There is mention of underage smoking in this story. I do not condone smoking by children or adults; it's a disgusting and selfish habit. Sadly smoking appears in the manga so it also appears in this story.

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Never Should Have Listened

"I have a little brother." Ayame announced feigning a tone of indifference.

"That's a good thing, right?" Shigure asked as he lit a cigarette.

Ayame scoffed. "I have no idea. I'm not allowed near him."

The two sat in communal silence behind the main house and smoked a cigarette between the two of them. It wasn't a surprise that a baby had been born, after all Ayame's mother had been pregnant and that was the natural conclusion to a pregnancy. The silver haired boy hadn't even been told there was going to be a baby till his mother showed, and then he wasn't privy to much information from that point onward.

"Are you going to try to see him?" Shigure stated solemnly.

"What's the point? He was born two months early, he turned into a rat the minute our mom hugged him. It's not like I don't know about how 'special' the rat is."

"Still, he is your brother." The second boy put the cigarette out and flicked the butt away.

"I guess you're right." Ayame stood up. "But who cares right now?" A smile snaked its way across his face. "It's not like he won't be there when I get home now will it?" He answered cheekily. "Let's go find Ha-chan and get out of here for a while."

That thought played over in his head as he watched his little brother be lead to take his place by Akito's side. The thought played over in his head when he saw his brother's friends memories erased. That thought always played over in his head because he was stupid enough to let his brother be taken away from him. He should have listened to Shigure and tried to be there for the tiny child when he had the chance. For years they had been kept apart. Years and years of pain and sorrow had built a chasm between the two of them. It was finally time to set things straight.

"Mine!" He shouted to his distant love. "I am finally going to do what I have been threatening to do for months now!" The man danced around his shop wearing a maid's outfit.

"You're going to finally let me design an outfit for you?" The cute little girl asked only half serious.

"What a silly answer." Ayame chirped with a twirl and a flick of Mine's hair. "I am going to my cousin Shigure's house to make things right with my brother."

He grabbed Mine's hands and the two jumped like children in the school yard. He would have hugged her if it wouldn't have ended with him in scales and her possibly running away in fright. The petite girl smiled and let off a cheerful laugh.

"Yea!" Was all she could come up with in response to his announcement.

"I know it will be difficult but my little Yuki will find it difficult to shy away from me when I come to check on him. Brotherly bonding is about to start and I am going to declare today a Sohma Family holiday. I shall call it "The Day Where Ayame and Yuki Finally Put the Past in the Past and Live Happily Ever After as Ayaki!" The man cried in delight and confidence.


Ayame spun the girl around and the two sat down on a sofa. "Do you like what I did there; I took his name and my name and spliced them together to create one name. I'm sure it will be all the rage soon."

"I am sure it will all turn out just as you said."

"I know it will. Wish me luck."

With those words Ayame walked out into the cold and headed toward Shigure's house. His mother's words haunted him once more.

"You won't ever get to see Yuki, Ayame, so it's best to forget about him. After all, there is a big difference in the importance of the Rat compared to the importance of the Snake. So it's best if you go about your life as if Yuki doesn't exist because to you he doesn't."

He never should have listened to his mother.