Nothing more and Eternally nothing less


i'm a never dying god

with never ending enemies-

no soul inhabits this emptiness, this void

my humanity no longer exists.


my taste for blood is always increasing,

my sympathy forever decreasing,

my thoughts are frozen,

my head's full of faded memories-

the places I can never return.


my normality can never be found,

it's seems just beyond my reach.

i'm trapped behind this ugly mask,

i try to escape, but to this I'll return.


the fear in your eyes lasts only seconds,

it's always longer than the taste-

the taste that is always beckoning.


please don't fear me,

my feelings aren't dead ,just me-

you look into my eyes, you see nothing.

yet i hold the answers that you crave,

soon enough they will come.


you too will be trapped in your face-

but for now try to calm your racing heart,

it's time for the ecstasy that comes so easily,

that sweet taste just for me.


close your eyes it'll be over soon,-

now i'll leave you with your hurts,-

Nothing more and Eternally nothing less.