Little Lucy is a dreamer

She dreams of far, far away places

And princes on white horses

Because she's Lucy

And nothing will ever

Bring her down

Not even Scorpius

A real pessimist

If Lucy ever saw one

She brings him up/up/up

To her land of fairytales&happilyeverafters

Butterfly kisses

Love is in the air

A pessimist

Is flying

But keeping him up/up/up

Make optimist and dreamer

Go down\down\down

Little dreamer Lucy

Comes crashing down to earth

In a beautiful array of sparks&fire

Little dreamer Lucy

Formerly light and b;r;i;g;h;t

Has twinkled out

Just like a star

Just like a star

Ow. This is for Gamma Orionis' "Not Your OTP" on HPFC, and this is supposed to be Lucy/Scorpius. The ever cliché dreamer!Lucy, or course.

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