Authors Note. This story is a bit AU. We all know that Masamune was really out of himself in college after Ritsu left. Well.. what if Ritsu is back sooner than expected? Drug use, alcohol, lemons, yelling and fighting, all that good stuff. Disclaimer; I do not own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!

Placebo - Meds

Just one more. What's the harm? It's not like I do it more than once a day? Just take the 1000 yen bill. Roll it up to a nice thin roll. Get closer to the hand mirror on the sink. Stick the roll to your nose. And sniff... easy as that… And then… Ahhhh the rush.

God that felt great. Just the feelings of the white powder running through you; making you lose it all, you feel like you can fly. It's almost as good as having sex and you're on cloud 9 and…

Bang, bang, bang

"Come on Masamune! You have been in the fucking bathroom for an hour now! Finish yourself up"!

"Well I want to look good for the hot girls!" 'And guys'. I can't help myself anymore. Ever since high school, I have been batting for both teams. Hell… what was his name again? Ona or Oka; or something like that? Hnn, well that just tells what 5 years, drugs and drinking does to your memory…

'Senpai… I love you'!

NO! Stop fucking thinking about him! He is gone! Out of your life! He probably doesn't even remember you! So just fucking stop! God I need some more. Again…

1000 yen bill. Roll it up tight and thin. Hand mirror on the sink. Roll the bill bring it to my nose. Sniff… Forget just like that…

Looking at the mirror I 'm not myself anymore. I am no longer that lean seventeen year old senior in high school. He was a loner and a total emo kid confused and angry because of his parents' divorce. No. I am much worse than that. I am a twenty-two year old college senior. I spend my time after school either, studying, working, drinking, drugs, partying, and sex, women, men, throwing my life away… and of course thinking of him… always HIM!

That fucking seventeen year old had fucking everything! Why? Because he had him! He had him right in his arms! – And now? I have nothing… I am nothing... I am no longer 'Saga Masamune' or 'Saga-Sempai' as he always called me. No. I am Takano Masamune. But… I don't really know who he is?

I look myself in the mirror. What do I see? A worn out man black circles under his eyes. Shaggy black hair that needs to be cut, tall and toned; but he still looks like he has been through hell; and yet they still want me? Why do they always go home with me? Is it because of who I am or because of who I am trying to be? That carefree guy; who wants to party 24/7 and get as many men and women in his bed as he can, so he can try to fill that empty little hole in his heart? I splash some water in my face. I look into the eyes of the man in the mirror. And smile.

"Yeah I look good". It's quite nice to assure yourself with stuff like that. Even though I know it isn't true… I come out of the bathroom and find Yokozawa leaning against the wall... "Fuck Masamune! It's about fucking time"! "Yeah, yeah! Are we going or what? I need to see if there is something hot in town"! I heard something like; 'Yeah me'… "Hnn? Did you say something Takafumi"? "No; let's just go okay"? "Yeah okay, let's go! Let's go"! Even in front of my best friend I play that carefree, funny, party guy; he knows it's all a façade and I know he knows; but we won't say anything. I take one last look in the mirror that's hanging in the hallway. I smirk at myself.

Yeah you look good enough for the new stuff. Let's hope there is something new in town.

I'm sorry Masamune. No; something isn't new in town. But back in town!

Hope you liked it; reviewing is appreciated:) the story will be about 17-20 chapters I hope:) Till then!