The Maywither Virus

Summary: A new virus outbreak has occurred. This virus has caused mass zombification and is expected to have twice the power of the T-Virus. A combined group of new and old characters form an elite zombie force called the E.Z.R. to help put an end to this new virus.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Resident Evil. This story is solely just trying to fill in the gap I think Resident Evil left in Steve Burnside's story. This isn't part of the actual series and I have dreams and daydreams that I think are story worthy but I never write them into stories because I don't get around to it. This is the first daydream I am actually going to write into a story. I made some characters up and I am using some characters from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Author's Notes: Hey, update time again. Before you go on, I would love to inform you about my two biggest fans. Seeker-Of-The-Heart she always gives me tips and reviews on and off the site. FatgirlXD she is awesome and supportive! And, I would love to inform you about my three favourite stories EVER on fanfiction. Behind Blue Eyes – By N-I-N-T, Breathless and Shadow of Me – By Primitive Neck Shaver. These three stories are the best and I couldn't stop reading them. It is strange because I am a huge StevexClaire fan but also a massive WeskerxClaire fan. I know you say, you can't be both but I am! I could only see Wesker being with Claire if Steve is dead. It saddens me but when I read a WeskerxClaire story I fall in love with the pairing but when I read a StevexClaire story I fall in love with that pairing. UGH! I LOVE WESKERXCLAIRE but real story wise, I could only see StevexClaire happening. I LOVE STEVEXCLAIRE TOO SO DO NOT EVER ASK ME WHICH IS THE BETTER COUPLE! ENJOY! Oh and sorry if I am a bit hypo, I am eating a hedgehog slice cake thing and it is S-U-G-A-R-Y! This is a short chapter but its purpose is to set the scene and just to move it along already. I have already planned what is going to happen in the later part of the story it's just I never planned out how Leon and Jazele get off this island.

The head of the girl looked innocent. It looked like the head belonged to a lost soul, a girl who didn't deserve to die, a girl who died too young. The eyes of the head were wide open. Jazele kneeled on her two knees and stared deeply into the lifeless eyes of the young girl; Bright purple and beautiful. She closed the girl's eyes with her two thumbs, as a sign of respect.

Leon stood behind Jazele; expressing sympathy for the young girl that's head was lying lifelessly in front of them. Leon had seen many decapitated heads in his life time, many of which were blown up zombie heads which he had shot off, but this one reserved a special part in Leon's heart. This girl was human when she died, she was innocent. Leon thought to himself, maybe, just maybe if he was one minute faster, this girl could have lived.

Then, a feint chuckling noise came from the opened door, only a few metres in front of where the head was resting.

Jazele rose from the ground, had one last glance at the severed head then looked at Leon, determined.

They started toward the opened room only to find a horribly mangled body, and a boy standing next to it. The body was fragile and broken, missing a head. The corpse was probably the one belonging to the little girl's head outside.

Leon steadied his grip on the machine gun in his pocket.

The boy was no older than 12, no younger than 8. Chestnut hair and eyes to match. He lay next to the decapitated girl, both with their backs to the wall. Her hand lay in his, the boy squeezed the girls hand tightly just before he let go and stood up to look Jazele in the eyes.

"My sister," the boy said in a monotone voice, baring strange resemblances to a certain Welsh person Jazele hates, "she tried to stop daddy. Daddy did not like that. So daddy left the island. But, before Daddy left the island, Daddy spread the virus. Sister was too weak, so she was dying from the virus. So, for fun, as she was gasping for her last breaths, I cut sisters head off. She was finally quite for the first time in the six years of her pathetic life."

A creepy smile grew on the boy's face.

Leon shot Jazele a confused look, but she kept her eyes fixed on the boy, who was now laughing a psychotic laugh which echoed around the room. This boy was not a zombie, yet.

The boy's fists tightened as blade like claws came out of the boys knuckles. The boy seemed to double in size which caused layers of skin to rip on certain areas of his body, exposing bare flesh and ripping all off his clothes off. His skin turned a sickeningly pale yellow and his eyes turned a really deep, harlequin green. A disgusting belching noise erupted from deep in the boy, monster, as he hunched over. His neck twisted in several evolutions and his now longer, bright red tongue gave Jazele an unwanted lick on the face.

"Jazele, run! I've got this," Leon declared, holding his Silver Ghost in front of his face, ready to shoot the thing right in the forehead.

"No," Jazele shook her head and stood sternly, "I'm not running, not this time. A wise man told me to be brave, so I'll be brave." Then, Jazele cracked her neck and took out the Berretta Leon handed her a while back.

Both started to shoot at the monster's head, in a desperate attempt to injury it. But all the monster did was chuckle, chuckle the same sadistic laugh that made Leon cringe. In the blink of an eye, the monster was out of sight.

"Where the fuck did it go," Leon stammered as he looked across the room.

Jazele got as close to Leon as possible, she felt safe next to him.

Then, out of nowhere the monster jumped out and stabbed Leon in the back, with each one of its blade claws. The force of the monster landing on the floor leaded to the collapse of the ground below them, sending the monster, Leon and Jazele into the room below – the underground pool.