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Chapter Seven

Red tripped as he bounded down the stairs two at a time. As he collapsed at the bottom of the stairs, he felt two pairs of hands yanking him up the floor from behind; Ruby and Sapphire were close behind him, and were already working to help him stand up again.

There was no way that nobody could hear the sound that they were making. Green, Professor Oak, and Crystal came running towards them into the main room.

"Just what is going on here?!" Professor Oak exclaimed.

"It's... Platinum," Red huffed. He suddenly felt sick, though Platinum's death was nowhere near as gruesome as some of the other things he'd seen these past couple of days. "She's... in my closet..."

"In your closet?" Crystal asked in confusion.

"She... hung herself," Red managed to get out.

The entire room fell silent.

"Why would she go in your closet?" Green asked.

"Like I know!" Red snapped. "I opened up the closet doors to get my stuff out, and there she was, in my closet, hanging from the top by her scarf."

Oh, god. Now Platinum was dead. The girl who spoke so haughtily and seemed to be utterly clueless about many things was... dead. Just like that. Just like Yellow was. Now the three youngest kids here were all gone.

"But how did she end up alone?" Crystal asked in a quiet voice, lifting her hands and covering her mouth.

"She was with Hazuki, the last I saw of her," Green said.

"And where is Hazuki right now?" Professor Oak asked.

"I saw her earlier," Crystal said. "She was passing by the room I was in with Daisy. Bill was with me, and he left when he heard something out in the hall..."

Red lifted his head from where he was staring at the floor. He was suddenly aware that the three people in question weren't there in the room with them, despite all the noise they'd been making.

Red took off running down the hall, passing room after room, off to the room that Hazuki and Platinum had been in. He ignored Gold, who was standing in the entrance to his own room, looking dazed as he blankly stared at Red running down the hall.

Red found the door to the room tightly shut. He started knocking on the door as hard as he could. He rattled the doorknob. The door didn't budge.

Were Daisy, Bill, and Hazuki in this room? If so, why weren't they answering? Why was the door locked if they were in the room?

What if they were in the room with the killer right this instant?

Pika suddenly released itself from its Poké Ball. It lunged forwards and bit Red's leg. Red jumped back from the door with a loud yelp, staring down at Pika, whose fur was bristling as it stared at the door.

Red pointed at the door. "Pika, use Volt Tackle!" Red ordered.

Pika electrocuted him instead.

"This is serious!" Red snapped. "What's your problem?! Bill and Daisy and Hazuki could be stuck in there right now with the killer!"

"Red," Green said. Red looked at him surprise, unaware that he'd already caught up with him so quickly. "Don't you smell that?"

"Smell what–" Red began, but stopped. He frowned and inhaled deeply, smelling a foul odor. Well, it wasn't as foul as some other odors he'd smelt these past few days, but it smelt more like... like gas or...


"Everyone, cover your faces!" Green shouted back at Crystal, Professor Oak, Ruby, and Sapphire. Gold had retreated back into his room at Crystal's order.

Red watched as Green sent out his Machamp; the tall, muscular, four-armed Pokémon headed up to the door and ripped it off its hinges, without a single command from its trainer.

A cloud of purple and orange billowed out of the room. Red instantly stumbled back, but Green grabbed his arm and ran down the hall with Machamp and Pika close behind. Red tripped and crashed to the floor, pulling Green down with him.

"Those clouds..." Sapphire began. "I recognize 'em! They're from Stun Spore and Poison Gas!"

Stun Spore and Poison Gas? Red recognized the names as Pokémon moves. One created a cloud of poisonous gas – hence the name – while the other was a powder that paralyzed anything it landed on. If either of them were inhaled, and at that amount of it, then...

Oh, no.

"But nothing was leaking out of the room!" Professor Oak said in what Red assumed was surprise. "It must have been closed off by something!"

"No," Green said. He pointed at one of the doors. "Just look at any of the other doors. With the way it's built, nothing can go under the door. And it worked against us."

"But..." Red started. "We don't know if anybody was in there, right?"

Green was staring at him with his usual impassive expression on his face. Red realized with a sinking feeling that he was going to be stuck with checking the room with Green.

It was times like these that Red hated being a hero.

Red and Green slowly proceeded down the hall, keeping their mouths and noses covered with their shirts. The orange powder had vanished from the air, but the purple cloud was still there, though not as thick as it had been before when it came out of the room.

But... Red realized that if Bill, Hazuki, and Daisy were in the room...

Green would wind up seeing his own sister dead.

Red stopped Green before they reached the room. "I'll check the room first," he offered.


"Because if your sister's in there..."

Green seemed to get at what Red was saying, though he clearly didn't agree with staying back. He crossed his arms across his chest and stared at Red.

Red gulped down the lump in his throat and stepped into the room.

And another three were adding to the growing list of deceased people.

"Well?" Green asked.

Red stepped out of the room and slowly shook his head.

The anger on Green's face was mistakable. You'd have to be blind not to see it. Even if you were blind, you would see it. And Red knew that, in that moment, if Green caught whoever the killer was, they were going to be dead from his hands.

Gold wondered what was going on upstairs. First Crystal had left the room when they heard a lot of banging going around upstairs – and Gold preferred not to think about what was upstairs – and then there was a lot of running out in the hall. Gold had gone to see what was happening, had spotted Red running past his room, watched Red try to get into one of the rooms down the hall, and then Crystal had told him to stay in his room and not come out until she said so.

Gold hated being told what to do, but he'd listened. He couldn't believe like he was being treated as if there was something wrong with him. What did they expect, though, after what Gold had seen? And why wasn't anybody else as bothered about it as much as he was? Well, Blue had been bothered by it, too, but a little too much; Crystal had told Gold about how Blue had snapped and killed Diamond, Pearl, and Strawhat Girl – er, Yellow.

Blue was the one that they should be treating carefully. Not Gold. He didn't do anything at all.

Gold sat back on his bed, grabbed the glass of water at his bedside and gulped it down.

He felt something scrap against his teeth and fall back into his mouth. Before he could stop himself, he swallowed. And instantly, an unbelievable pain spread throughout his whole body. A horrendous amount of metal-flavored liquid pooled up into Gold's mouth, and he started to choke.

Gold fell off his bed and fell to the floor.

Something broke through his neck, and blood spilled out onto the floor.

"This is the last straw," Professor Oak said. "I don't know how many times I need to say it, but now I'm saying that we all stay together, as a group, no exceptions. When one goes, all must follow. Do you hear me?"

"What good is that going to do?" Ruby asked. "Bill, Daisy, and Hazuki weren't alone. They were together in a group, and they were murdered as a group."

"If we're all alert, then nothing can catch us by surprise," said Professor Oak. "Now, Crystal, if you may please go get Gold out here. Red, I'd like you to get Blue."

"But she's–"

"Nobody will have any weapons with them," the professor interrupted him. "We shall check every one of us for weapons."

Red didn't see how this made a difference – you still had your own body to attack with, after all – but he headed down the hall to the room Blue was in. Though, technically, didn't his going to the room alone go against the professor's new rule?

Blue was still in bed, staring at the ceiling with blank eyes.

"What happened?" Blue asked. She sounded exhausted, tired, her voice raspy.

"Platinum, Bill, Daisy, and Hazuki are all dead," Red quickly said. He started undoing the straps holding her down in bed. When the last one was undone, the brown-haired girl sat up, rubbing her arms absentmindedly. Red noticed red marks on her arms – the straps must have been tighter than he'd thought.

A shriek in the room next to theirs made both of them jump. Red helped Blue stand; then they were out of the room, finding that Crystal had flung herself out into the hall, leaning against the wall across the hall, hands over her head, body in a ball as she shrieked.

Red and Blue rushed into the room before everyone else caught up with them.

Gold lay there on the floor, almost curled into a ball himself, on his side. Blood stained the floor, coming from his mouth, from his neck. And from his neck.

"What's that?" Red asked, feeling sick to his stomach once again. He inched towards Gold carefully. Something shiny was sticking out of his throat. It almost looked like a... like a razor. Like the tiny razors people shaved with.

"The glass," Blue mumbled.

Red noticed the glass that sat near Gold's hand. Thought after thought entered his head.

The razor blade. The drink in Gold's hand.

He couldn't have choked on the drink itself. He wouldn't have stabbed himself in the throat while he was drinking something, either, because that didn't make sense at all.

What if...

The razor blade had been in his drink?

How could that have even happened?


If no one had changed the glass for a while, who knows how long the razor blade could have been sitting there, unnoticed, in the bottom of the glass? A razor blade so tiny that it would have easily gone unnoticed.

"Out of the room," Professor Oak's strained voice said. A hand clamped down on his shoulder, making Red jump. He and Blue were turned around and pushed out of the room. Ruby and Sapphire had moved the hysterical Crystal out into the main room, where Green also sat, staring at the floor in silence.

Red couldn't believe it. Already, five of them were dead today.

And now only seven of them were left.

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