Author Note – I couldn't stand the other version of this fic, I had to re-write this due to me having a new inspiration –Jenna Laird.

The darkness shrouded the small town. Swirls of mist danced and twirled around the ground, encasing people in its unusualness. Crowds of men and women trudged through the cobblestone alleyways, rushing to get into their warm homes out of the darkness and the coldness of winter. One old woman, her face shrouded with a length of cloth, looked up to the large clock tower, her eyes glowing slightly in the low light.

On top of the towns clock tower a shadow looked over the entire town, protecting it from evil and hatred. The shadow moved its hand over its face, moving what seemed to be hair, out of its face. A vibration came from the leg of the shadow and it reached down to collect the source of the vibrations. The shadowed figure picked out its phone from its pocket. Brining the phone to it face the light from the phone lit up its face showing the figure to be Roxas.

"Hello?" asked Roxas, his voice deeper since his fight against Wesker and Slenderman.

"Roxas, its Namine, there seems to be a disturbance in the square," Namine's voice coming from the phone, "check it out and make sure they don't cause any more disturbances." Roxas sprinted towards the main square of the village, not knowing what was going to happen. His shirt flowed in the slight breeze. Roxas leapt into the air off the building he was running on. He landed on the balls of his feet on the cobblestone pavement and rolled forward to stop the momentum of the drop. He broke out the roll and began sprinting again. He reached a crowded alleyway and leapt onto the wall, kicking off it to reach the roof on the other side of the wall. Climbing up onto the roof he looked over the roofs to see the square where the commotion was happening. A bright light erupted from Roxas's hand and when the light dimmed down a midnight black scythe was in his hand and a Desert Eagle was in his other hand. He slid the gun into his belt and ran towards the square.

The commotion from the square was a shrouded figure shouting about the end of the world. Roxas stepped into the square and the crowd burst into dust. The preacher took its hood off and standing there was a familiar face from years ago. Its grey skin, eyeless, noseless, mouthless face stared right at Roxas.

"Slenderman," gasped Roxas. Slenderman dashed toward s Roxas and smacked him on the face with its elbow. Roxas fell to the ground and held his face as his nose began bleeding. He wiped the blood on his sleeve and ran towards the Slenderman with his scythe ready to slice into it. He leapt into the air and came down spinning, his scythe spinning and the moonlight glistened off the tip of the blade. Roxas slammed into the ground, his scythe connecting with the ground where Slenderman once stood. He looked into the sky to see Slenderman hovering in the air. The Slenderman began falling towards the ground and then landed gracefully on the cobblestone.

"How did you survive!" yelled Roxas, questioning Slendermans' existence.

"I can survive until my remaining lives are gone," echoed a booming voice, originating from the Slenderman. With that said the Slenderman leapt into the air and was gone. Roxas stood up and dusted himself off and reached into his pocket for his mobile phone. Punching numbers into the phone he pressed it to his ear and heard it ringing. A clicking noise followed by a breathing sound answered.

"Roxas?" asked the voice, belonging to Namine.

"He's back," replied Roxas, his voice filled with fear.

"Who?" questioned Namine, fearing for her younger sibling.


"Oh, no," gasped Namine, not knowing Roxas had clicked the cancel button on his phone, cutting the conversation. Namine pressed re-dial and Roxas picked up.

"Get to Eden, I'll meet you there. Be careful, I'll send another agent to help you get there. Just wait where you are," ordered Namine.

"Okay," replied Roxas, cancelling the call. He clicked his fingers and his scythe disappeared into nothing. Looking around he his eyes were drawn to a brilliant, spotless motorbike. He straddled the bike and pulled on the throttle, bursting into a blast of speed. Speeding down the alleys his bike jolted every few minutes due to the uneven cobblestone pave-way. After 10 minutes of speeding through the village he reached the bridge which connected the village to the outside world. Roxas pressed the brakes as he got closer to the end of the bridge, a man standing there blocking his path.

"Roxas, you ready?" asked the man, his voice deep, mysterious.

"Who are you?" asked Roxas, staring at the man. The man stepped into the light showing long, back-length, slivery-blue hair. His yellow body warmer making him seem less frightening.

"It's me, Riku, it's been a while since our last mission together," replied Riku.

"Well then, let's go. We have to get to Eden," said Roxas, coming off his bike.

"We have a helicopter primed and ready for us, though one question – why are we going to Eden?" asked Riku.

"My parents," replied Roxas, walking towards the Black Hawk Helicopter.

"Oh, finally get to see Cloud and Claire Strife," muttered Riku, following Roxas to the helicopter.

Inside the helicopter, Roxas had put the headphones on, which blocked out most of the noise from the blades. Across from Roxas sat Namine, wearing her signature white dress. She moved her hair out of her eyes and looked at Roxas. Dry blood caked his nose and upper lip. Namine reached down to the first aid kit and picked out an alcohol free wipe and wiped her younger brothers' face, wiping away all the blood.

"You're like a child," laughed Namine.

"Yeah, I know," laughed Roxas. Riku wiped down his blue jeans and sorted his belt and chain, which was attached to his belt, connecting it to his jeans.

"ETA is another hour, Namine," shouted Riku, struggling to be heard over the whirring blades. The helicopter flew into the sunrise.