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Ethan's POV:

I woke up rubbing my head, looking at everyone lying on the ground. Then I realized that I was back to normal. I felt like a human again. Now I had nothing to worry about. I looked at the clock and I was unconscious for only forty minutes. I removed my hand from my head when I noticed Sarah moving. She opened her eyes then sat up straight. She started rubbing her head just like I did.

"Ouch. My head! What happened?" She looked left and right then smiled at me. "Do you realize how happy I am?"

I looked at her with a smile. "Very?" I guessed.

She nodded and hugged me, making me fall on my bed. "Thank you SO much," she said.

"You do realize that Benny-"

"Yes, I do. But I don't want to say thanks to an unconscious Benny." We both laughed.

I then noticed two bodies moving. I pushed Sarah off of me to look at who it was, and it was Rory and Della.

"I seriously can't see clearly." Rory said.

"My dad has some glasses. I can give you a pair." I said.

"Wouldn't you-"

"It's fine. I can tell dad. I'm sure he'll understand." I walked to Rory and grabbed him by his hand to let him stand up. We went to get some glasses for him then came back to my room to find that Benny and Erica had woken up.

The weird thing was that Sarah and Erica were looking at Benny with a worried face. They were talking to him and I couldn't hear what they were saying since they were talking in a low voices.

"What happened?" I asked as I closed the door behind us.

Erica looked at me and said, "Benny's lost his memory."

"What?" I shouted in shock.

Erica looked back at Benny. "Benny, don't you remember me?" She asked him.

"I'm sorry. I don't. The only ones I know are Ethan and Rory. I don't know who the heck you guys are." Nervously, Benny crawled back a bit.

"So he doesn't remember anything from this year," I sat down. "Great. Now if his grandma finds out, I'm gonna be in so much trouble."

"Why do you blame yourself?" Sarah asked.

"Let's see. I'm the one who turned him, his grandma doesn't know about this, and in case you haven't noticed, he's got memory loss!" I shouted the last part.

"Ethan, relax," Sarah placed her hand on my shoulder. "Everything's gonna be fine."

"What are you guys talking about?" Benny asked.

"Benny needs to stay here. I'm calling his grandma." I said. After minutes of pleading and begging, his grandma finally agreed to let him stay.

After I closed my phone I heard my parents call Sarah from downstairs. It was time for her to go.

"Bye Ethan," She waved as she stood up. "And if Benny remembers anything, please text us or call us."

"Okay. Bye," I said.

After everyone left, I told my parents that Benny would stay for the weekend. Then I went upstairs and told Benny to sleep. I gave him my PJs and he changed, then I let him sleep on my bed. I didn't know how to remind Benny of anything. It was just hopeless. Whenever I tried to remind him about Jesse, Sarah, or Erica, he just doesn't know who I'm talking about. I decided to give up for the day. For that night I was texting Sarah and giggling – but not too loud. I was on the mattress I put on the floor, covering my whole body. After an hour and a half of texting Sarah, I heard Benny's breath. He was breathing so loud that I could hear him. He's must've been having a nightmare. Then all of a sudden a gasp came out of his mouth. I uncovered my upper body so I could look at Benny. He was sweating. His face showed the worry that was inside of him. He looked at me as he swallowed.

"Ethan, I think I remember some of what's going on," Benny said. He told me everything he knew. But he only told me that he remembered that Sarah was a vampire, and he remembers the demon dogs, the evil witch, the nurses, the doll, the negatives and coach Ed. "I think that you told me that Sarah, Erica, and Rory were vampires. That's how I knew that I remember some of what happened."

"So, you don't know anything? You don't know what happened to Jesse?" I asked him.

"Unfortunately, no. All I can remember was that he was trapped in a box. Cubile Animus." Benny told me.

After his explanation, I got a text from Sarah.

So, dat's all he remembers?

I stared at the text for a minute then replied.

How did u no?

Erica gets 2 keep her powers. She's lucky.

I closed the phone and looked outside my window. Sarah and Erica were standing and waving at me. I opened the window since I knew Erica would fly Sarah to my room, and she actually did. Erica walked over to Benny and smiled a bit.

"So, you do remember me," she said.

Benny nodded. "Yes, I do. But I'm still afraid of you."

"Well don't be. I'm your girlfriend Benny." She sat beside him.

"You? My girlfriend? You're kidding, right?" Benny laughed.

"No, I'm not." Erica said.

"Oh. But I don't believe you. You've never been nice to me. You call me a dork. Sometimes it breaks my heart. How come you get to be my girlfriend when you're not even a nice friend? Not even a friend. Sometimes I wonder why you even bother talk to me." Benny sighed.

"I know I've acted like that, but deep inside I love you," she admitted.

"Yeah. China deep." Benny said sarcastically.

Erica hit him on the head lightly. "Benny! Don't say that. I love you, and I know you do too."

"I… do. I just don't believe you. I'm sorry." Benny looked away.

Erica's eyes began to tear. She looked at Sarah and me and said, "Please, don't stare at me." She ran off to the window and flew out.

Sarah looked at the window and yelled Erica's name. She looked at me. "I really wish I could fly." She slowly got outside on her tiptoes so my parents wouldn't hear a thing.

I closed the door behind me and looked at Benny.

"Sorry about that, but I was just telling her the truth," he said.

"Don't apologize. You don't have to. I understand your honesty," I sat down on the mattress that's on the ground. "I'm too tired. I'll go to sleep." I yawned.

Benny went to switch off the light then sat on his bed. He sighed then said goodnight to me. We both lied on whatever we were on and slept. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that Benny was awake. He was sitting on my bed, playing one of my game consoles. He looked at me after he closed the game in his hand with no expression on his face.

"Great, you're awake," Benny said. "I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" I rubbed my eyes then gave him my attention.

"I remember everything. I even remember why I was on the ground last night. I know what the cause of my memory loss was," Benny said. "I better apologize to Erica… now. I shouldn't have said that. That 'China Deep' part. I love her too. A lot in fact."

"You don't have to. She's already here." I smiled and looked at my open window. Over night while texting Sarah, she told me that Erica would be here in the morning. She also told me to not talk about anything private because Erica will hear everything.

Erica appeared from the window and entered inside. "I heard what you said." She ran to him and hugged him, making him fall in the process.

"And it's true," Benny said. "I'm so glad that you are here."

The two of them carried on with their conversation. From that day on, I knew that everything would be perfect and normal – except the fact that Benny, Jane, and I aren't normal. Benny has a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend, and even Rory has one. I never knew life would be as amazing as that.

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