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Chapter Six

"See that light?" Blue asked. "We're home free!"

Gripping the young Silver's hand tightly, Blue ran as fast as she could towards the light. "The outside world!"

They had escaped from their prison.

Blue stopped, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. She released Silver's hand and placed both hands on her knees, continuing to try and catch her breath. Blue finally recovered enough to straighten back up and face Silver. "Silver, we–"

Silver lay in a tub of red, his hair floating up at the top of the water. Skin floated in the water along with the hair, though it failed to be attached to Silver's actual body.

They weren't outside anymore. They were in a bathroom.

Blue clapped a hand over her mouth and stumbled backwards, unable to even scream. She spun around, grabbed the doorknob, and swung open the door, running out into the hall.

Except it wasn't a hall she was in. She stood in another room. And laying on the floor, in pools of blood, were Yellow, Diamond, and Pearl.

"Who would…?!" she began, and was suddenly aware of something cold and heavy in her hand. She slowly turned to look down.

A gun sat there, right in her own hand.

Blue's eyes shot open, and she bolted upright. Or at least attempted to. She was restrained by several straps in her own bed. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to burst. Blue squirmed around, but the straps refused to budge.

She rested her head back on her pillow and stared up at the ceiling. What… had happened? Why was she being strapped down? What had happened for this to occur?

Blue finally noticed two people sitting next to her. She turned to find Red and Green sitting in two chairs, fast asleep. Red slept as peacefully as though it'd been just another day of battling and training, but Green's sleeping form was rigid, as though the slightest sound would wake him up.

And then Blue remembered everything.

Oh. Oh, god, no.

She… Blue had…

She'd killed three people. Yellow, Diamond, and Pearl.

She'd killed them!

And yet, Red sat here next to her, watching over her, sleeping so peacefully.

Blue turned her face away from the two boys and started to cry. Her chest hurt. Her head hurt. Everything hurt, and the pain only worsened when she'd thought about everything that had happened. Her dream wasn't so much as a dream as it was a memory. Silver… and Yellow, and Diamond, and Pearl…

Someone placed a hand on her forehead. Blue stopped crying and turned back to see Green leaning over her. Red was awake as well. She'd woken them both up.

"Relax, Blue," Green said.

"Do you need anything?" Red asked. "Like something to drink or something to eat?"

And the fact that they were both treating her as normally as they had been, though they seemed a bit cautious, made Blue start crying again. Her tears ran down her cheeks, her neck, and into her hair.

"I'm sorry," she croaked, voice cracking as she finally spoke. "I'm so, so, so sorry."

But neither of them said it was okay. They just told her to relax and asked if she needed anything.

And of course it wasn't okay. She'd killed three people. She was a murderer, and there was nothing okay about that.

"Now, it's time for a roll call," Professor Oak said. "Red, Green, and Blue?"

"We're here," Red said.

"Crystal, Gold, Daisy, Bill?"

"Over here," Crystal said. "And Gold's still in his room, just like Blue," she added quietly.

Professor Oak nodded at her in acknowledgement. "Ruby, Sapphire, Platinum, Hazuki?"

"Here," Ruby said, gesturing at where the four of them sat together in a group.

"And then there's myself," the professor said. "It seems that everyone is still here. We managed to get through the night with no more deaths. This is good.

"Now, I've told you all multiple times to stay together. This counts even more for today than yesterday. Do not leave by yourself. If you must use the restroom, have someone accompany you and wait outside. You are not to go anywhere by yourselves. Do you all understand?"


"Then you may try and do as you please. Daisy, I was hoping to prepare some breakfast for everyone. Would you accompany me?"

"Of course, Grandfather," Daisy said.

Professor Oak and Daisy headed down one of the halls, off to the kitchen. Everyone else simply remained where they were, in the opening room of the mansion. Red felt like this room was the one safe place in the whole building. Hell, probably on the whole island. The storm was still raging outside, the wind violently rattling the windows and the rain pounding against the building. It would be impossible to go outside and make it very far.

Red hoped that Stephen would come back soon, before anything else happened. But as long as they stayed together, they were fine.

He watched as Crystal left the room to go sit with Gold, and Green left to go with Blue. Blue was conscious, unlike Gold, but wouldn't say anything other than "I'm sorry."

A sorry wouldn't fix what had happened. If it did, everything would be fine and dandy, now wouldn't it?

"I'd like to go back to my room," Platinum said. Hazuki nodded, hopping up from the couch and heading with her down the hall to the new rooms they were staying in, all together on the first floor. Red thought that Platinum was taking this all exceedingly well, which was rather odd.

Red shook his head and remained where he was on the chair, staring at the floor intently. He felt his Pokémon's Poké Balls rattle on his belt. They wanted to be let out, to comfort him, but Red didn't feel like talking to his Pokémon right now. He didn't want to talk to anyone.

Yellow was… she was dead.

And so were Silver, and Emerald, and Diamond, and Pearl… and that maid girl and Sebastian.

Seven people dead in less than two days.

"Red?" Sapphire's voice said. Red gave a start, having forgotten that Ruby, Sapphire, and Bill were still in the room with him.

"Sorry," he quickly said. He found himself starting to hate that word with a passion. "I was just… thinking."

They seemed to understand exactly what he was talking about, and didn't question it any further. They probably had a good idea of just what he was thinking about, of what was going through his mind.

The same thing was probably going through everyone's minds.

Except for the killer's.

"Just what is this device?" Platinum asked, holding a snow-white rectangular device in her hands.

"That's a DS," Hazuki said. "You play video games on it! You wanna try?"

"How does one turn it on?"

Hazuki showed Platinum how to turn on the DS. Platinum's eyes widened as the screen flashed on, displaying the various health risks from playing video games. As soon as she touched the bottom screen with her thumb, the game cartridge inside started to play.

"What… How do…? Eh? Ah, the Pokémon is moving on the screen! How do they do that? And how does such a tiny device make it work?"

Platinum's fascination with the DS seemed to make Hazuki feel proud, as if she was the one who invented it.

"Oh, yeah," Hazuki said. "You thirsty? I am. I was going to go get something to drink…"

Platinum didn't seem to want to leave the room. She was too fascinated with the DS. "It's all right," Platinum said. "I will lock the door behind you. Knock and tell me your name when you come back."

This seemed to be a good enough agreement for them both. Hazuki left the room, and Platinum locked the door after her. As a precaution, Platinum tried to open the locked down. Naturally, it didn't budge a bit. No one was going to get in here.

But what if someone went after Hazuki?

No, no, it was the hallway. It was safe out there. The rooms were so close to one another that if something happened to someone out in the hall, everyone else would know about it.

Nothing would happen to Hazuki.

Platinum sat down on the floor, at the edge of the bed, and turned her attention to the game. Something about the vivid colors of the game and the little Pokémon moving around on the screen was enough to take her attention off everything that had happened so far. She would have to thank Hazuki for letting her play the game later on.

The lights in the room flickered on and off. Platinum paid it no heed until they really did turn off, submerging her in darkness.

A chill hung in the air. Platinum wrapped her scarf around her neck a couple of times and shivered. It was getting awfully cold in here.

And then, she felt it. Something wrapping around her neck. Platinum dropped the DS and bolted up from the ground.

She turned around a couple of times, scanning the room intently. Nobody was in here. Nothing was wrong. She was just getting jumpy.

Platinum sat back down on the ground and hugged herself. No one was going to get into this room. Relax, Platinum Berlitz. Relax. Do those breathing exercises you read about in that one book.

Take in a deep breath… Let it out. A deep breath. And let it–

But Platinum suddenly couldn't let it out. She struggling to let out her breath, and finally succeeded. But then, she couldn't breathe back in. Her scarf tightened around her neck, tight enough to stop her from breath.

Platinum struggled to remove the scarf, but regardless of all the struggling, the scarf refused to loosen. It tightened even more. She tried to scream, but nothing came out.

Platinum reached for one of her Poké Balls, and found that they weren't there.

Of course not. She'd removed them and placed them on the bed earlier.

Platinum tried, tried, tried to get someone's attention. Anyone's attention. She tried to call for Diamond and Pearl to help her, but of course they wouldn't help her, they couldn't help her, and they would never help her again.

Her thoughts became scrambled and difficult to comprehend.

She should have died in that room, Platinum decided. She should've sat there and allowed Blue to kill her.

She didn't… She didn't want to die like Silver.

She should've let herself get shot. A simple, easy way to die. Then she'd be with Diamond and Pearl.

Platinum kicked her legs, tore at her scarf, tried to breathe, tried to scream.

And then her body went limp. The scarf around her neck loosened and fluttered to the floor.

The door unlocked.

"Where's Platinum?" Daisy asked Hazuki as she arrived from the kitchen, looking a bit bothered because of the body that lay in there. Two glasses of water sat in her hands.

"Eh? I leave her in room," Hazuki said.

"But Grandfather told us not to leave each other by ourselves!"

"But, she lock door behind me… No one will get into the room now."

A frown crossed Daisy's face, and she decided to follow Hazuki back to the room Platinum and Hazuki were staying in. Hazuki knocked on the door with her head, as both hands held the glasses of water. Daisy heard someone across the hall leave their room and turned to find Bill leaving Gold's room. He raised an eyebrow as Hazuki knocked on the door with her head again.

"What's the girl doin'?" Bill asked.

"Platinuuuum?" Hazuki asked. "You there? You didn't leave, right?"

"Try the door," Daisy said. She reached out and turned the doorknob herself.

The door swung open.

Platinum wasn't in the room.

"…Where'd she go?" Bill asked.

"Eh? Ehhh? I… I leave her in room. She locked door behind me, I swear! I check, too!" Hazuki protested.

"You… left her alone?" Bill asked in disbelief.

Hazuki flinched. She stepped backwards into the room, shaking her head frantically. "I… We both thought it was safe. I… I'm sure Platinum, she just had to go to the bathroom with DS…"

"You left her alone in the room?!" Bill repeated. He followed Hazuki into the room, grabbed her shoulders, shook her. Hazuki dropped the glasses to the floor, the water spilling out across the carpet. Daisy followed after Bill, grabbing him by the shoulder. "We agreed not to let anyone be by themselves! And ya left her alone?!"

"I-It okay! She is okay, I'm sure!"

"You're sure? What makes ya so sure?! What if she's–"

The door slammed shut behind the three of them.

The door locked.

"I think we should move the rest of our things out of our rooms," Green suggested to Red, Ruby, and Sapphire, who sat with him together in the room Blue was sleeping in.

Red nodded in agreement. He'd feel safer if he had all of his things with him, for some reason. And it would give him something to do, too.

Red, Ruby, and Sapphire decided to head upstairs and clear out the rooms, getting their own things as well as Green and Gold's things. Red shuddered when his eyes landed on the closed bathroom door, where Silver currently lay. He was faintly aware of a smell in the hall and gagged. He quickly covered his nose with his shirt.

"Your room first," Ruby said.

The room was luckily scentless, unlike the hall, but Red quickly gathered his and Green's backpacks. He remembered the clothes inside the dresser and opened the doors to them.

And felt all of the color drain from his face.

"What… is…"

Platinum sat inside the dresser, hanging from the clothes hanger pole by her scarf. It went without saying that she'd stopped moving some time ago.

Author's Notes: Aw, and Platinum was my favorite. Why'd I have to kill her?