A Grandchase and Fairytail crossover


Chapter 1: Clash of two guilds

"Yahoo! Alright!" Natsu charged through the doors of the Fairytail guild. He is so hyped up now that their long and tiring mission is now over.

"Natsu, would you please be quiet?" whined Lucy, she was so tired. Not sleeping for two days straight was a pain. But it was worth it, at least she had the money to pay the rent of her apartment in time.

"Hello, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, it's good to see you back" their guild master approached them

"Hey there gramps! Wow! You've gotten taller than last time!" Natsu teased.


Makarov gave him a whack in the head.

"Stop fooling around Natsu, I will give you a new mission," he said

"Another mission?" Lucy whined "But we just got back-"

"Don't worry, it'll be worth it. Here" he gave them their mission

"WHOAH! AN S-CLASS MISSION?" Natsu shouted

"The mission is to slay a white dragon that appeared out of nowhere and is now terrorizing hundreds of towns. The reward will be... 500,000,000,000 JEWELS? AND AN UNLIMITED SHOPPING SPREE AND YOU GET TO SPEND THE WHOLE VACATION IN THE LARGEST BEACH OF MAGNOLIA... FOR FREE?" Obviously, Lucy is very surprised, this mission is so important that they have to give away that large reward

"But we can't do this mission, we're not an S-class mage yet" Happy interrupted

"I know, but this is an emergency. All of the other guilds are busy and there's no one here to do the job," Makarov mentioned. Come to think of it, there's not a single mage in the guild "So, I'm giving you permission to do this mission. Besides, don't you want the reward?"

"Of course I do!" Lucy raised her fist in the air

"Shouldn't it be 'we'?" Happy sweat dropped

"Then it's settled" Makarov declared

"Oh man! If Erza and Gray are here, I'm sure that they will be extremely jealous!" Natsu imagined Erza and Gray with their jealous faces

"Uhh... sorry to disappoint you Natsu but Erza, Gray, and the others will help you in this mission" Natsu stiffened

"There goes my dreams..." Natsu said with a gloomy aura around him

"But never mind that" Lucy tried to comfort Natsu "YOSH! Let's GO!"


"HAI SIR!" they exclaimed and they raced out of the Fairytail guild

"W-Wait! There's more! Another guild will also help you in this mission! The grand...chase... guild..." Makarov tried to call them out but it was too late, they're long gone. "Nevermind"

Natsu stuck his head out of the window with his face... uhh... green

"How come we have to go by car?" he whined. Oh god, he's gonna vomit again

"We have no choice Natsu" Lucy explained, "The place is too far and if we do it on foot, we won't make it in time"

"Yeah but-"


The tires screeched it his something. Natsu fell out of the car and the car fell upside down. Natsu rushed to his friends.

"Lucy! Happy! Daijobou?" he asked

"I'm fine Natsu" Lucy said

Contented, Natsu turned and saw that on the other side of the road is another car, it hit a tree. Then, a fist punched the door open and revealed a red haired boy with a white bandana on his head.

"HEY YOU!" Natsu pointed out a finger to him "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU CREEP!"


"M-Monkey face?" Natsu snapped "HAHH! TAKE THIS!"

Natsu charged at him with his fist burning. The red haired positions himself in a stance and charged up some energy. When Natsu was just about three steps in front of him...

"Burning Dragon Uppercut!" he yelled. He suddenly slammed the ground with a punch that send Natsu flying and the boy followed him with a punch, followed by an uppercut that send him flying to the other side of the road.

"Natsu!" Lucy called out, trying to get out of the car. Happy followed

"Damn! He's strong" Natsu was pissed.

He stood up and charged him again. The boy dodged easily but Natsu countered him with a kick before he could hit him. As the red head landed, he quickly recovers and charged Natsu with a flaming fist. Natsu did the same, their fists meet and the force was strong the send them flying.

"You're good," said the red

"You're not bad yourself" Natsu complimented

The two were ready to give each other a final blow before-

"Stop it!" a voice interrupted the two. They stopped and a row of silver swords parted them. They looked where the sword came from and to Natsu's surprise, it was none other than...


"Erza-chan!" Lucy called her

Yes, it is Erza. On her Heaven's wheel armor. Gray, and Wendy followed behind, panting.

"Erza! It's so great to see you-" Natsu ran to her, only being greeted with a punch on the head.

"Natsu you idiot" a vein popped on Erza's forehead. "They're not our enemy"

"Gomenasai! Erza-chan!" Natsu knelt down in front of her

"Are you alright? Lucy-chan?" Wendy asked

"W-Well, I kind of..." Lucy lets go of her left shoulder, revealing a bleeding wound.

"Don't worry, I can fix it" Wendy said and healed Lucy's wound with her magic. Lucy thanked Wendy.

Erza, on the other hand, approached the red haired boy.

"I'm sorry about that, Natsu is just really an idiot," she said

"It's fine, Jin is also an idiot" another voice answered Erza. Behind the red haired boy approached another red haired. She wore a dark brown cape with red upper and lower clothing, her hair tied up in a high ponytail.

"Based on the color of your hair, you must be Miss Erza Scarlet," she said

"And you must be Elesis, nice to meet you" they shake hands.

"I'm sorry about that earlier, Natsu is really such a hot head" Erza began

"No, I'm sorry too, Jin is such a trouble maker" Elesis replied

"He started it!" Natsu and Jin said in unison and pointed at each other. An imaginary lightning bolt clashed at their eyes.

"Alright you two, break it up" Gray parted them. Along with another person with silver hair; then, a group of people joined the scene.

"Uhmm... I hate to interrupt, but, who are you guys?" Lucy asked

"Oh, pardon me. My name is Elesis, this is Lire," she pointed at a girl with yellow hair and pointy ears, carrying a bow

"...Arme" pointing at a girl with purple hair, carrying a staff

"...Lass" pointing at a boy with silver hair, carrying two daggers

"...Ronan" pointing at a boy with blue hair, carrying some sort of Spell Sword

"...Ryan" pointing at a boy with orange hair, carrying an axe

"...Amy" pointing at a girl with pink hair, carrying a weapon, chakram, they call it

"...and I assume that you have met Jin" she said, pointing at the red haired boy earlier. "We are the proud guild of GrandChase"

"Then it's my turn to introduce," Erza began "I am Erza Scarlet, an S-class mage..."

"This is Lucy Heartfillia, Gray Fullbuster, Wendy Marvell, Happy, Charle, and this idiot is named Natsu Dragneel. We are the proud guild of Magnolia, We are the Fairytail guild"

"Grandchase huh?" Lucy started "I never heard of that guild before, are you new?"

"Well, no, not really..." Arme replied

"Listen guys, we are all here for the same purpose. To take down that white dragon, Makarov called the Grandchase guild to help us with this mission," Erza explained

"What? How come he didn't told us?" Natsu whined

"I guess that we were so much in a hurry, we didn't let Makarov finish what he was saying... I guess" Lucy said

"Anyway, we are happy to aid you with this mission." Said Elesis

"So are we. WAIT! There are suppose to be 13 of you, demo... where are the others?" Erza asked

"They went ahead of us; they are waiting for us at the West Sector station. We parted so that we could meet up with you, Fairytail" Elesis pointed her finger to the West. "The Station is not far, once we pass this hill, we'll be there already. Shall we?"

With that, the two most powerful guilds of all time went to the West. Side by side, working together for a new journey, for a new adventure

Okay! So this is Chapter 1 of my Grandchase and Fairytail crossover. Please bear with me, I promise that the next chapters will be astounding ^^