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John had a secret. Well, it wasn't so much of a secret as it was a fetish. A very, at least to him, dirty fetish. It had started when he was young, his parents hadn't been

much for physical punishment so learning that his uncle used nothing but corporal punishment had been slightly worrying. But he was a good kid, even at age of 12, so

he figured that he'd never experience the paddle that was kept on top of his uncle's dresser. And he never would have experienced it if it hadn't been for his trouble

making cousin, redding.

It had been two weeks since john had moved in and redding decided that was enough time for his cousin to get over the death of his parents and get to having some

fun. His definition of 'fun' was locking a sleeping pig and their German shepherd together in his father's bedroom and blaming it on john. Redding had though it fool

proof until he realized that john had gone to the local library and wouldn't be back until supper. 'Oh god, please let daddy work overtime tonight.' He prayed as he

listened to the thumps and screams coming from the upstairs. 'Please-oh please-oh please!' It looked like god was answering his prayers as he saw john walking up

the driveway, arms full of books. 'Thank you god!' His joy was short lived as his daddy's truck rambled up the drive as well. "I'm so fucked." He briefly thought about

running, but decided against it, having nowhere to go. So he sat on the couch listening to the thuds and whimpers coming from the room above him.

"-at you're getting out of the house, even if it's only for a little while john." Uncle Thaddeus said as he walked through the door followed by john. "Yea, it felt nice to get

out for a lit- what is that noise?" Redding paled as the other two males looked around before his father stared at him. "Red? You wanna tell me what that noise is? Or

do I have to go look?" "No sir, I-I locked bitsy and one of the sows in your room." Thaddeus' lips pressed together in a small line. "Why?" Redding shuffled nervously,

darting quick looks at john. "I was uh, gunna blame it on john." John gasped at this, his books falling to the floor. "Why?" "Cuz your moping all the goddamn time and I

figured that a whippin' would stop it." Redding shouted as he waved his arms around crazily. "Well red, all you've done was earn yourself a whippin'. Get bitsy outta my

room and get the paddle." "Yes sir." Red replied as he took the stairs like a man heading to the gallows. "Should I go to my room uncle Thad?" John asked as he picked

up his books."No, I want you to stay and watch his whippin so you know what'll happen if you ever get outta line." The young man nodded and sat on the couch while

bitsy passed by covered in blood, fat, and skin. Redding appeared moments later with the dreaded paddle in hand, it was a foot and a half long, three inches thick, and

made of cherry wood. John was entranced by the beauty of the thing as red handed it to Thaddeus. "Get ready boy." Redding removed his shirt before glancing at his

cousin, venom in his eyes. "He's gunna watch, now finish." Red pressed his lips together before removing his pants and finally is underwear. John had never seen

another boy's naked body before so he drank in the sight, it looked like his own only bigger, more muscled from life on the farm, and his cock looked several inches

bigger but that was probably because he was semi-erect. "Take your position." The larger boy moved to where Thaddeus was sitting on a stool and laid on his lap.

"That sow could have fed us for a month so for killin her, your gunna get thirty strokes, understand?" "Yes sir." "Count them."






"FUCK! Th-thre-three."

"You cussed so were gunna do that one again."



John stared in shock at the sight of his cousin getting spanked by uncle Thad. It looked painful, how the paddle would strike the skin, making a sharp cracking noise,

then the skin would turn a slightly darker shade of red as his cousin would howl in pain, face contorting in pain before panting out the number they were on. 'I wonder

what it would be like…' john thought as his pants grew tighter at the crotch.


Redding screamed in pain.




John had never seen some reduced to tears before and was shocked that it was turning him on so much. 'No, it's not seeing someone getting spanked that's turning

you on,' a voice whispered in his head,' it's the fact that you want to be in his place getting spanked like the bad little boy that you are.' John grew rock hard at the

confession in his head, was it true? He imagined what it would be like to slowly climb onto his uncle's lap, feel the brush of denim against his bare skin, and hear the

crack of wood against soft, supple flesh. His cock twitched eagerly in his pants at this pressing tightly against the zipper.



John was caught off guard by his uncle's voice, but looking at the whimpering mass of boy that was currently his cousin he understood.





Thaddeus set the paddle on the floor and redding slowly stood on shaking legs. "Go clean up my room and lay face down on my bed, I'll be up after supper and then

you can go to your own room. If you're not done by the time I get up there I'll give you another whippin." John had never seen redding climb the stairs faster.

As they sat down to a meal of steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and a tall glass of iced tea, john's mind kept returning to the spanking that he had just

witnessed. "John?" He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his uncle. "Yes?" "What's bothering you son?" John had been raised to never lie so he told the truth.

"I keep thing about how it would feel to be spanked myself sir." Thaddeus raised an eyebrow and looked closer at john. "You do now do you?" "Yes sir." "Well then,

after we finish I can give you a taste if you want." John's gaze had fallen to his plate but suddenly rose back to his uncle. "Really?" Uncle Thad nodded. "If that's what

you want."

John wolfed down the rest of his food, cleaned his plate, and went and sat down on the couch. 'Do I really want to go through with this?' He thought to himself. 'It

looked painful but at the same time….' John bit his bottom lip, he'd never really cared for pain and that seemed to be all the spanking was about, pain. 'Calm down john,

this isn't a punishment, all you have to do is say stop and uncle Thad will stop.' "Nothing to worry about." He whispered to himself as uncle Thad walked over to his

chair and sat down. "Come here john." John rose slowly and stood in front of his uncle's chair. "Strip." John's hands fumbled with his clothing but he managed to get it

all off in record time. "Take your spot." He draped himself over his uncle's lap, feeling the coarse denim rub over his sensitive skin until he could brace his arms on the

ground and his groin notched perfectly against the older man's knee. He was slightly embarrassed when he felt his erection pressing into his uncle's thigh but the older

man either didn't seem to notice or didn't care.

"We'll start with ten and see how you do."

"Yes sir."

"Remember to count them."


John opened his mouth but made no sound as the air rushed out of his lungs. He sucked in air as the pain coursed through his now slightly reddened ass.


He was so proud of his voice not cracking that the second smack of the paddle took him off guard.


He cried out in pain and fisted his hands into tight balls, god it hurt so bad but…..' it feels so good.' After only two smacks of the paddle his half hard erection and gone

to rock solid and dripping.




His hips jerked forward grinding his cock into the bigger mans knee making some delicious friction.




He screamed as the combination of the swats and the rough denim caused him to erupt right there over his uncle's knee. He gasped and sobbed as he rode out his

climax twitching as his uncle shifted causing more unbearable friction to his over sensitized flesh.

"You ok?" His uncle's deep voice rumbled. "You- you're not mad at me are you?" John questioned quietly as he stared at the floor. The laughter caught him off guard so

he twisted around and sat on the man's lap. "Your father had this same fetish." Johns jaw dropped. "He did?" "Yea and I would help him out when I could. You mother

never minded, in fact, she watched on several occasions." John turned a deep shade of red as he mulled over the information he had just received. "Did you just spank

him?" Thaddeus smiled at this and his eyes clouded at the memories. "Sometimes." "But other times you did more? Like what?"

"Like this." Thaddeus shifted john so that the boys back was pressing to his chest and wrapped a hand around his rapidly thickening cock. John moaned as the hand

slowly stroked his cock, working him back into a rock hard state, he gave a sharp gasp of surprise as his uncle's other hand came up to harshly tweak his nipples. "Ah!"

Thaddeus' thumb swept over the flared head, gathering precome to ease the slid of skin on skin, as he increased the speed and pressure of his strokes. John

whimpered as his senses were put into overdrive; he'd never felt anything like this before, and he could still feel sparks of pleasurable pain shoot through his body

whenever he moved his ass against his uncle's jeans. "Un-uncle Thad!" He cried out as it all became too much and he spurted cum all over his stomach and chest. The

orgasm roared through his body making him shiver but what really got him was his uncle still stroking him. It felt so good it hurt and he started thrashing and making

little whimpering noises until the older man finally stopped and let him sit there gathering his wits. "Uncle Thad?" He finally said a few minutes later when he had calmed

down and caught his breath. "Yes?" "D-do you think that I could have that arrangement you had with my dad?" Uncle Thaddeus smiled gently as he glanced over at the

stairs to see redding still masturbating while staring at john. "I think we can work something out."

That first experience had led to so many others and it had killed john when he'd gone to Quantico and had to repress all his natural instinct to find a Dom and get his

kink on. He'd thought that when he got transferred out that he'd be able to find someone then, but when he'd been chosen to be the guardian of Hellboy he realized

that it wouldn't even be an option.

So now he was stuck, he knew that Hellboy was attracted to him, the lingering touches, glances and the fact that liz and tried to light him on fire before she left

screaming, "it's all your fault you damn pretty boy!" had pretty much given him the proof that he had needed. But he was still worried about rejection, simply because

the tall heavily muscled walking wet dream come to life was attracted to john didn't mean that he would give him a good spanking. "If anything he'd probably call me

crazy and request a new agent." John shivered at the thought, he loved it here at the BPRD but his love for the job didn't outweigh his overwhelming need to be


"Just do it john, the worst he can do is say no…." Or so he kept telling himself as he knocked, well more like pounded, on Hellboy's reinforced metal door. "Deep

breaths, deep breaths, deep bre-""Boyscout? What are you doing here at…" The large demon grabbed john's wrist and peered at the watch. "It's three in the morning?

Ok, somebody better be dead or dying!" He growled as he released the smaller agents arm and walked back into his room. John followed, his heart pounding the entire

time. "Nobody's dead or injured, but-"Hellboy growled and flopped down onto his bed. "Then it can wait till noon go back to bed boyscout." John frowned and crossed

the room to Hellboy not even stopping when he got to him; he swung himself onto the bed and then straddled the demon's hips. "Uh john? What the hell are you

doi-""Shut up and listen Hellboy. I need a favor…"

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