Author's Notes: Well, here's a lighthearted chapter. I fail at everything, by the way. I just want this story to end so I can stop killing people's hopes and dreams.

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Chapter Eight

Red stared out the window, watching the rain fall from the sky. Lightning flashed, brightening the dark clouds and allowing Red to see the shapes of them.

Nothing was ever going to be the same from now on. Yellow was dead. Now Gold was dead. The people who he was close with were just dying left and right because of some deranged killer on the island, whose identity they didn't even know.

The room was silent. They were in an unused room now, because Professor Oak deemed that staying in the same rooms as before was dangerous. So it was just Red, Green, Blue, Ruby, Sapphire, Professor Oak, and an unconscious Crystal in the room.

What was taking Stephen so long? Why hadn't he come back with help yet? Had he gotten into an accident with Gyara while they were heading across the ocean?

"I think that we should play a game," Blue offered. Red looked back at her in confusion. She'd suddenly cheered up after they were in this room for a while, and it was honestly beginning to creep Red out.

Blue suddenly smiled. "Let's play an intense game of strip poker."

"How about no?" Green said.

"Sapphire, let me do your hair," Ruby said.

"What, no!" Sapphire screeched.

"Why? It'll give me something to do, and besides, your hair is awfully messy..."

Ruby reached for Sapphire's head, but she quickly smacked his hands away.

"I-I didn't say you could touch me like that..." Sapphire grumbled.

"Ruby, you can do my hair!" Blue called.

"Fine! I'll do Blue's hair, then," Ruby said. He stood and headed across the room to where Blue said, and pulled out styling items from seemingly nowhere. Okay, seriously, where had he just taken that hairbrush out from?

"See, Sapphire?" Ruby asked. "This is how your hair should look. Clean, smooth, knot-free. Blue's hair is much more fun to play with."

"W-what?!" Sapphire said.

"What conditioner do you use, Blue?" Ruby asked.

Blue told him. And then she and Ruby entered a conversation about different brands of shampoo and conditioner. Red had no idea what they were talking about, and guessing by a quick glance, neither did Green, Sapphire, or Professor Oak.

"Er... you know, if you mix certain berries and plants together, you can make yourself a homemade conditioner!" Sapphire offered.

"Why would I want to put wild things in my hair?" Ruby asked.

"W-why not! It's all natural and doesn't have all those chemicals! What you're doing to your hair is horrible!"

"Clearly not. It's silky smooth."

"I'll try it out, Sapphire," Blue offered. "Tell me the ingredients."

"O-oh, well, we can make it when we get home. I'm pretty sure there aren't any berries on the island, though..."

"There's actually some stuff growing around the place," Red said. "I spotted it before..."

"Nobody is leaving on a search for berries," Professor Oak interrupted.

"Yes, sir!" Red said.

"Strip poker?" Blue suggested.


Red thought back to the conversation. When they got home. More like if they got home. Red wasn't a pessimist in the least, but lately, he'd been having nothing but bad thoughts. Would he ever think on the bright side again?

...Well, on the bright side, at least no one wanted to play strip poker with Blue. There was a bit of a bright side, Red supposed.

Red didn't know what time it was, or how much time had passed. His stomach was hurting, though – he hadn't ate anything yet. No breakfast, no lunch, no nothing.

His stomach let out a particularly loud grumble, and everyone minus the unconscious Crystal turned to stare at him.

"Uh, sorry," Red said. "I guess I'm kinda hungry..."

"Let's all head to the kitchen and get something to eat," Professor Oak said. "Blue, could you wake up Crystal?"

"Right," Blue said. She moved over to the bed Crystal was in, grabbing the girl's shoulder and shaking her. Crystal's eyes shot open, and she bolted upright. She looked around the room in confusion, then seemed to realize where she was.

"Crystal?" Sapphire said, approaching Crystal carefully. "We're goin' down to the kitchen to get something to eat. Come on with us."

"Right," Crystal said. She stood from the bed and walked out of the bedroom with the rest of them.

Red had the feeling that something was wrong with Crystal, but he couldn't quite place what it was. There was definitely something wrong with her, though.

The dining room was the same as it had been before. Red grabbed a bag of bread, grabbed a jar of peanut butter, and took a plate from the pile stacked on the table. Everyone else began getting their own things to eat.

"Stop it!" Crystal suddenly shouted. Red looked back at her curiously to find her yelling at the empty space next to her.

"Gold, seriously, I'm not going to make you something with 'love' in it!" Crystal snapped. "Jeez. Get serious for once, won't you?!"

Everyone was staring at Crystal, but if she noticed, she didn't show it.

"Don't bring anything up to her," Green hissed at Red. Red nodded and quickly went back to making a peanut butter sandwich.

They headed back to the room they were staying in, talking with one another. Well. Most of them were talking with each other. Crystal was still having a conversation with "Gold."

Red sat on the windowsill and ate his sandwich, wishing that he would've grabbed something to drink while he was at it, because all the peanut butter he'd put on his sandwich was sticking to the roof of his mouth.

Crystal suddenly giggled, clapping a hand over her mouth. She glared at the spot next to her. "No, I didn't just laugh! It's not funny! No, I don't care if it reminds you of that time you gave your Typhlosion peanut butter! Stop it, Gold, it's not funny!"

Red's chest began to hurt as he watched Crystal carry on an imaginary conversation with the imaginary Gold. Poor Crystal. He didn't want to know how she'd react when she found out that there was no Gold anymore.

"Sapphire," Ruby said, reaching out and touching Sapphire's hair. "Your hair... it's so coarse and rough. Don't tell me that you've been using that homemade conditioner on it."

"W-what's it to you?!" Sapphire snapped, swatting his hand away. Red noticed that she was blushing. Oh, that's right. Didn't she like Ruby? Was Ruby flirting with her or something? Red could never tell if someone was flirting or not. He was oblivious to things like romance.

Well, not completely immune to it. But he was pretty immune to it. Just like a Wailord or something.

Hmm. Well, maybe not like a Wailord...

"Strip poker now?" Blue asked.

"Blue," Green said. "For the last time, we aren't playing strip poker."

"See, Gold?" Crystal asked. "Nobody wants to play that stupid game. I mean... who wants to lose their clothes like that...?"

"I'm starting to feel so bored that I just might be up for a game of strip poker," Ruby said.

"Well, I'm not playing!" Sapphire asked.

"Why not?" Ruby asked.

"Why do you think?!"

"I don't know what the problem is. Don't you like to wear leaves for clothes? You clearly have no problem with nudity."


Sapphire turned away from him, face completely red. Okay, yeah, she totally liked him. Maybe Red could help out with the little situation...

"Sapphire," Red said, "do you like–"

In an instant, Green's hand was clamped down over his mouth. Red looked at him expectantly.

"Red, whatever you were thinking of doing, it is not going to help," Green hissed. Red nodded.

"Ruby and Sapphire, you two really get along, don't you?" Blue asked. Green's head whirled around, and he glared at Blue, but she didn't seem to notice.

"You really think so...?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah! Maybe... Maybe you two should live together! Hah!"

"WHAT?!" Sapphire screamed.

"That would require me to live in the wild, and I'm never going to do that," Ruby said.

"Y-you wouldn't live with me?" Sapphire asked.

Ruby was about to answer when Professor Oak spoke up.

"Let's get something to drink," Professor Oak conveniently interrupted them with. Red let out a sigh of relief he hadn't realized he'd been holding. That could have been really, really awkward. Thank Arceus the professor interrupted when he did.

They headed back down to the kitchen, where only Professor Oak had the guts to enter the kitchen and get them all glasses of water. They headed back to the room, walking through the increasingly dark hallways. It must have been getting close to night, Red suspected.

"What time is it?" Ruby asked.

"Let's see... almost nine at night," the professor said, checking a watch on his wrist.

Ruby sighed and fixed the strange hat he wore over his hair. He muttered something that Red couldn't hear under his breath.

They reached the room and, after spending another long time doing absolutely nothing, decided to go to bed. Professor Oak insisted that they must all sleep in the same room, but there were only two beds in the room, so...

Red climbed into bed next to Green, giddy and excited for reasons not even Red understood. Professor Oak opted to sleep in a chair. Ruby climbed into bed next to Red.

"Oh, guys, I think I should probably mention my, um... strange little sleeping habit," Red said.

"What is it?" Ruby asked.

"I sometimes kiss things in my sleep. Like, real passionate kisses. I woke up once and found lipstick all over my pillow."

Green stared at him. "What were you wearing lipstick to bed for?"

"So I could track my kissing habits, duh," Red said. "I'm telling you, that pillow looked like someone wanted to color in that pillow with red. My mom was pissed at me the next morning for wearing her lipstick, though."

Green and Ruby were silent. Then they both got out of bed and went to sleep on the floor.

"What, you don't wanna sleep with me now?" Red asked.

"Uh, no," Green said.

Red shrugged. It didn't matter to him. It just meant that he had more room to sleep with. As he settled down in bed, he realized how relaxed everything seemed, and how Red was almost acting like himself again.

It wasn't right. He shouldn't have been acting like this. He should have been freaking out that there was a murderer somewhere on the island and that Red might be the next person to get killed. And yet, here he was, getting happy about sleeping in a big bed all by himself.

Red took his Pokémon's Poké Balls and placed them right next to him in bed. Three on one side, two on the other. If something happened, he could just reach for one and sent them out. Well, that was assuming that he didn't sleep so violently that he knocked the balls out of reach.

Blue turned out the lights, and they went to bed, the wind howling outside, the rain beating down against the windows.

But Red didn't go to sleep. He was wide awake, afraid now. What if... what if the killer was right here in the room with them?

Red looked up from the bed slightly, looking at everybody, one by one.

The professor was too old to be doing all these crimes.

Blue couldn't have killed Bill, Daisy, and Hazuki; she'd been strapped into bed.

Crystal... Could Crystal have done it? She certainly wouldn't have killed Gold, though, and what reason would she have to kill the other three? And everyone else before them?

Ruby... Now that was a real possibility. Could Ruby be the killer? He looked prissy, though, so would he really want to deal with blood?

Sapphire didn't seem all too bright, but maybe she was smart enough to kill people without others finding out her identity. And yet, Red knew that wasn't the case.


It couldn't be Green, could it? Yet Green seemed to know exactly what was going on, exactly what had happened, and...

No. It wasn't Green at all. It couldn't be Green. That was ridiculous.

Red felt ashamed for even suspecting the people in the room as potential murderers, but he was beginning to feel paranoid, and the wind and rain outside certainly wasn't helping with his anxiety. But, somehow, Red managed to fall asleep.

He rolled over and kicked the three Poké Balls on his left side out of bed. They rolled to the floor and remained there.

In the middle of the night, Sapphire woke up.

Everyone else was fast asleep. But Sapphire had the unfortunate urge to use the restroom.

It would be too much trouble to wake up her seniors and ask one of them to come to the bathroom with her. But she didn't want what had happened with Emerald to happen to her. After all, five people had died today. Who wasn't to say that she would be the sixth?

No. Sapphire was strong. She was stronger than Ruby, probably, maybe, maybe not. But she could fend for herself. She'd been in plenty of tight situations before, which she had escaped thanks to her own ideas and with the help of her Pokémon.

Sapphire checked to make sure that her Pokémon's Poké Balls were still at her waist. Then she got out of bed and headed down the empty, dark hall.

The wind howled at increasing volumes. Sapphire was used to howling wind, though. All those nights she'd spent out in the wild had paid off, because while other people may have been frightened by the sound of the wind, Sapphire was completely immune to it.

The entire mansion creaked with the wind's impact on the building. Places upstairs creaked, sounding almost like there were people in every room.

"You don't scare me," Sapphire muttered under her breath. She balled up her hands into tight fists and picked up her pace down the hall.

She found the bathroom at the end of the hall; not the same bathroom that Emerald had been in, though. That room was off limits.

Sapphire shut the bathroom door, locked it, and did her business in the bathroom. She washed her hands quickly, dried them on a tiny hand towel, and opened the bathroom door.

Standing there was a tall figure.

Sapphire stared at the figure in shock. Then it lunged forwards, punched her head hard, snapping it to the side. Sapphire was still conscious as she fell to the side and struck her head on the side of the kitchen sink.

That was enough to knock her unconscious. She collapsed to the floor.

Author's Notes: So, wait, wait, wait. Sapphire makes homemade conditioner for her hair, Red passionately kisses things in his sleep, and now Crystal's talking to an imaginary Gold.

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