arms as they approached. Apparently, the red-haired boy, dressed in black of all things, didn't want to be there, but Gold and Blue had clearly forced him to come.

"Looks like everyone's here now, right?" Blue said. She pushed up the brim of her white hat with a free hand. She smiled from ear to ear, and Red couldn't help but think that nothing good ever came out of a smile like that.

On Blue's other side was Yellow. She tugged on the side of her large straw hat, glancing around at everyone gathered there. Then she looked back at Red and Green, giving them a smile.

"Good morning, Red, Green!"

"You know," Blue continued, "I really do like taking a free vacation every once in a while."

"Why?" Green asked. "Because you don't have to pay for it yourself?"

Silver shot a glare at Green, but the older boy completely ignored the look and kept his eyes on Blue, waiting for whatever response she was going to give him.

In typical Blue fashion, she smiled and said, "That's exactly why! You're so smart, Green."

Green just stared at Blue, apparently unsure of what to make of that last part.

Gold had ditched on holding Silver back to rush at the Sinnoh trio. Green's sister Daisy had just exited one of the buildings, and was speaking to the Sinnoh trio as well.

"Looks like everyone has gathered. Perfect."

Red turned in the direction of the new voice. The old professor of the Kanto region, Professor Oak, stood by the pier, next to a boat. Red thought that Professor Oak was the most excited of them all, dressed in a bright shirt with colorful leaves printed across it, and grinning even wider than Blue usually did. He couldn't blame him. His job was the hardest of them all, with all those... professorly duties he did. Whatever duties those were. Making new Pokédexes, he supposed. And-

"Red? What're you just standing there for?"

Red blinked in surprise. Everyone else was already on the boat, save for Blue and Green, who was staring at him. Blue was looking at him in concern, and Green looked like he knew that Red had been lost completely in his thoughts.

"Right, right, sorry!"

Red grabbed his suitcase and rushed onto the boat. And less than five minutes later, the boat was zooming off across the ocean.

Red looked around and everyone that was there. Blue, Green, Yellow... and including himself, that made the Kanto Four, as he secretly called them. Gold, Silver, Crystal – the Johto Trio. Ruby, Saphpire, Emerald – Hoenn Trio. Uh, the new kids' names were... Diamond, Pearl, and the only girl of the group, who refused to give him her name – the Sinnoh Trio. Bill, Daisy, and Professor Oak... he'd call them the Miscellaneous Trio.

That was about sixteen people. Red wondered if the island was going to have a butler who would wait on him. And if his name was Sebastian, and if he fought crime... Sebastian the Combat Butler. Oh, oh, and if he had a mustache and-

"Red? Are you okay?"

Red blinked a few more times, coming into focus on his surroundings again. Blue was looking at him in concern again.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Red looked on, the wind rustling through his hair, and couldn't help but get excited all over again for this vacation. It was going to be the best thing ever... for sure.

Author's Notes: So begins the rewrite of Seclusion.

This is, as it turns out, my most reviewed story so far. I should get to work on rewriting The Wish... because that story really sucks, and does not deserve as many favs as it got.

Seriously... why.