Hey guys I wanted to try writing a jasper/Bella story let me know what you think.

Jasper pov

I watched as her hair blew in the wind, it was now down to her waist and nearly back to its mahogany colour the tips were still black though. She looked so beautiful and happy. I never understood why Edward used to watch her so much but I'm begging to.

We have been on the run from James for two years now, currently we were living in Miami, the house was lovely with 6 acres of land surrounding the house well Bella called it a "fucking mansion" her words not mine anyway it has seven bedrooms six bathrooms, the kitchen was big and stainless steel and marble I swear Bella nearly came when she walked in and saw it knocking me to my knees. The family room was massive decorated in browns and greens to give it the earthly feel, wrapped around the room were the stairs to the bedrooms. The house was truly amazing and by far my favourite of the houses we have lived in on the top floor is a big library that gets plenty of use from both me and Bella, Alice's made sure to turn one of the bedrooms into her own wardrobe/style centre downstairs bellow the family room is a large swimming pool that's kept heated there is also a sauna and gym that we all like to use. Bella the most so she could get over the clumsiness.

Anyway Alice has left again to meet up with Edward and the family saying she knows how to stop James once and for all, they were going to ambush him and victoria I offered to go giving my fighting history it made sense but she said I would only make it worse and we would all die leaving no one to look out for Bella. She sure knows how to put me in my place. I know she is lying to me though recently every time she disappears claiming to have THE vision to end this cat and mouse game all she is projecting is major amounts of lust she tries to cover it up with excitement and happiness claiming that everything was going to work out but it never does every time she comes back radiating happiness but tells me they failed again to get him. I will figure it out.

But right now I'm standing on the balcony watching Bella in the back yard doing yoga, my god is she flexible. The Major purred in agreement, that's another thing I've been able to keep the Major at bay for 60 years but for the last 2 he's been fighting his way back but I don't know why all I do know is it has to be Bella that is causing the change since he only fights whens she is around.

"Jasper if you're going to keep dreaming up you're next sexcapade with Alice I ask you not to project you lust onto me for fuck sake how many time have I told you this I swear when Alice comes back you better give me your card so I can stay at a hotel while you fuck each other's brains out m' Kay" Bella ranted. The Major growled when she mentioned Alice but I shrugged it off.

"Sorry Bella." I said trying not to say anything else in fear that I would blurt out that it wasn't Alice I was thinking about.

So guys what do you think should I continue? Or is it a total bust.